This is my…Low Iodine Diet-Day 10

20 Nov

Another Thursday without the other half but this time I felt like I better employ some help as my energy levels were seriously in short supply.
But I did still manage to get the little man up and walked in to town to meet my mum so that was something (especially as he decided to treat me to two of the smelliest nappies known to mankind…)
After a quick potter in town we stopped in Costa for a coffee, as they have soya milk, but the piddling drop they give you, I may as well had it black. My poor mum even forgot and offered me her (normal) milk.
Back home and Kal was on good form, no matter how much we think we’ve put stuff out of the way or in front of stuff to stop him destroying things, he always finds something else to climb up, or shred, or eat (I hope it was cheese from lunch!) but I’m so proud of how quickly he’s gone from slow commando crawling to quickly pulling himself up and cruising along furniture. He’s even started letting go to test his own balance, no (initial) encouragement from us, its just like “today I shall walk…*smoosh on nappy*”
I hope I don’t miss anything whilst I’m away 😦

Breakfast-Forced myself to have a nkd bar but I’m still not feeling hungry
Lunch-Salad wrap & free from shortbread
Dinner-Fresh chicken strips and sweet potato chips (all bunged in the air fryer, easy peasy)
Snacks-Oranges by the boatload.

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