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This is my…Hospital Journey Pt 3

26 Oct

Last time on Hospital Adventures:

We left our daring new mum on ward at night with her screamer and 24 hours worth of observations for diabetes (and later to find out for meconium intake good job they were both only for 24 hours)

Really and truly nothing interesting happened at all today.
I spent pretty much 24 hours solid staring at or feeding my gorgeous little man.

First nappy change was a joy at 2am after a feed with no help in sight (They sent Chris home at 9pm yesterday) even after they said just press the buzzer if you wanted any help with the first change. Buzzer pressed, woman came, told me where the nappies were kept, left. Hang on, for starters, I brought my own bag I don’t need for fancy pants Pampers, and secondly I just wanted someone to sit with me, I know the concept of “bum goes here” but I just wanted to check that I wasn’t doing anything wrong or really that there wasn’t a more efficient way of working through it, or hell for all I know they needed to document that on a chart too.
Feed after that was pretty much the first snag I hit, he just kept feeding and feeding and feeding. The midwife said it was normal, but I’d have thought it meant he wasn’t getting enough or possibly I wasn’t producing enough. Either way we both got a got fed up with the whole thing.
Next feed he would hardly touch me so asking the midwife again they suggested I i try topping him up with formula milk from a little cup (so as not to get him used to bottles) and that worked, he only had about 10 mil top up from whatever he’d got from me, but that knocked him out for about 5 hours, so clearly he needed the extra whatever I’m not producing.

Anyhoo, in those 5 glorious sleepy hours, the troops reported and my mum, dad & sister and Chris’ mum came to gather round and have a poke & give lots of gifts to the already spoilt little man. Oh and a box of chocs for me (Cos I’ve not been spoilt enough!) No one wanted to pick him up because he looked so settled, but as he was already starting to stir (he does this very cute goldfish impersonation when he’s half asleep and hungry. Must be dreaming of food) I encouraged hugs, so both nannas had a hold and he sorta woke up to acknowledge them, but pretty much went right back to sleep after they left. Nice and antisocial like his mum and dad.

Rest of the afternoon just consisted of him getting poked and prodded to make sure he was all healthy. His blood sugar only dropped twice all the time we were there, once was the first test and it’s pretty much taken because I didn’t eat all Friday* that I had no sugar to give him any sugar in those first feeds & the only other one was the one before we started giving him top ups, which again to me is a sign that he’s not getting enough from me no matter how long he sat there. So finally at 9pm we were discharged and free to roam the outside world.

After the initial shock to the system of the outside weather (not that cold just very VERY windy) and the car journey home (that predictably knocked him out, something rumbly about cars that reminds babies of being in the womb, didn’t know I sounded like a 1.8L 1994 Toyota Celica) we got him all nice and settled in his moses basket and what was a pretty good nights sleep with only a couple of feeds and whingy moments.


*Did I mention they made me nil by mouth just in case I needed an emergency something or other? It’s ok they didn’t mention it to me until the cut off point for me to eat had passed. And then after he was here (literally right after he’d popped out and for the rest of the evening) I was still being sick so food pretty much put itself of the menu.

This is my…Hospital Journey Pt2

25 Oct

So last nights not knowing what the blue hell was going on, was followed swiftly by this mornings not knowing what the blue hell was going on. They took the person next to me to have her waters broken at about 8am and one lady across the way said that was what was planned for her too, but as far as I was aware I was still just planned for a day of walking to try and make things move of their own accord.
With that in mind I’d even told Chris not to hurry as bump didn’t seem to be in any hurry either.

No sooner had I said that than two women came in and said pack up all your things we’re moving you to the delivery suite.
But I’m not in labour.
Oh, we know, were gonna break you waters.
Lukckily they took so long doing my stats and hooking bump up to his heart rate monitor that Chris got there before the deed was done.
And let me just say, if you thought I’d been gross the past few days, this little man takes the crown as he’d managed to poo into the waters, which is usually a sign that they’re distressed, but all his heart rate readings were fine so pass on that one too.
After Niagara Falls was cleaned up I then had the fun of having a drip inserted into my arm. This drip was designed take the place of the hormone responsible for contractions (which I appeared to be missing altogether) And when they hit me sweet bejeebus i knew about it. Also much to my amusement they wait till this point to tell you that these hormones make the pain hurt more and they strongly recommend an epidural before things get too underway.
Ladies and gentlemen I would just like to take this moment to let you know the biggest and wrongest decision in my life was to say “Nah I’ll wait it out and see”
No. No. No. No.
Because, and I don’t exactly consider myself a wimp, when the first “mild one” hit me I felt like ripping out my womb and being done with it. I got to a couple more then finally bit the bullet and agreed to go ahead with it. The only reason I hesitated in the first place was because of the (albeit small) risks associated with them, and I was planning to do the normal thing and find my pain threshold by taking gas & air or Pethadine first, but I guess they knew I’d probably need it long term if he became distressed again.
So. Epidural. Thems are fun. And worse because silly silly me left it till I was already having contractions to start it, the poor anesthetist had to wait between me punching the side of the bed to get the needle in without going right through me. Managed it in the end, and couldn’t come soon enough. Lovely fuzzy legs and bump made it a lot easier to concentrate on the important things like getting the little man out of there.
And voila, by the time I was numbed to the eyeballs I was fully dilated and ready to go.
So I push.
And bumps heart rate goes through the floor.
So they wibbled him a bit
And I push.
And bumps heart rate goes through the floor again.
So they come to the decision that he needs to be out of there, and fast because something of my uterus is pushing down on him wrong. Thanks body.
Advise, forceps delivery, with emergency cesarean as Plan B.
Some squiggles on paper later (and top up of epidural which totally took out all sensation) and I was being motored through to theatre before I even knew what was happening. They do like to move quick once they’ve made a decision on something.
Quite a lot of the next bit is a blur due to everything moving quickly & there was a lot of people in the room all with various levels of equipment, but the two people I couldn’t have lived without was the wonderful midwife who had her hand on my belly to tell me when to push and of course to Chris who (thankfully) was there right by my side guiding me through everything. (Only later found out that my mum, who also had a forceps delivery with me, didn’t have dad by her side when in surgery & I can only imagine what they must have felt like with all these doctors and nurses and no familiar voice to guide to.)
But before I knew it, I had a lovely little (covered in poop) man in my arms for a very quick hug (Skin to skin, very important, or so they keep telling me) before he was whooshed away for his stats and a check on his vitals to make sure he hadn’t swallowed any of the lovely poop he was swimming about in.

Kal Owen Davidson – Born 25/10/13 – 15:52 – Weighing 6lb13

Kal Day 1

Kal Day 1

After theatre I was plonked in a recovery room to check all my stats for a while (couldn’t see a clock, no idea of time passing) and got some serious skin to skin cuddle time in with him, at which point one of the midwifey people came in and said did I want to try a feed now or wait till I was back in the delivery room, but seeing as the little one was already chewing his fingers off, I thought I could give it a go and see if I could get the hang of it, and no sooner had I got my boob out, there was a little face at it going like the clappers. The midwife actually said she’d never seen such a quick latch on. Clever man.

Back in the delivery room and it was just a series of tests over and over and over again, mainly to me to see if I’d actually got any feeling back in my body. It took a while but eventually they let me stand up and toddle myself to the bathroom to freshen up. This meant I was alive enough to go back onto the Ward for commencement of 24 hours of testing on poor little Kal for diabetes.

But that is for another day (mainly because I already feel like I’ve written 3000 words and technically the night time stuff means the days are already melting into one.

This is my…Hospital Journey, Pt1

24 Oct

Welcome to you stay at the Ritz hotel.
Here you will be greeted by friendly yet overworked staff, who may ignore your room service call for over an hour if otherwise occupied.
Overnight in your room, please note that the lighting is out of order everywhere apart from where it reflects off of something and shines directly into your eyes whilst trying to sleep.
Please also note that a request for any more than the mandatory two pillows will result in a stern telling off from staff, even if you really REALLY need them to help you sleep.
Noise is to be maintained at a whisper, unless talking to other staff members or operating machinery at 2 in the morning.
Finally, please remember that escape is futile as the windows do not open enough to let any actual air in.

Can you tell how much fun I’m having?

But seriously I do feel a little bit left out of the loop tonight, as they ended up just giving me another sweep rather than the pessary they were planning on as I’m already 2cm gone and it wouldn’t do any good. Even though I was 2cm gone on Monday when they examined me, so must have known then that Plan A was gonna be out the window. Hmmm.
So now what, is beyond me. If I’m just supposed to be walking around to try and kick start labour, couldn’t I have been doing that at home where I might have also stood some chance of getting any sleep, which in almost certain I’ll need for when I finally do go into labour.
Answers on a postcard I think for this one…

This is my…Last Clinic Appointment

21 Oct

With bump due tomorrow, and still no sign of any movement (other than twinges, which pretty much blend in with the rest of the pain I’m in) I was wondering what the plan of action would be.

So, when we got to the hospital today (and made full use of the car park right next to it, no 30 mile hike for me) for the clinic, I was kinda full of questions.

Just a quick note, this may get a tad more graphic than usual but it’s all in the name of informing other people. If you’re a tad squeamish or…male…I’d stop reading now. You’re not gonna miss much.

After the usual blood pressure and wee checks they asked me if I still wanted a “sweep” today, even though it’s technically the day before bumps due date.
I had read a bit online, and the main thing I noticed is they’re about 50/50 as to whether they even work or not, but I decided to go ahead with it anyway, as it’s a risk free way of (possibly) getting things going.
So, the technical description of a Membrane Sweep is:

A vaginal examination during which your midwife will use her finger to sweep the neck of your womb to try to separate the membranes from your cervix. This can encourage your body to release hormones called prostaglandins that work to soften and thin the cervix, which might encourage labour to start naturally in the next 48 hours.

The actual description (in my mind anyway) is:

The midwife will put her hand so far up you that she could probably control you like a ventriloquists dummy. And the gel is cold.

Or as I said to Chris:

Reaches places only a black man can get.

Anyway, after that I gingerly sat down to have a chat with the team of diabetic people (at least they drew a curtain round most of them as there would have been 6 people spectating) to discuss what happens next.
Well, as bump is good size and all ready to come out they offered me an induction date (providing this sweep does nothing) where they will insert artificial prostaglandins into the cervix to kick start labour.
So, I’ve booked to go into hospital Thursday night at 7pm where I assume they will get things going as soon as and to see if this works, if not, move into phase two, breaking waters. But we’ll see if it needs to get that far.

In some ways it’s great that I’ve got an actual date to go into hospital as this was one of my biggest worries about the time it would take to get from home to hospital, and where I would go if it was after normal hours etc, and this has taken that right out of my hands.
However, because I’m on ward, rather than delivery suite to start off with, Chris can’t stay with me 24/7, he has to leave 9pm and can’t get back till 9am, which is fine if nothing is happening (even though he wont sleep!) but if something DOES happen then we’re back at square one of Chris having to get from home to hospital before bump makes his big debut. I sense a few red lights being run.

Again, we’ll just have to see what happens, it’s still highly unlikely that round one of pessarys will make anything happen too quickly, and it’s only half an hour at most at night so here’s to keeping everything (including my legs) crossed.

This is my…Billy-No-Mates Monday

23 Sep

Told you!

Well, it wasn’t all bad, I did actually leave the house. Twice.
Firstly (after I carefully avoided Ed Balls speech) we nipped to my mums for another raid. I think that’s all my clothes sorted, even managed to dismantle on of my old chest of draws in the process. Consider it flat packed.
Also took 3 boxes of my paperwork. Not guaranteeing all of them will make it onto the almighty paperwork shelf, but it was simpler to dump them all in boxes and see what I’ve got when I sort it, which does mean buying some more folders. I hope Poundland don’t hold out on me with this one.

After that we zoomed straight over to the James Padget Hospital for another bumpy poking session, we didn’t park in the waddlers car park round the back so another 6 mile hike round the hospital to get to the Anti-Natal depo. One good thing though, I bumped into my cousin Mandy (who I think was in there with a broken arm, didn’t get a chance to ask but the cast was a bit of a giveaway) and apparently none of my dad’s side of the family even knew I was pregnant. Well now she does, so I hope the news spreads as I don’t have contact for quite a few of them despite how locally they live.
Guess what, scan was fine, blood pressure was fine, urine was fine, bloods are fine, bump is fine. Other people in the waiting room were less than fine, apparently sitting there for over an hour and a half without seeing anyone, but we weren’t even there an hour including scan and clinic and clinic, because everything was fine, took about 10 seconds.
Somehow, and I’m trying to still get my head round this, I’ve got another appointment booked for 4 weeks time. Which is, erm, the day before my due date. At least it is just clinic, and they have said I can have a sweep (lucky me) if he’s not here by then, and to be honest anything that speeds him up is a welcome.
After a quick nibble at the Hospital cafe, we got home with just enough energy to pack the car full of car boot tomorrow. Nice to see the floor of the shed again.

The main thing that’s irked me today is a massive attack of baby brain.
I wanted to take a phone and DVD to mums and pick up the fold up chair for the car boot and some WD40 to stop the god awful squeaking door. I knew I was having a bit of baby brain so I made a list before I went to bed last night planning the day. And I FORGOT THE BLOODY LIST.
So mum doesn’t have her phone, dad doesn’t have his DVD, I don’t have a chair for tomorrow, and no ones gonna get any sleep with the door playing me the song of it’s people.


This is my…Last Day Of Avoiding Workmen

19 Sep

Break out the confetti cannons, cue the marching band and open the bubbly (not for me thanks) THE WINDOWS HAVE BEEN REPLACED!

*happy dance*

It’s typical though, I’ve had a few really rubbish nights sleep because of this water infection and just when I finish my antibiotics and think I can finally get some sleep. No. Workmen here at half 8. And helpfully not getting to sleep till 1AM the night before. I’m getting into such a bad sleep pattern.

Oh and my infection came back with a vengeance this morning. Ow. Ow and an extra pint of ow on the weekends.

So yes, today luckily I had a midwife appointment (as supposed to a hospital appointment, dietician appointment, doctors appointment or emergency hospital appointment. Hope you’re keeping up) at 9AM this morning.
Was about the usual, saw ANOTHER different woman, another one who seemed to want us out and done with in ten seconds flat because once again I had proteins in my urine sample when the nurse tested, who told me to tell the midwife, and once again was ignored.
Amused that the next time I go in there will be my 38th week, where I’m supposed to writing my birth plan. A whole TWELVE DAYS before he’s due.
Erm, yeah, so what happens if he makes an arrival before then? Panic?

Ah well, after that we went into town, and whilst Chris took parcels, I plonked myself down in Costa with a vat of tea to plan the rest of the day out of the house.

First call was to CEX and Cash Generator to sniff out a new phone for Chris, as his old one is borderline museum relic, and broken beyond belief, as in, it doesn’t do the fundamental thing of ringing when someone (who might possibly be going into labour) rings them. Cash Gen need a better way of identifying what networks their phones are on because we spent a good 20 minutes looking at them all, deciding what type he’d like the most, go to ask to get it out of the cabinet turns out it was on Vodaphone, because their red and orange stickers are pretty much the same…CEX are just pretty much expensive and only want to deal in the top of the range phones, and however much I love him, I’m not buying him an iPhone.

After that we tootled to my mums for a catch-up as we had a bit of time to kill that side of the bridge before doctors appointment. After putting the world to rights with her, Chris decided we should check Asda for a mobile selection. This wouldn’t have been so bad had the main road in Lowestoft not been closed off so had to do about a 300 mile trip the scenic route round the town and back again.

Asda weren’t much more useful as pretty much every phone they had on Orange were out of stock. Cheekily we took a card to the checkout anyway (as it was quite a nice Samsung phone for £45) to see if they did have any hiding out the back. Answer was no, but they did have the same one on T-Mobile for £75. Er, what?

So back round the houses to get to the doctors (without having eaten anything. Whimper) and was in there less that 10 minutes. Normally I’d be thankful for this speedy dealing, but I really wanted to be able to talk to someone about what was going on, as I can’t see how I can have yet another infection when I’d only stopped taking the medicine from the last one yesterday. But not only was he not really interested on testing my urine (which came out as not infected anyway) but he’d already printed out a prescription before I’d even entered the room. Much to his annoyance, I told him that I couldn’t take tablets so he had to re-do the prescription for liquid, wasting some of his oh so precious time.
Also, to me that means he hasn’t read my medical history at all because I’ve never had tablet antibiotics since I was about 10 because they tend to be the biggest pointiest tablets going, but also it worried me that he wouldn’t even know something simple like…I’m pregnant…so I made sure I told him that too. He didn’t change it, and upon reading what he gave me, it seems to be stuff I’ve had before, but I’m sure this is how mistakes happen, when people who are kinda paid to care, stop caring.

Anyway, after that annoyance, we grabbed some grub from Desmonds again, second time this week, nom, then round the back water parts of Lowie to get back across the bridge. Because we still had some time to spare we thought a quick trip to Carphone Warehouse could be in order, despite both of us having a very severe hatred of mobile phone shops and all who work in them.
After mulling around in there for a while (I’m so glad they had a sofa in there, my backside had very little exercise today) Chris finally settled on a Samsung Galaxy Y (The Y standing for young. I totally bought him a kids phone!) and even managed to use his old one to get it at “upgrade” price rather than new connection.

Back home, the window fitters have fitted all the windows (ooh get them) and just need to come back tomorrow to seal a couple of them in, and they should be done in about a couple of hours. So I can go back to bed for the remainder of the day!

This is my…Sorted Life

16 Sep

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go”

WP_000200I don’t like surprises, and as there’s nothing less predictable than going into labour, I felt a very strong need to get my bags sorted as soon as possible.
After scanning about 300 different check lists online I managed to compile a list of essentials, pretty much all of which I had stockpiled already, was just a matter of plonking them all into bags.
Even got myself some little clear travel bottles to decant some shampoo & conditioner (as I’m suspecting things may get a little bit messy) and about 300 changes of clothing (for the same reason) & I know I’ll be in there at least 24 hours because of bump needing a test for diabetes whilst were there.
Still not sure of how many nappies I’ll need to take, but I guess that’s the sorta thing you can pick up at the Hospital shop anyway. Same goes for snacks and water.

Other things done today, cancelled the dentist again. (Side Note: Receptionist sounded bored out of her skull. Answered the phone with such a pause/sigh between the name of the surgery and her name, I started to talk because I thought she’d stopped), still not really in the mood to have people rooting around in my face, and a good job too because I was actually sick around the time I should have been in there. Probably partially to do with what I’d eaten, but even so I don’t really need any extra motivation in that department.

Also phoned the nice window people to see what time they’d be putting in an appearance Thursday as I feared it may have been 9AM, which is the exact time I need to be at Lowestoft Hospital for my midwife check up. He assured me they normally get to homes between half 8 and quarter to 9, which would be fine, but any later and they’ll be on the doorstep till about half 10 waiting for us.
Can’t say I haven’t warned them.

Other than sorting out the few bumpy bits and bobs that mum washed for me, like the Moses Basket sheets (all reassembled and ready for little bumps arrival) and the kicky keyboard thing (which I worked out may not be any use on two counts, one it can’t be fixed to the end of bumps cot as there’s no bars top and bottom only on side & two it says not to be used once baby can pull itself up, which will probably be just when we start using the cot, as he’ll be in the Moses Basket before then) I had a pretty much lazy day as I couldn’t function much more due to lack of sleep.

So to round off the evening, I was in bed before 11, with an improvised hot chocolate (warm milk, chocolate milkshake powder & sugar) hot water bottle & no Xbox. I’ll let you know how that went tomorrow.

This is my…Latest Bump Poking Session

2 Sep

Still to do with this threat of big bumpy hanging over me, it was back to the hospital today for another scan and a chat about my blood sugar levels.

Both are fine, both are normal, can I stop bleeding to death after every meal?

Damn. Well OK then, but at least you wont want to see me anymore, because the walk from the main entrance of James Padget Hospital to the Anti-Natal ward is approximately 300 miles and with my everything aching already, and a set of stairs to deal with when I get there, and then having to climb on and off the bed to be scanned (the woman I saw today didn’t really grasp when I said I can’t move once I’d lay down, it means I CAN’T MOVE. Can you just pull you leggings down a bit further. No. Can you just lift up your bottom and move them slightly. No. Can you scoot a bit closer to me. NO) and in another 3 weeks I’ll be pretty much 36 weeks and that’s a lot of effort in anyones book.
Nope, back in on the 23rd September for you.

One silver lining in all of that, there is a notice that says you can park in their little car park round the back if you’re 36 weeks or more, so hopefully being 35 + 6 weeks gone, they’ll let me get away with it, or I’ll be fuming as well as in pain by the time I get there.

Ok, so I don’t mind the scans really, it’s nice to keep an eye on bumpy just to make sure he’s behaving himself (as of today he’s head down, but with his feet curled round one side of my belly, kinda in an “r” shape. Told you he was getting into weird places). The worst part is after the scan (which usually happens quite soon after I arrive) we have to wait and wait and wait some more just for a doctor to look at my blood sugar readings, tell me their fine and bugger off.
Seriously, we were in their 2 hours, only about 10 min of which I was actually seeing someone. Thank god some kind nurse let me steal the fan out of the corridor or I would have actually melted, after being sat in a consultancy room in direct sunlight, with no air.
Wouldn’t even leave a dog in a car in those conditions…

In other news, a shout-out to my friend Hayley who is currently also Padget based after being admitted with a weird skin complaint that no one can figure out where it’s come from or what’s causing it. Managed to pop up to see her today to give her a hug and some moral support because it can’t be nice being in there at the best of times, but she’s got two little ones who not only must be missing her, but she’s missing them too. 
Speedy recovery hun x

This is my…30th Week!

13 Aug

OMG. S**t just got real!

10 weeks left until D-Day, now it is panic stations to get all the big things sorted before just putting the finishing touches over the next few weeks.

Big additions this past week, we got a really smart CotBed and matching Changing Table from a couple in Bungay (who Chris knew from school, small world!) for the grand sum of £60 for both. They are in such good condition, I just hope they stay that way once we’ve finished wrestling to get them all locked back together.

We’ve also had the electrician in who has fixed the socket in bumps room, and even added another one so we actually have power in there to add little things like a night light and a TV (more for me than him probably), just waiting for the windows to be done then the house will actually start feeling like a home.

In bump shaped news, little piggy is nearly 4lbs and growing fast, and covered in a slimy coating to stop him absorbing too much water.
I’m in the realms of feeling Braxton Hicks as my bump keeps tightening and relaxing lots, even without bump sticking a foot up in there, or more commonly in my bladder.
I’m supposed to start thinking about where and how I want to have bump.
There’s still a small chance that if bump gets too big with my Diabetes, I may not get that choice as he’ll need to be induced at 37 weeks, but if that doesn’t happen (and it’s unlikely at the moment) I need to think about what pain relief I’d like (D-All of the above) and what sort of birth I’d like (I’m happy to stay away from the water, I can’t swim) and slightly question where. I’d imagine it’ll be James Padget, and if there’s any sort of emergency it will have to be as my closest, but with a report on the new today that they’ll be cutting staff and sharing with Norfolk & Norwich, I’m debating whether to skip the middle man and just book my bumpside in there.

Other than that, got some gorgeous new bumpy clothes courtesy of Janet and the promise of some other goodies on their way from some of our awesome friends!

This is my…600th Hospital Appointment

12 Aug


Or at least it feels like it, with the Diabetes thing I have to have more check-ups to make sure bumpy isn’t growing to huge (Side note: I have huge respect for this lady if I was told I was having a 13lb baby, I’d want all of the pain relief going or even a caesarian) and to make sure I wasn’t doing any damage to my future sugar levels.

Turns out, and I could pretty much tell this from the testing results I’d been getting, everything is running smoothly, and bump is on the average line all the way through.

I can’t complain really because if I did, they’d end up ignoring me when I do need help but I can’t feel that someone probably has slipped through the net and I’m getting care someone else might need.

On a plus note though, it did mean we got to see bumpy again, even gave us a little wave, and we got another picture, which you wouldn’t normally get this late as they don’t fit on the screen very well!


29+6 Bumpy




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