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This is my…QotD (10/03/13)

10 Mar

“When was the last time you tried something new?”

First point, I like routine.
That small part of me that’s Autistic/OCD whatever, it likes to have meals at a set time, I like the same sort of foods and it take a lot for me to try a new flavour of anything (especially when it’s spicy).

However,  the recent stays in hospital have been quite new to me, but this obviously wasn’t something that was exactly on my bucket list. Also, will get quite tedious if the other things that are on my health list go belly up, it’ll get quite boring and repetitive.

But the main thing that’s new in my life is my gorgeous little boy.


Being a mum is the most amazing exciting thing I have ever done, no feeling like it on earth.

Every day is something new, first smile, first gurgly words, first tastes of food and in the future, first proper words, first steps, no two days are ever going to be the same.
Obviously, some days are going to be full of worry, when he’s ill, when he’s hurt. Some days will be good scary, first day of school, first girlfriend (or boyfriend if some of my friends get their way!) but at the end of the day…
Isn’t that what new adventures should be all about?

QotD: BFF Forever?

15 May

Who was your best friend when you were a kid? Are you still in touch with that person?

I’d just like to start of with a mini rant about acronyms with surplus words attached to the end.

BFF means “Best Friends Forever” so why add Forever on the end of something that already ends in Forever.
Other such annoyances:
PIN Number (Personal Identification Number Number)
VAT Tax (Value Added Tax Tax)
ATM Machine (Automated Teller Machine Machine)
Or my personal favourite:
CSS Style Sheets (Cascading Style Sheets Style Sheets)
Side Note: Just found out whilst looking more into this that there’s actually an acronym for this known as RAS Syndrome, or  Redundant Acronym Syndrome Syndrome.  Beautiful.
Anyway, I used to have a couple of friends at school that I couldn’t be separated from, but my BFF was a girl called Rosemary Newby (On the off chance she stumbles upon this, I miss you!). My mum was always reluctant to let me go out, even though we lived on the quietest cul-de-sac in the quietest village in the quietest county in the world, but she’d always let me hang out with Rosemary.
Maybe it’s because we were both named after plants, but we’d always find some game to play, either with My Little Ponies (Hey, I was like 8 at the time) or torturing her dads poor fish (Basically by feeding them till they exploded. Stupid things). I don’t think we ever did the whole sleepover thing.
To be honest, I didn’t with many people, other than a girl called Alison that I went to school with, as she came in from another village, so if I wanted to hang around with her it was best to just make it a sleep over.
It’s a shame, because even though I only moved to the other end of town, I’ve not spoken to Rosemary since. Though I did see her name in the paper the other day for something random and I did have a trip down memory lane then too.
Hell, whilst I’m at it, I’ll just name-check the rest of the gang. Rosemary, Alison, Louise & Carrie. We rolled it so cool through primary and a couple of years of middle.
I’m sure they lived without me when I moved though.

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QotD: Scary Movie

14 May

What’s your favorite horror movie of all-time?

Wow, that’s like asking me what’s my favourite strand of hair, I love all of them.

Generally, I like my horror movies to be full of gore, and sparing on the storyline. I don’t care if the girlfriend has broken up with the main character unless the girlfriend gets her head ripped off by some dude in the next scene. I’ve also never understood why they have to have naked bits too, there’s always some chick with her top off, or some badly simulated sex scene, which usually ends in disaster as dictated by the rules of horror movies.

“There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie! For instance, Number One: You can never have sex. Sex equals death”

On the flip, I don’t like things that make me jump a great deal. I don’t mind a bit of suspense, as long as it ends with something having it’s head ripped off the moment after I jump. I’m worried if 3D technology gets fantastic I’m gonna have knives aimed for my head (And as a side note I’m terrified for Jackass 3D, the though of Steve-O puking, or Party Boy shaking certain parts of his body at the screen. 11th of November should be interesting)
So films I Enjoy:
Battle Royal – Defo one of my favourites, though the second one has dropped of my radar a tad. I’ve even got the book. Nothing like getting kids to beat the crap out of each other
Saw 1-6 – Amazingly good, best horror set of my generation
Nightmare on Elm Street Box Set – Eagerly waiting to see the new one, should be good for a laugh/yell
Friday the 13th – I’ve just been informed there was a storyline linking all the films together. Who knew?
Halloween Box Set – Have watched the Rob Zombie re-make, I just don’t own it yet. Must put that right
Final destination 1, 2 & 3 – I refuse to acknowledge the latest one, oh imaginative title writers. Good luck for the 2011 one, what’s that gonna be called, Two Final, Two Destination?
The Ring 1 & 2 – Or Ringu if you prefer, I have Japanese and American, though the second one in both cases was a bit shit
Ginger Snaps – More Wear-wolf than slasher, but still, lots of blood and guts.
Scream 1, 2 & 3 – Almost as good as their parodies.
Salems Lot/Carrie/Firestarter/Misery/Christine/Shining – Hell, most of the things that Stephen King has written, are fantastic, even if you get a crappy director, the story is gonna be fantastic.
Grindhouse – I think that counts, things died and went melty. Besides I love everything that Mr Tarentino gets his hands on.
Seven – Gotta love the head in a box
Hellraiser – This is the first horror movie I remember watching, the guy with hooks coming out of his face is a little bit embedded in mine
Hostel – Perfect combination of complete lack of storyline and lots of gore, the second one was only a let down if you didn’t like the story in the first one. As it was exactly the same. But with girls.

QotD: Job Love

14 May

What's the best thing about your job?

The fact I don't have a proper one!

I love working in a theatre, even though I don't get paid for it at the moment, as I get to be a part of the arts, and who doesn't love that.
Well, I guess it's not for everyone, but I have seen a variety of shows, lots that I'd never have been to otherwise. Also, as a on-stage person, meeting people from other shows is an invaluable way of finding work in the future!
I love being a singing teacher, again because it something I love, and I always imagined I'd end up as a teacher of some point. I like sharing my knowledge.
Just as a side note, every other time this week I've answered a "Question of the Day" I've had some random comment. It's not a spam link to somewhere dodgy, it's not trying to sell me something, but equally the people posting haven't got any blogs of their own, or in fact anything at all on their pages. Sometimes they are almost relevant, but usually they just confuse the hell out of me.
I've not deleted any of them, as I don't have any proper comments on them. I don't like feeling like a loner.

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QotD: Exotic Animals

13 May

What's the most exotic animal you've ever seen in person? What about *not* at the zoo?

I've only ever been to a proper zoo once (I've had a deprived childhood) but I've been to those crap petting zoos a few times, so I guess the most exotic thing I've seen is a goat.

Actually, I've seen a goat outside of a petting zoo, my friend used to own one with the horses he kept. 
Used to nibble a lot. 
And hump everything in sight.
Anyway, other than that, I've had a few foxes in the back garden, and I've seen a deer in the woods that used to be near mine (till they put a huge freaking road through the middle of it </hippyrant>)
I remember now, I was at some huge manor house with my family, and they had a big cage out in the back yard with some cute fluffy creatures that on closer inspection were meerkats (By big I probably mean a couple of acres worth of cage so I really couldn't see them very well) 
*Side note: Meerkat is a word Google Chrome, please don't tell me I can't spell things that I clearly can.

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QotD: Love at First Sight?

12 May

Do you believe in love at first sight?

No. I think you can fancy someone, possibly even go as far as having a full blown crush on them at first sight, but I really don't think it can be called love until you get to know someone. You can be attracted to someone then talk to them and fall in love. That's the proper way round.

But also, I do believe there has to be some sort of physical attraction. I've got plenty of male friends that I enjoy hanging out with, but I just can't imagine me spending the rest of my life with them. Also, as brave as some people are I'd never start a relationship with someone who I'd only spoken to on-line. Even a picture/web cam sesh can't really show you what a person is like. 
Just in case my man-friend from Cambridge is reading this, don't worry, it's only a week till we meet, and you get to fall in love with me!

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QotD: Dream Weaver

11 May

Do you remember your dreams or tend to forget them upon waking? Do you have any recurring dreams or nightmares? 

I usually don't remember my dreams, but occasionally some will drip feed themselves back to me over breakfast. 

Ones that I do remember usually involves bits of my childhood mixed in with bits of my adult life, like a theatre group I'm with now, but with old school friends joining in. 
Occasionally my brain will throw up things from my very early childhood, we're talking under the age of 5. I /clearly/ remember dreaming about cutting my finger open on a playground thing, which my parents have confirmed happened, but try as I might I can't bring up any kind of mental image whilst I'm awake.
I think my conscious is scrambled at best. 
I still have nightmares/bad dreams, these tend to stay in my head better. The most recurring one:
I'm walking down the road outside my old house, down one of the most quiet cul-de-sac known to mankind. But on this day there's not a car in sight,  not even in peoples driveways. Nothing. I'm walking along the pavement past peoples houses, but every time I try to cross a road, suddenly, from the complete middle of nowhere, there's a steady stream of cars, all racing along at F1 speeds ready to mow me down. The second I step back on the pavement I'm fine. What's totally absurd is this stampede of traffic happens even when I cross a dropped kerb in front of a driveway. Where in the blue hell are the cars coming from? Are the garages all TARDIS sized? Bizarre.
Maybe I spent too much of my childhood playing Frogger.

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QotD: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

10 May

    I don't even know our neighbours. Our house has 3 bungalows at the back of the garden and road on every other side. 

    Out of the 3 bungalows one neighbour has popped his head over the fence and said hello if we happen to be working in the garden, we've not even spoken to the other two. 
    There's a pub across the road one side (which as it happens, I've never been into) and I used to go to school with someone on the other side, but they moved a few years back. 
    Oh, we know someone next door to a neighbour, he teaches my sister at school…

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    QotD: The Art of Communication

    9 May

    Do you prefer communicating via phone, text message or email? Does using a certain one change your behavior? (I.e. Is it easier to flirt via text than over the phone? Are you more business like in email etc.?)


    I hate phoning people up. Really REALLY hate phoning people up. 
    I don't know if it's because I'm slightly Autistic like the rest of my family, or I've just developed a random phobia.
    Actually, it can't be a random bout of Autism, because I'd much rather talk to someone face to face than over the phone. 
    Anyway apart from that, I don't really mind text or email. I tend to text friends and email business type people (mainly because I don't have numbers for random job vacancies) so from that point of view I tend to be more eloquent over a e-mail than text. 
    But I never. 
    Regardless of medium.
    I'd honestly rather lose all powers of communication with everyone everywhere than "spek leik dis"  

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    QotD: Overcoming Obstacles

    27 Mar

    What’s the most dangerous or frightening thing you’ve faced in your life? How did you overcome it?
    Brought to you by How to Train Your Dragon. In theaters everywhere today.

    I almost drowned when I was 5. It really REALLY scared the shit out of me. 

    I was a bit of a dick when I was a kid, I seem to remember going to the holiday park down the bottom of the road from me, sneaking in through the gates (Surprisingly not that hard) and diving fully clothed into their swimming pool.
    Forgetting, of course, that I couldn't swim.
    I don't know who dragged me out, or even the size of bollocking I got when I went home (Because I'm sure there was a astronomical one) but I can still remember how terrified I was, and how I really thought I was gonna die.
    There's been other times in my life where I've put myself, not so much in danger, but pushed myself a bit for that adrenaline rush but never have I felt properly like it's actually the end, and there was no way I was going to see tomorrow.
    So yeah, I hope I've grown up enough to not kill myself like that again.
    Though I've still not learnt how to swim.

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