This is my…Low Iodine Diet-Day 8

18 Nov

So far from giving in to the fatigue I decided to clear up a few things that have been cluttering the house up a bit.
Well mainly because that little man of mine won’t stay little (despite the me asking him very nicely) so I have to find places to put his small clothes till it’s carboot weather again. This meant a whole tidy out of the airing cupboard yesterday and I didn’t feel any worse this morning so I guess a lot of fatigue is academic whether I do stuff or not.
Might as well do stuff then!
Even a walk into town today didn’t kill me (might have stopped at a certain fast food restaurant to refuel) and just about managed to make it through rehearsals before hitting the evening wall.
Straight to bed without trying to fight it as I’ve learnt that’s the best thing (and with Kal already in bed I’m not feeling so helpless)

Breakfast-Might have forgotten to have this in my cleany haste!
Lunch-Mcdonalds Chicken Select meal (Basically just chicken and chips with no dressings or messing about with the meat, and I checked the allergens and there’s nothing in the coating I can’t have either as long as I don’t dip them in anything like the sour cream and chive dip. Treat for me & the little man!)
Dinner-Was going to be Pasta and Cheese ration till I tasted the cheese and thought better of it, ended up just having a big fruit salad an nkd bar and a vanilla soya pot.
Snacks-Dont think I had anything :-\

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