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Well, Lookie here

12 Jul

As I often do when I can’t sleep, I’ve moved things around again.

Basically I was fed up with Vox for a while as all they threw at me were spam comments, and even after being on there for 2 years I never made anymore neibours, and I don’t think anyone outside of the twitter readers actually looked at it BECAUSE of Vox. Continue reading


Layeth The Smacketh Down

4 Jun

So, erm, I’ve started watching Wrestling again *ducks bottles and knives being thrown*

But have no fear, to save all of you from hearing me rant about a show that very few people in England still watch, I’ve moved my blog set to a corner of the WWE universe. Continue reading


12 Jan
Er, where to begin….
1. New Years Revolution was CLASS (I think I predicted the outcome, but it was still fun to watch, no matter how much I hate Cena, and how much I think Edge is class…)
2. Started getting EMA money AT LAST !!!! (So at least I have a bit more money than I did before)
3. Started getting regular hours at work, so I should get some money from them too !!!
4                                        P…..A…..R…..T…..Y……!!!!!!
As it is Toby’s 18th Birthday on the 1st Feb, we decided to have a Party on the 5th, just because we can, it’s gonna be at my house, so hopefully it shouldn’t get too riotous, or my mum will shoot everyone, but we got some things planned sooooo hopefully a laugh all round !!!
I think thats pretty much it, Oh and I’ve started talking to some people that I haven’t seen for AGES !!! (Namley Jason and Daniel) and both of them are such cool people. I needed some more people to talk to, I’m becoming a bit of a Hobbit in my room…
Ok thats it now…Going….going…

Back To School

5 Jan
Blaaaaah…. Had to go back to school today, after a nice holiday off from it ¬¬
Oh well, it was good to see some of my mates again, but I seem to be surviving on nothing but coffee at the moment *Yaaaawn*
For the past week and a bit  ive been going to bed at 4:00 in the morning after watching Shooting stars re-runs… I would buy the DVD box set of them to watch at a more sensible time…IF THERE WAS ONE!!! (Not a sign of that OR Never Mind The Buzzcocks ANYWHERE!!!) So I’ve been watching the glory that is Mark Lamarr nearly nonstop on Sky ^_^ (I think its starting to get to critical obsession)
Oh and if anyone cares its New Years Revolution on Sunday – 6 MAN  HELL IN A CELL (my fav match ^_^)
I think thats all I can think of for now… Except, gimmy coffee !!!
Arrivederci *waves*

Fill In The Gaps

6 Dec

Well, I haven't written anything for a while so I thought I'd fill in what has happened since the last post.
Wrestling at the sports center was fun, saw everyone from the WAW who I haven't seen since the summer, and the show itself was great.
Wrestling Training 2nd weekend:
This wasn't so good. I had a great time, and everyone there was so nice and supportive (as they always are) but I just seemed to get a mental block with everything I did, I just didn't get how to do anything, and the second day i almost ended up crying, I was so angry at myself for not getting it right ¬¬ I hope I can get everything together before the next one in February, or I don't think I'll ever go again, I feel soooo ANGRY !!!!
AND If all that stress wasn't enough, I have my Diploma on saturday, and I have no idea what I'm doing for it, so that should be a complete disaster.
I think thats it…

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24 Nov
This weekend is either gonna be really good or really bad, I don’t know if it’s been decided yet *looks upwards*
Saturday: 1. Going to get the tickets for the wrestling sometime in the morning
                 2. Going to Halesworth to help in the morning to lunch time
                 3. Having a singing lesson at 5:00
                 4. Getting ready to go out (It takes me like hours)
                 5. Watching the wrestling at the sports center till about 12:00 lol
                 6. Going to my babysitters house to watch the kids overnight
Sunday:    1. Babysitting most of the day (with some homework thrown in for good measure)
                 2. Watching Survivors series on PPV from 1:00 till 4:00 in the morning
                 3. Going to school after 4 hours of sleep ^_^
So either I’m gonna have a fun but be shattered afterwards, or I’m gonna have plenty of sleep, and miss out on all the good stuff…I hope its the first one lol !

Eddie – Descanse En la Paz

17 Nov
It took me a while to think of what to write, but I have to say something.
Eddie Gurrero dies of a heart attack aged 28
My heart goes out to all the Gurrero family, I know they were his everything, to his wife Vicky and his children, and Chavo. Also to his close friends, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenco, Big Show and JBL (among the many many people who knew him)
Eddie was reported to have died, because although he has been clean for 4 years, the strain that it put on his artery’s wore them so thin that his heart could not handle it anymore.
All these thoughts about Eddie thats going about in my head, makes me feel so much worse about Julia, I still have no idea whats going on, whether shes safe or not…I hope I can get an update when I go and see them
in the lowestoft sports center later this month….


13 Oct

RAW officially has gone overboard…

This has got to be the dumbest storyline that they every had…(even worse than Triple H taking out Ric)
JR is the best announcer ever, and no so much that he has gone, If he had wanted to retire, we would have understood, but the fact that Linda had to kick him in the nuts? That is WAY too much.

I’m gonna do a bit of script writing now for the WWE…

As Shane wasn’t with that despicable family on Monday, I think that Shane should come back next week, he should start off pretending to be like his father, agreeing with the decisions that Vince makes, then Mr McMahon should be so pleased with his son, that he signs the comapny over to him. The first thing that Shane should do with his new power is…RE-HIRE JIM ROSS….The second thing that he should do is fire that ass Bischoff and bring back the true commisioner…MICK FOLEY….

I think thats enough of my ranting for today…


15 Sep
As most of you know, I go wrestling training in Norwich…I am trained by a woman called Julia Hammer.
She has been missing since the 1st September….thats 15 days…
I can understand that she was going through a lot of stress, her son had been arrested for getting drunk and hitting someone…she was in and out of hospital with anorexia…her dog had died…it was 5 years since a close friend of hers had died….her business is in debt, but what I cant understand is how no one has seen her…its not like shes your average one of the crowd. I wish she would get in contact with someone so we know shes safe, she has lots of people around her who care for her and wish for her safe return home very soon…


7 Aug

Well, I’ve just completed my first weekend of training! YAY! 🙂
As you can tell I’m still smiling, so it was great fun…I ache like hell from the work that we did on Saturday and today we were just going for hold after hold and stretching these body parts that already killed! Not that I’m complaing mind you, I expected it and worse! All the trainers and the other guys there were so nice and supportive of us guys that were training, and all in all we had a great laugh with everything and I can’t wait for the October one so I can go and get beaten up again, maby this time I’ll get to do some beating up XD…
Anyways thats all folks,
Peace and lots of my bruises

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