This is my…Low Iodine Diet-Day 6

16 Nov

Thought for the day.
The reason iodine is added to so much, especially in America, is because lack of iodine can cause serious mental health problems, and a simple thing like iodising the salt helped thousands of people. Quite clever really.
It is therefore, in great irony that I am driving myself half insane trying to get things WITHOUT iodine in it…

Anyhoo, tea today tasted a lot blander and less creamy. Just as I remember soya milk of past. Much better. Yerp.

Breakfast-Tea and toast
Lunch-Cheese & Tomato roll (with proper butter, because we were in a cafe and silly me forgot to ask to not have any. The cheese was bad enough)
Dinner-Roast dinner again. But still just as yummy. More veg than meat, and a whole chicken to strip for the rest of the week. Its like Christmas Turkey all over again.


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