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This is my…Low Iodine Diet-Day 10

20 Nov

Another Thursday without the other half but this time I felt like I better employ some help as my energy levels were seriously in short supply.
But I did still manage to get the little man up and walked in to town to meet my mum so that was something (especially as he decided to treat me to two of the smelliest nappies known to mankind…)
After a quick potter in town we stopped in Costa for a coffee, as they have soya milk, but the piddling drop they give you, I may as well had it black. My poor mum even forgot and offered me her (normal) milk.
Back home and Kal was on good form, no matter how much we think we’ve put stuff out of the way or in front of stuff to stop him destroying things, he always finds something else to climb up, or shred, or eat (I hope it was cheese from lunch!) but I’m so proud of how quickly he’s gone from slow commando crawling to quickly pulling himself up and cruising along furniture. He’s even started letting go to test his own balance, no (initial) encouragement from us, its just like “today I shall walk…*smoosh on nappy*”
I hope I don’t miss anything whilst I’m away ūüė¶

Breakfast-Forced myself to have a nkd bar but I’m still not feeling hungry
Lunch-Salad wrap & free from shortbread
Dinner-Fresh chicken strips and sweet potato chips (all bunged in the air fryer, easy peasy)
Snacks-Oranges by the boatload.


This is My…Day of Hugs

15 Mar

I’ve always liked travelling, so it’s no surprise I guess that I love to take the little man out and about, also, give me an excuse to show him off to further flung people.
Ok, so it’s not like Beccles is exactly outer Mongolia, but with Chris nursing a hangover, it meant I could take the little man on his first train journey.

Which is actually quite a big ordeal in itself. Buses, as much as I moan about them, have dedicated wheelchair spaces at the front and the drivers usually lower the bus to let anything with wheels on. Trains, have no indication of where these spaces are (I had a vision of having to park the little man in the bicycle rack) and the gap between path and train might as well be the Grand Canyon. Couldn’t find the driver to be of any use to me, so I had to go back into the ticket office (lucky that was open, half the time it’s not) only to have him rattle the ramp a bit, claim it was stuck, then walk off again.¬†Thankfully, a nice woman helped me on with my buggy and I helped her on with hers, or we’d both be still standing there now.


Little man was so thrilled with his journey he fell asleep, and stayed asleep even though I’d taken him to The Public Hall to meet all the people set building (For their next production of Les Miserables School Edition. Tickets available from here. More info here). So much for the hugs, as even the sound of hammering and drilling couldn’t stir the little beasty from his slumber.

So, I decided to take him back out into the cold and visit Waveney Labour Party’s stall in the town center to sign their petition and show him off to the couple running it (after all, he is the poster child for Bob’s campaign!). Met up with nanna Janet whilst we were there, which he decided to wake up for, knows his nannas voice!
With Janet in tow, we ran round a couple of charity shops (with Janet looking after him outside the ones I couldn’t fit the buggy in) before settling into Weatherspoons for a bottomless coffee and a catch up.

As the little stinker was now fully awake, it was back to the Public Hall for us, and multiple hugs for Jennifer, Bethan, Megan, Sarah and a firm handshake from Stephen. Unfortunately the hammering and drilling was a bit too much for his awake ears, and he started getting a bit squeaky at everyone. Exit stage left and quick zip by Beccles Sewing & Handicraft shop to see Sue, Steve, Claire & Ian which, despite the fact he was overdue for his feed, he was incredibly well behaved for, once again giving the image of a very well behaved little stinky.

Back on the train, and a feed later we were home and settled for the rest of the day.

This is my…Supermum Kinda Day

13 Mar

I like the days when Chris isn’t here.

Let me quantify that before I find myself being a single mum…
I like it because it forces me to get off my backside and actually get things done. I wouldn’t call myself 100% lazy when he’s about but I can take my time because I know I don’t have as much to get done/Chris always picks up my slack.

Anyway, today has been one of those productive days.
Started off by toddling into town with the little man (which in itself was fun, it’s been like poop roulette today as he normally does one with his morning feed, didn’t actually appear till 3 in the afternoon!) and managed to have a 100m buggy race with another woman on the walk there.
She may have started off in the lead, but I caught her up in the bends. Booya, fantastic work out for the legs.
In town, I saw someone I’ve not seen in ages (grandmother of one of my friends at school, I practically lived round hers when I was little), introduced her to Kal, gave her a run down of all my health problems & would have loved to stop for more of a chat but needed to get to the bank before getting into the post office.
As it was I was late, but quite handily can blame it on the unpredictability of having a baby. Sorry Kal, mumma is actually that mean.

So, back to the reason I was there.
Post Office are so desperate for people to join their bank, they are actually giving people £100 worth of Love To Shop vouchers when you switch over.
Er, yes please.
I have no particular loyalty to Norwich & Peterborough (and considering half the cash points in town don’t accept their cards for drawing money out, including the Post Office, I could do with one that people have actually heard of) so I see no reason why I couldn’t move across. Doubly as they do all the work.
Small print:
-You have to deposit £100 to open it up.
-You have to have at least one thing going in and one going out every month.
-Subject to a credit check.
¬£100 I can do & I’ve got my contract phone bill coming out and at the moment Maternity Allowance going in, and I thought because I have said contract phone, my credit check would zoom through no probs.
So you can imagine my surprise when IT DIDN’T.
Because even though my CREDIT part of it is fine (Despite the fact I didn’t want an overdraft or a credit card, I don’t really understand why that matters anyway) because I only moved in with Chris in August, it means I’ve been at my current address less than a year. Which they never mentioned anything about.
However, they did say it shouldn’t be much of a problem as I’m registered to vote here & I have letters with my name and address on them (mostly from DWP) but it’s just more hassle and the application form has to be sent away and double checked rather than the 15 min application they promised.
Ho hum, either it goes through and I get my ¬£100 or it doesn’t and I don’t lose anything I guess.

Back home the sun was still shining and I had about an hour to kill before the squeaky chap needed feeding (and I didn’t want him on my lap whilst still playing poop roulette) I decided to deliver some of the Waveney Labour leaflets that arrived on our doorstep last night (without them knocking, lucky it wasn’t raining!)
So after taking this picture:

We dashed up and down one road before coming back to eat & upload.
A simple tag of @WaveneyLabour & #backbob and Kal was all over the internet in about 10 seconds flat as their “Youngest supporter”. So, y’know if you’re friends with me on Facebook, please share that photo for my benefit as much as for Labour!

After lunch I attempted a few minutes out in the garden, hoping that munchkin would have a doze in his chair, but poop roulette got me and by the time I’d washed my hands from the garden and changed him then washed my hands again, then went to the toilet myself and washed my hands again, I thought it wasn’t really worth going back out and having to wash my hands AGAIN.
Run out of soap at that rate.

One sleepy man later & Chris was back home allowing me to burn whatever calories I don’t have left by running for the train and a rehearsal with Spotlight.

Good job I didn’t have any vouchers to sort today, not enough hours left in the day.


This is my…Super Shop

12 Mar

Consider yourself raided Boots.

The nice people over at HiPP Organic furnished me/Kal with lots of vouchers for my collection, but before I could get to attached to them, I decided to go on a mini shopping spree in the baby department at Boots.

  • Jar of Sweet Potato & Chicken (Free)
  • Banana & Rice pots (40p off)
  • Banana & Apple Pure√© (30p off + 40p of any other HiPP product)
  • Buggy Buddy Drink & Stuff Storage (Free with Boots points)
  • ELC Wooly Sheep Squeaker Rattle (¬£2 off rrp as they’d overstocked or something)
  • Scratch mitts (Free, because I’d bought 2 other baby items in their 2 for 3 sale)

All in all a saving of £16.88. Not bad if I do say so myself.

After all that came home to 50p of Plenty products, set of Tesco vouchers totaling another £20 odd and something about saving money on fuel.

This is my…QotD (10/03/13)

10 Mar

“When was the last time you tried something new?”

First point, I like routine.
That small part of me that’s Autistic/OCD whatever, it likes to have meals at a set time, I like the same sort of foods and it take a lot for me to try a new flavour of anything (especially when it’s spicy).

However, ¬†the recent stays in hospital have been quite new to me, but this obviously wasn’t something that was exactly on my bucket list. Also, will get quite tedious if the other things that are on my health list go belly up, it’ll get quite boring and repetitive.

But the main thing that’s new in my life is my gorgeous little boy.


Being a mum is the most amazing exciting thing I have ever done, no feeling like it on earth.

Every day is something new, first smile, first gurgly words, first tastes of food and in the future, first proper words, first steps, no two days are ever going to be the same.
Obviously, some days are going to be full of worry, when he’s ill, when he’s hurt. Some days will be good scary, first day of school, first girlfriend (or boyfriend if some of my friends get their way!) but at the end of the day…
Isn’t that what new adventures should be all about?

This is my…Getting back to normal day

29 Oct

Even though I know nothing will be back to normal again, I’m finally starting to feel human at least, so either my body is getting used to no sleep or I’m getting more rest in my cat naps than I realise. Either way, today I actually made it out of bed!
Granted it was only to go downstairs to make some bottles and saunter back up again but I’m trying to stay active to help stretch my back muscles and to stave off nasty things like DVT and piles. Also started the all important pelvic floor exercises, I like comedy shows, don’t want to leave a puddle when I laugh.

So apart from the usual nappies (he’s hiding the poop from us at the moment) feeding and watching him sleep I actually managed to get on the computer for a few moments mainly to thank everyone who’s sent us messages over the past few days, it really makes me feel loved that even people I’ve never met or haven’t spoken to in years have come out with beautiful comments. Big thankyous again.

Few other things that I’ve thought/noticed is, I have got the worlds sorest throat today, which I’m putting down to how hot the room is, a massive breeding ground for all bacteria. Yerp.
Other thing, I saw when I turned on the TV (for the first time since being back home) was a report on BBC breakfast news on…”Why Swaddling is bad for your baby“. Really felt like printing this off and pinning it to the midwife just to see if she believes anyone elses opinion. I’m guessing not.
As it happens, Kal is getting an ultrasound at some point to check his hips out as my sister was born bendy and she’s an immediate relation and I don’t pin him to within an inch of his life anyway, so I’m not really too fussed about this report from that point of view, but interesting to read that “too hot” is just as much, if not more, of a risk of cot death as “too cold” so from now on, I’m going to wrap my baby how I think is appropriate and to check his temperature with my thermometer as I can’t be dealing with yet another change to “accepted ways of doing things”.


This is my…Auto Pilot Day

28 Oct

Somehow my body is still running after all this lack of sleep.

Greatly improved by the mahoosive can of energy drink I downed this morning and the chocolates stashed away but still no day naps, which is a pity as he seems to sleep a heck of a lot better during the day than at night.

I think it’s something to do with when he was still in the womb he’d be rocked about to sleep during the day and when I stopped at night he’d be wide awake. Will take a little while to get him the right way round I guess.

Again, with the not much other than staring at him, the occasional poke to check he’s still breathing, but overall not a lot of movement on my part.
Chris, bless him, managed to get food shopping, washing up, clothes washing, hoovering, my food, Kal’s food, cats food all done before Eastenders.
Did however manage to get out of yet another pooey nappy.
This is a skill in itself.

So, quite daringly, we took Kal downstairs (in the Moses basket as his bouncer is way WAY to big for him) and settled him in front of the TV. Managed to get not only Eastenders in, but the whole of X-men Origins, with advert breaks!

This has led me to the conclusion, we have a very VERY quiet baby.
He pretty much only screams when he’s having his nappy changed and is we take a bit too long getting his food. Even then, he’s not got a solid scream, he has a bit of a wail, then gives up for 5min, then has another go, then gives up. It’s like crying is all too much effort for him, poor little thing!

Was planning on another shift night of sleep, but somehow we managed to keep him going for 4 hours between feeds so managed to get a little doze in between (I’m getting better at blocking him out. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not) and for the first time, minimal amounts of stress at 4 in the morning.

This is my…New Baby Smell

27 Oct
Kal Day 2

Kal Day 2


NYYYAAAWWW…(Shush you’ll wake him up!)

It’s amazing. I’ve been awake for pretty much 60 hours solid (compared to the 3 or 4 I was managing when still pregnant) and yet I still feel like there’s no more hours in the day because they have all been spent just staring at Kal.
Even though all they do is eat and poop at this stage, they still somehow manage to take up all of your time.

*snaps back*

Last night we worked out he really doesn’t like being breast fed, so after a small battle with my conscious, we decided that we better stock up on some formula and just get him eating SOMETHING. Only problem with this, is it’s a Sunday morning, and a grand total of nowhere is open. So when Kal woke up for his 8 O’clock feed it was time to try some distraction techniques till 10 am.
1. Chewing on his own fingers
2. Chewing on MY fingers
3. Skin to skin hugs
4. Playing lullabies at him

Surprisingly managed to keep him relatively sane till we could get some grub into him. I suppose were lucky that I had bottles/warmer/sterilizer already bought and stashed away as we would have been 50 shades of screwed by now.

After some more hugs and sleeps and sleeps and hugs (well, sleep for him hugs for me) the community midwife finally came round at 2pm, without any phone call or warning to say she was on her way. Cos clearly we have nothing better to do.

And that was just the start of my irked-off-ness. I know we’d seen her before, but as she works clinic and the local hospital, I couldn’t quite place her, till she started talking to me like I was a 3 year old. As Chris said afterwards, we might be new parents but we’re not idiots.
First thing when she came through the door to the bedroom (where I’ve been holed up all day) was “Oh we’re having a lazy day are we?”
Er, yes, I’ve had no sleep and I’m recovering with stitches as well as keeping this little man entertained. And the midwife I saw yesterday TOLD me to have a nesting day in bed and let Chris do all the other work.
Her main problem with how we are raising OUR baby is how cold he was.
Now, for starters he had just had a feed, so was a bit unwrapped, but he didn’t feel cold other than a bit on his hands and feet which another midwife had said don’t regulate themselves as quickly as the rest of the body so shouldn’t be taken as an accurate temperature reading.
Yet, I still go a lecture on how to wrap baby properly (as I said, literally just finished a feed, hadn’t got round to it before you snatched him off of me), how we didn’t have the right clothes for him (he’s not naked) and how the heating needed to be on all the time (are you gonna pay our gas bills? Thought not) and the room needed to be kept at 25C.
Hang on, everyone and everywhere else says 18C.
Even the NHS website (which I trust more than her) says 18C. 25 would roast the poor man. 25C + the vest + sleep suit + double swaddled blanket + double blanket on top would make him about 35C by the time we’ve finished, and if you’re still measuring his hand temperature, it’s not gonna go up much because little Houdini won’t stay swaddled for more than 10 seconds and those mits are free in no time waving around in the cold air.
And because of that, she now booked us in an extra midwife appointment tomorrow in addition to the normal ones for good parents.


So, after a little cry, and Chris having a 10 minute panic buy at Asda for some more sleep suits (even though what we had were fine really, again if she wants us to have other things, she can damn well buy them) Nanna Janet popped round for some sensible adult conversation (and brought us some more blankets)

After watching him sleep again for hours we though we should try some sleep ourselves.
Best decision, as I can’t sleep very well in the heat (but I still wanted to try and get in a routine of sleeping in the proper bed rather than the spare room) was to kick Chris into the spare room and to leave me with squeaky & the Moses basket. Turns out however it’ll take me a while to get used to even squeaky’s squeaks as I didn’t get ANY sleep when I was on guard. Also I think hospital sounds were still ringing in my head and the slightest murmur my brain immediately switched to him. Which I suppose is a good thing.

So at 4AM to try and give me some respite, Chris and I swapped and I managed to get a couple of hours in the spare room to recharge. I don’t want to make this a regular thing but at the moment there doesn’t seem to be a Plan B.
At least until I learn to drown out everything except Kal screaming.
And Chris snoring.
And the cats howling.

This is my…Hospital Journey Pt 3

26 Oct

Last time on Hospital Adventures:

We left our daring new mum on ward at night with her screamer and 24 hours worth of observations for diabetes (and later to find out for meconium intake good job they were both only for 24 hours)

Really and truly nothing interesting happened at all today.
I spent pretty much 24 hours solid staring at or feeding my gorgeous little man.

First nappy change was a joy at 2am after a feed with no help in sight (They sent Chris home at 9pm yesterday) even after they said just press the buzzer if you wanted any help with the first change. Buzzer pressed, woman came, told me where the nappies were kept, left. Hang on, for starters, I brought my own bag I don’t need for fancy pants Pampers, and secondly I just wanted someone to sit with me, I know the concept of “bum goes here” but I just wanted to check that I wasn’t doing anything wrong or really that there wasn’t a more efficient way of working through it, or hell for all I know they needed to document that on a chart too.
Feed after that was pretty much the first snag I hit, he just kept feeding and feeding and feeding. The midwife said it was normal, but I’d have thought it meant he wasn’t getting enough or possibly I wasn’t producing enough. Either way we both got a got fed up with the whole thing.
Next feed he would hardly touch me so asking the midwife again they suggested I i try topping him up with formula milk from a little cup (so as not to get him used to bottles) and that worked, he only had about 10 mil top up from whatever he’d got from me, but that knocked him out for about 5 hours, so clearly he needed the extra whatever I’m not producing.

Anyhoo, in those 5 glorious sleepy hours, the troops reported and my mum, dad & sister and Chris’ mum came to gather round and have a poke & give lots of gifts to the already spoilt little man. Oh and a box of chocs for me (Cos I’ve not been spoilt enough!) No one wanted to pick him up because he looked so settled, but as he was already starting to stir (he does this very cute goldfish impersonation when he’s half asleep and hungry. Must be dreaming of food) I encouraged hugs, so both nannas had a hold and he sorta woke up to acknowledge them, but pretty much went right back to sleep after they left. Nice and antisocial like his mum and dad.

Rest of the afternoon just consisted of him getting poked and prodded to make sure he was all healthy. His blood sugar only dropped twice all the time we were there, once was the first test and it’s pretty much taken because I didn’t eat all Friday*¬†that I had no sugar to give him any sugar in those first feeds & the only other one was the one before we started giving him top ups, which again to me is a sign that he’s not getting enough from me no matter how long he sat there. So finally at 9pm we were discharged and free to roam the outside world.

After the initial shock to the system of the outside weather (not that cold just very VERY windy) and the car journey home (that predictably knocked him out, something rumbly about cars that reminds babies of being in the womb, didn’t know I sounded like a 1.8L 1994 Toyota Celica) we got him all nice and settled in his moses basket and what was a pretty good nights sleep with only a couple of feeds and whingy moments.


*Did I mention they made me nil by mouth just in case I needed an emergency something or other? It’s ok they didn’t mention it to me until the cut off point for me to eat had passed. And then after he was here (literally right after he’d popped out and for the rest of the evening) I was¬†still¬†being sick so food pretty much put itself of the menu.

This is my…Hospital Journey Pt2

25 Oct

So last nights not knowing what the blue hell was going on, was followed swiftly by this mornings not knowing what the blue hell was going on. They took the person next to me to have her waters broken at about 8am and one lady across the way said that was what was planned for her too, but as far as I was aware I was still just planned for a day of walking to try and make things move of their own accord.
With that in mind I’d even told Chris not to hurry as bump didn’t seem to be in any hurry either.

No sooner had I said that than two women came in and said pack up all your things we’re moving you to the delivery suite.
But I’m not in labour.
Oh, we know, were gonna break you waters.
Lukckily they took so long doing my stats and hooking bump up to his heart rate monitor that Chris got there before the deed was done.
And let me just say, if you thought I’d been gross the past few days, this little man takes the crown as he’d managed to poo into the waters, which is usually a sign that they’re distressed, but all his heart rate readings were fine so pass on that one too.
After Niagara Falls was cleaned up I then had the fun of having a drip inserted into my arm. This drip was designed take the place of the hormone responsible for contractions (which I appeared to be missing altogether) And when they hit me sweet bejeebus i knew about it. Also much to my amusement they wait till this point to tell you that these hormones make the pain hurt more and they strongly recommend an epidural before things get too underway.
Ladies and gentlemen I would just like to take this moment to let you know the biggest and wrongest decision in my life was to say “Nah I’ll wait it out and see”
No. No. No. No.
Because, and¬†I don’t exactly consider myself a wimp,¬†when the first “mild one” hit me I felt like ripping out my womb and being done with it. I got to a couple more then finally bit the bullet and agreed to go ahead with it. The only reason I hesitated in the first place was because of the (albeit small) risks associated with them, and I was planning to do the normal thing and find my pain threshold by taking gas & air or Pethadine first, but I guess they knew I’d probably need it long term if he became distressed again.
So. Epidural. Thems are fun. And worse because silly silly me left it till I was already having contractions to start it, the poor anesthetist had to wait between me punching the side of the bed to get the needle in without going right through me. Managed it in the end, and couldn’t come soon enough. Lovely fuzzy legs and bump made it a lot easier to concentrate on the important things like getting the little man out of there.
And voila, by the time I was numbed to the eyeballs I was fully dilated and ready to go.
So I push.
And bumps heart rate goes through the floor.
So they wibbled him a bit
And I push.
And bumps heart rate goes through the floor again.
So they come to the decision that he needs to be out of there, and fast because something of my uterus is pushing down on him wrong. Thanks body.
Advise, forceps delivery, with emergency cesarean as Plan B.
Some squiggles on paper later (and top up of epidural which totally took out all sensation) and I was being motored through to theatre before I even knew what was happening. They do like to move quick once they’ve made a decision on something.
Quite a lot of the next bit is a blur due to everything moving quickly & there was a lot of people in the room all with various levels of equipment, but the two people I couldn’t have lived without was the wonderful midwife who had her hand on my belly to tell me when to push and of course to Chris who (thankfully) was there right by my side guiding me through everything. (Only later found out that my mum, who also had a forceps delivery with me, didn’t have dad by her side when in surgery & I can only imagine what they must have felt like with all these doctors and nurses and no familiar voice to guide to.)
But before I knew it, I had a lovely little (covered in poop) man in my arms for a very quick hug (Skin to skin, very important, or so they keep telling me) before he was whooshed away for his stats and a check on his vitals to make sure he hadn’t swallowed any of the lovely poop he was swimming about in.

Kal Owen Davidson – Born 25/10/13 – 15:52 – Weighing 6lb13

Kal Day 1

Kal Day 1

After theatre I was plonked in a recovery room to check all my stats for a while (couldn’t see a clock, no idea of time passing) and got some serious skin to skin cuddle time in with him, at which point one of the midwifey people came in and said did I want to try a feed now or wait till I was back in the delivery room, but seeing as the little one was already chewing his fingers off, I thought I could give it a go and see if I could get the hang of it, and no sooner had I got my boob out, there was a little face at it going like the clappers. The midwife actually said she’d never seen such a quick latch on. Clever man.

Back in the delivery room and it was just a series of tests over and over and over again, mainly to me to see if I’d actually got any feeling back in my body. It took a while but eventually they let me stand up and toddle myself to the bathroom to freshen up. This meant I was alive enough to go back onto the Ward for commencement of 24 hours of testing on poor little Kal for diabetes.

But that is for another day (mainly because I already feel like I’ve written 3000 words and technically the night time stuff means the days are already melting into one.

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