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World Tour Of East Anglia:

6 Sep
Flushed with the recent sucsess of being in 300 places at once (I managed to get away with not really helping out for Fawlty Towers) I now seem to have on my plate a solid week of doing things.
Nothing too hard or stressful. Just things. Nice to be kept busy I suppose.
Seeing as I probably wont be able to get on the internet between now and the end of time, I'll post an itenerary now, so anyone who wants to stalk me will know where I am at all times.
Monday: Getting all the Fawlty Towers set out of the theatre, and probably back into the store till the end of the week. Hello Dolly rehursal in Beccles, 7:30 pm as per.
Tuesday: Bar the lie-in I think I've earnt, I'm off to Norwich Art Center to see Trevor Lock et al on the free tickets I was kindly given by the Fabba group last month.
Wednsday: Another rehursal for Hello Dolly in the good ol Beccles, it's getting nearer the show now, so they've become a lot more intensive.
Thursday: Off to the Cut in Halesworth with the now mobile Fawlty Towers set, to go guess some lighting cues
Friday: Ditto, but this is in the shiny Fisher Theatre in Bungay.
Saturday: Mums birthday, so I can take a random guess that we'll be going to East Ruston if the weather is fine. Or if it's not.
Sunday: TIM! Like every fan should, I've started getting withdrawal symptoms from not seeing him for a couple of months. However like a bad fan, this is the only one on the tour I'm going to bar one Apollo gig (And only then because someone else got the tickets for me). Hmm. Norwich Theatre Royal for that one.
Monday: Guess what, back to beccles for yet another Hello Dolly rehursal. Not that I don't need them.

So there we have it. A whole week of being places that isn't Lowestoft. Aren't I lucky!
And I am so bored, here's a map:

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Treasure Island

23 Apr

Shiver Me Timbers, it's a blog about me show. Arrrrrr

Well, despite not knowing my lines the Friday before the show, the week as a whole was brilliant!
It's started off on Wednesday night to a pretty full house (including my Auntie, Uncle and cousins) and the lines just clicked, as did me parading around completely in character (much to the surprise of the director, who I'm sure was convinced I couldn't act) and I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. I did have a few of my lines cut by people jumping in with their lines a bit quick.
The second show wasn't as good, I missed a few of my lines, including getting my worms in a muddle "Clotting our Plourse?" and my hat falling off right as I was about to say "I have a captains hat"…helpful. And Jessamy threw a wobbly right at the end of the show, making everyone a bit pissed off with her, and probably jeopardising her chances with any more shows.
Third show had my family in the audience, well, up until the point I opened my mouth to sing, and Toby had to leave, apparently because he had a stomach ache. Yes I love my brother. That was probably the best show, lines in the right order, people laughing and enjoying themselves, and Jessamy not in a sulk.
Both Saturday shows were a bit of a bore, not many people seemed to enjoy the funnies, and innuendoes, and we barley got a round of applause at the end. And in the first show I managed to kill all the microphones, because I had basically been sitting on my mic pack all week, and by Saturday I'd broken the connection, and tripped the whole lot! They turned them back on and I turned mine off, and projected. Loudly.
In between shows we went to a pizza place just down the road, stuffing half of Italy into our bodies, and waddling back to the theatre, where we all wanted to sleep rather than do another show.
The last show, well yes, we had more fun than the audience (Including groping and dramatic songs) and I had to part with my wig and lovely coat. The after show party, however, made up for the one we didn't have on Friday, as Katie brought in a 2 litre bottle of Vodka, and we sat and drank most of it and giggled lots. We've also planned a girly night in for a few of us round Helens, when Chris is away…more alcohol involved there I thinks. 

More work this week, and the payday on Friday will be going right into the savings pot ready for Edinburgh. I've worked out (Not including spending money for souvenirs) that I will need about £700 quid, £230 accommodation, £300 for shows £100 for food, and not much for transport, I likes buses.

I need to buy a sleeping bag before that for Latitude, unless I feel like sleeping on the grass like a proper hippy, and some time before that I need to buy a suitcase, as I don't fancy going down to London with 30 odd carrier bags full of things. The woman in the bag shop summed me up in about 10 seconds as I looked at 2 bags both of which were pink, then looked at a 3rd one which wasn't pink, and she instantly said "Oh that's available in pink too".  Only 27 days to go!

Social life around here is totally non-existent, but if I keep working, then going places, I wont have to worry about people round here, they can go rot. No, ok that's a bit harsh, but none of them came to see my show, very nice of them. 

Erm, what else…
Oh yeah, I've been offered a room in my mates flat in Central London for only £500 a month, including bills and whatnot, and I'd already been offered a PR type job down there, so this is looking more and more attractive.

Cya later Lowestoft!

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More Rehearsals and Wildlife

21 Jan

Another boring day, despite being woken up by my brother and mum having a conversation from one end of the house to the other, I'll be glad when he goes back, so I can have a lie-in.
I've managed to miss yet another Serrulian gig. I'm not so miffed about missing the gig, but more every other person saying "oh yeah well we did this, and we did that at the gig" and make me feel totally left out. I think I may give Splat a miss tomorrow. Actually I feel very dodgy today, so tomorrow was looking hazy anyway.
The rehearsal was rather good, lots of new people having a sing, and another new song to learn. I didn't put much effort into it tho, I'd rather have been at home in bed with a hot water bottle if you get my drift girlie's.
The most shocking part of today has to go to 5 minutes ago when I heard a rustling outside my window, and when I took a look, I was greeted with a fox staring back at me…Promptly gave a bark and trundled off.
Most astonishing.
If your interested it's half 3 in the morning here.
Must track down that doctor again.
See if I die tomorrow.

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More Adverts

2 Jan

Just seen another wonderful advert, "Collect this wonderful porcelain plate series" Yeah, I don't even trust the Royal Mail with paper, can you imagine what would happen when you tried to get something that delicate delivered to your house by a PHD English grad student on something with less horsepower than an actual horse…I wonder how many new swear words I could teach him. Either that or I shall write a letter to the Queen letting her know how crappy some of her staff are.

Oh and I forgot to mention I managed to get me a part in Treasure Island. All the weeks I spent practicing my piraty accent were for naught, as the part I got, was Squire Trelawney, aka the posh one.
Apparently this is quite a main part, so I'm gonna start panicking now, and hope that I've got it out of my system by April. I should be ok with the singing (though the audition part was insanely difficult, so I hope the rest are easier) but it's been a while since I've had to learn lines, so that may prove interesting.

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Christmasssy Blogging

30 Dec

So, I know it’s been a while all you avid readers of my blog (All one of you), so here’s a quick update and a run down of that wonderful holiday called Christmas.

  • Got to see some people over the last week that had been hiding from me for a while (You know who you are…and you damn uni lot…no more running!)
  •  After applying for 3 billion jobs, I’ve actually got an interview. So here’s hoping that I get it so I can have some cash. And this job doesn’t sound as horrendous as Morrison’s, so I may actually keep it.
  • I auditioned for a part in the next WLOG show, and I’m sitting here as I type waiting for a phone call to find out what’s happening with that, if I don’t find out today, I think were going round for a drink to roll in the new year, so maybe an update tomorrow.
  • I’ve not been to anymore gigs yet, so nothing to report on that front. As a matter of fact, nothing even on the horizon till Jimmy Carr in April…decades away.
  • Oh and on that subject, I’m still trying to gather enough confidence to sign up for the Leicester comedy festival…I would love to get a bit of experience in stand-up, I’ve got plenty of material that makes the locals laugh. Ah well, guess not.


Right I think that’s everything…CHRISTMAS!

I didn’t ask for anything too major, you know just a Honda Jazz, new iPhone, a house…well 11 DVD’s and a PS2 game, and I actually got some pretty nifty gifts (In no particular order)

  • Adam Hills – Live In The Suburbs
  • Andrew Maxwell – Live
  • Al Murray – Live At the Palladium
  • Jimmy Carr – Comedian
  • Lee Mack – Live
  • Russell Brand – Doin’ Life
  • Sean Hughes – Live
  • Mock The Week – Uncut!
  • Tony Hawks Proving Ground
  • The biggest coffee mug in the world (One cup of that, I’m up for the rest of the week)
  • A funky scarf (From secret Santa ^_^)
  • And a variety of chocolaty things

So woo! I shall probably write another blog sometime this week summing up the wonderful year that has past, but for now this moment, we’re done.

High Society

21 Oct

Ah, all the hard work and weird song learning were worth it…the weeks worth of shows went brilliantly, only 2 prompts for the principals and one little mishap for us chorus lot made for a great set of performances.

As predicted Viv didn’t come to the show, but luckily I dragged Mark along instead, so no wasted money. It was quite fun seeing them in the crowd…
*Old person…Old person…Old person…chav…metal head…Old person…Old person* and Jason assures me he liked it even though he sat there with a scowl across his face and arms folded. The Fridays after show party was good, but I couldn’t stay long as I needed a lift home from someone who had to get up early, but I made up for that with the Saturday, not so good party, and drank my own weight in red wine, got home and drank my own weight in gin….hurrah for alcholics !

Got some funky home made cards from some people, very funny ones, and a bottle of wine from Helen, she knows how we work! If I get into the next show I must make a card for people…

I’ve got a picture of us maids on here, and I’ve ordered some more show photos, but I didn’t get any backstage ones, mainly coz the show was so quick and every one was always busy. That reminds me, I need to put last show photos up, but that does involve scanning them…

So yes, overall another good laugh, and heres to the piraty fun in Treasure Island.

Just A Little Update

8 May

Well I’m bored beyond belief, I’m sitting here wating for my new laptop to be delivered, because Comet/Acer screwed up trying to fix my old one, I’m sure there wasnt that much wrong with it, but they had it for 2 months and were quoting another 2 months to get it fixed, so after much yelling biting screaming and stabbing, they have written off my old one and are sending me a nice shiny UPGRADED new one toady. Result !
Also I carbooted some of my junk on monday, and made somewhere in the regon of £20 for East Anglia Autisim group, so I hope they spend it wisley, on biscuts or something…
What else, oh yeah went to the open evening for the next WLOG show, and it is most definaly aimed at the older lot (as I guess they didn’t have much fun dancing there socks off in the last one) so I’m probably gonna be stuck with a chorus part again, but at least it gets me out of the house. And Maia said shes gonna organise a girly sleep over, with Daniel and David, so more updates on that later
Right I’m gonna go back to staring at the door wating for it to arrive, so hopefully the next entry will be from le shiny laptop !

Dentristy Hell

18 Jan

I don’t know if dentristy is a word, or if it is, whether I’ve spelt it right, but it sounded like a good idea at the time.
So basically for the second time in a very short space of time I have a tooth infection and a face the size of a football pitch, and a shed load of antibiotics to bring it down. Grr.
So hopefully when I’ve finished the antibiotics they will take the tooth out, because I would rather have a gap in my teeth than be in pain for ever.

On a brighter note, I’m in a show with a group in Beccles, I’m only chorus, but at least it’s got me performing again. I’ve got an audition with them on Monday to see if they want me as a permanent member, so I hope thats gonna go well (despite the fact that I will still be on antibiotics at that point).

Also just got Mighty Boosh box set on DVD, so I’m sitting here watching that hoping it will cheer me up, and also should be seeing the wonderful Tim Minchin (the guy who’s video is on my profile at the mo) as soon as I find someone to drag along with me!

The End

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