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This is my…Sound Of Silence

20 Sep

I didn’t realise quite how quickly those new windows would make a difference.

Fitters had to come back this morning just to finish off the last few bits and bobs, and were done before half 9, so I was back in bed before 10, and out like a light till 2pm. Oh boy did I need that.

No cars, no kids, no dogs, no train (even though the line is miles away) just me, my eye mask and a comfy bed. Hoorah.

One slight problem has been highlighted though. The main bedroom has 3 odd shaped windows, which used to have curtains and really dodgy blinds at them. I say “used to” because the blinds were basically ripped down by the window people (can’t say I blame them, they looked unloved) and unfortunately the hooks where the net curtains line ran into were on the old wooden frames so also can’t be re-hung leaving anyone in that room a little exposed to the neighbours. Which very much makes this weeks car boot mission FIND SOME CURTAINS. We have the tracks already, just nowt to hang on em.
Nothing much else was accomplished today, fish and chips was a welcome change to my diet even if the fish was pretty much burnt to a crisp. Oh and a very welcome return of 15 to 1 on Channel 4s 80s night. Few hours of internet surfing then more sleep.
I have such a hard life…

This is my…Lack of Wardrobe

14 Sep

Sorry for this folks, but I’m gonna be walking around naked for a while as I’ve just got rid of most of me clothes.
When I say most, I mean my clothes managed to fit into a compact 10 bin bags, 4 of which went to the clothes recycling bank (along with about 4 of Chris’ got us a nice £16 which would have otherwise gone into the bin) and another 2 good quality ones that I’m gonna give a token trip to the car boot, then if no one still wants them will probably meet their friends in the recycling place.

But the problem is, I’m still left with 4 bin bags of clothes to find a home for, not to mention the stockpile I’d already got here. So it meant finding lots of space that didn’t already exist. Only one thing for it, evict Chris’ clothes!
I mean, he was well overdue a sort out, and with the push that I was sorting mine, we (he) managed to clear 2 draws from our (his) 2 chests of draws meaning we (I) now have a total of 8 draws and the built-in cupboard to play with.
I’ve already filled them up.
Tomorrow starts the next few loads of washing to freshen up the clothes that I’ll be taking to car boot (weather permitting, and at the moment, East Anglia is meant to be under water by Tuesday) then ploughing on with getting everything from the ‘rents to here.

Still to do:

  • (Re) empty shed of car boot stuff, enabling cardboard boxes for packaging & video tapes from under-stairs cupboard (and from mine) to go out into the shed.
  • Move shoes from porch to under-stairs cupboard. Clean porch to enable bumpy buggy to find a home.
  • Buy and install (somewhere) a cheap display cabinet for my wrestling games, freeing up the bedroom cupboard completely.
  • With that cupboard free, my Karaoke equipment has somewhere to hide.
  • Bring all my paperwork over and sort into A4 folders, and put of shelves above desk (Oh and paint the shelf)
  • Move things about to let the window fitters come in and do their thing.
  • Move them all back again.
  • With the new wider-opening windows, fill, sand & paint the shelves in bumps room so I don’t suffocate from the fumes.
  • Sort out the kitchen cupboard to make a spare shelf for bumps bits (Steriliser, bottles, warmer etc)

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. It’ll come to me soon.
Baby brain.

This is my…Electrical Energy Expenditure

12 Sep

I dunno, I’m running out of titles now and that sounded pretty and alliterative.

So, in the spirit of doing everything whilst Chris is out of the house so he can’t tell me not to do things (even though he doesn’t usually get a chance because I’m quite happy to be lazy and get him to do stuff, but shush don’t tell him that)

So first things first this morning (Well after PopMaster, 27 + 21) I got a load of washing on, tidied up yesterdays washing including nabbing myself some hanging space. To get said hanging space, I had to move my box full of comedy DVD’s out of the cupboard and down with the rest of the DVD’s. They’re already getting double stacked with both of our collections added together but at least that’s the bulk of them out, so will only be adding the odd one or two when we get them.
Still don’t really know where my wrestling games are going.

Got the first load out on the line, and the second load in, living room hoovered, and food made just in time for the BT man to get here. They said 1-6PM time slot and he was here at about 5 past 1. Not bad. (and I answered the door, £106 saved). Anyway, lovely chappy, had a nice chat with him, even made him a coffee that’s how impressed I was. In his 2 hour stay, he poked the wires, confirmed it was an outside fault (£130 saved) then got a load of ladders out to replace the wire from the pole to the house. Got back in and poked them a bit more and confirmed that they were now all working fine, and that it should fix the internet too. Checked our phone and it’s all clear and internets are all back up and running.

After that got the 2nd load out and put a few bumpy bits in to freshen them up and got the washing up done, trotted to the shops for food and here I sit now moulded into the sofa, not planning on moving at least until Eastenders is done.

EDIT: Having written all was fine and dandy with the line, turns out the internet ISN’T fine and is still cutting out when it feels like it. Phone call to AOL in the AM methinks.

EDIT EDIT: Happy birthday mum, hope you like the chocks & card 🙂

This is my…House Raid

4 Sep

We decided today was a good day as any to raid some more stuff from parents house to bring and squeeze into spaces that don’t exist.
It’s nice doing it a car load at a time because it gives me a chance to sort it all out before bringing the next lot in. Not that there’s anything big to hide, but it’s nice to not feel stressed about sorting everything out at once.

So the basic plan was to get my desktop computer here so we can start testing older games (ie, floppy disc games) on an older computer.
In addition to that I wanted to get my TV out of there so I can get it properly set up in bumpy’s room rather than balanced on top of of stack of books in the middle of the room on a cabinet that I don’t even want in there any more.
Also also, got another 3 sacks of clothes into the house, but due to my underground bunker at my parents, some of them have gained a slight funk. And probably most of them I can get rid of either to the car boot, to cash-4-clothes or if I’m feeling really generous, to the charity shop. Though I can’t see anyone wanting some of my rags.

Dragged them all back here, chucked most of them into the shed for sorting and washing, tomorrow (I promise I will do something productive on a Thursday) better not be raining because I’m going to need most of them on the line outside & hidden the vital components of the computer so the kitties don’t maul it to death before I even get it set up (also planned for tomorrow).
It was only then that I realised, the whole purpose for the trip (remember, to test floppy disc games?) my damn computer doesn’t even have a floppy disc drive.
Well at the moment it’s still useful for older CD Rom games, but it wouldn’t take much tinkering to install a floppy drive into to make it into something worth all the space it’s gonna take up.


This is My…Catch-Up Day

30 Aug

Seriously, nothing but catching up on TV & other days blogs.

Well I did manage to infiltrate a few kitties into the living room on top of the DVD shelves. I don’t think anyones noticed yet, even though I had to move a few DVD’s out of the way. Once I’ve added all my wrestling games to the top of the other DVD rack and added my DVD’s to the piles, the shelves are going to look exactly the same as they did before we got the new one.

The heat is still unbearable, so anything more adventurous than sitting on el backside really was out of the question. Which totally meant a whole weeks worth of Eastenders and blogs.
Turns out nothing interesting happened to influence either of them so I just had myself a bath and got to reading all the garb that the Health Visitor left.

Some interesting bits and bobs in there, but most of it is stuff I’d either been told before or have read up on my own. Very interesting info in the red book of wonder (Or Quotations from Chairman Bump) which will be glued to me at all times from birth to about 5, and even then will have to be kept next to the passports & the family silver.

So yeah, other than another century on Dynasty Warriors (I’m now up to 118 hours) nearly done, should be done at least before 150 hour mark.
Next up, Dynasty Warriors 8.

This is my…Health Visitor Visit

28 Aug

So today was the day that the Health Visitor came to visit, as the name suggests.

After all the sprucing, she didn’t even leave the living room, she basically only came to give me lots AND LOTS of paperwork to digest, including bumps Red Book for the future jabs and weigh-ins and a whole other heap on information I really must get my head into gear to read. Probably either last thing at night or first thing in the morning when it’s not so hot that my eyes don’t function properly.

One thing I did pick up on that was quite interesting and new news to my brain was it’s now recommended to give babies dummies from a very early age as it’s one of the ways of helping prevent cot death. I remember not that long ago, they were saying it almost like it was a bad thing, same as sucking their thumbs, because it distorted their teeth whilst they were growing, meaning lots of buck-toothed babies, but I guess now with dummies being more orthodontic that they are actually a good thing.

Not much else happened today, again with the too hot to function, so it was pretty much back up to bed with the fan and hoping that it rains soon.
Must get a thermometer up in there soon so I can see just how stupidly hot it is. Or maybe just stick one in my belly button (betcha wondered what I was going to say then..) to see how hot bump and I are running.
If they make them go that high…

This is my…Day of Deligation

27 Aug

So with the Health Visitor coming tomorrow, and me not knowing exactly what they are going to be judging me on (and I like tidy) I sorta felt the house could do with a bit of a spruce up.

Good job both of us have willing and able mums with rubber gloves!

So after gathering all the stuff to do with my Maternity Allowance & filling in the new claim for tax credits and shoving it in the post, we dragged my mum back from hers just in time for Chris’ mum to arrive from the bus station.

As my mum is most happy in the garden I set her to task in cleaning the front garden up from all it’s cat poop and to tart up the pots which she did quite happily, Janet was banished to the bathroom to give everything a good scrub (and it really does shine now!) and Chris, get this, was on his hands and knees with a scouring pad taking up years of dirt from the kitchen floor! I had no idea what one of the corners of the room was meant to look like it had such a layer of cat food & fir ingrained in it.

But with all of them busy in every room, I didn’t really have much to do other than sit and melt. However in the interest of fairness, I didn’t just sit on my backside, I dragged the box of books upstairs and put them on the shelves my dad kindly put up, and even started to sort out my CD’s. That only lasted about an hour before my back was broken and the heat had melted what was left of my brain.

So anyway, a big thank you to both of them as the house & garden feels a lot fresher, and now with the worst of it up hopefully we can keep on top of it and not let it get that bad.

This is My…Awesome Shopping Day

17 Aug

Having nearly ran myself into the ground yesterday I wasn’t exactly an early riser today, even to the point that I had breakfast and went right back to bed again. So sleepy.

But after I actually got up for lunch and dad came round to put up some more shelves we decided to vacate the house before the drilling started and destroyed our heads completely.

So to kill some time, we disappeared off into town without much of a plan, but some how came back with £40 worth of things. Basically just stuff for the house that we keep thinking we need and never actually getting around to.

  • Laundry Basket
  • Chopping Board
  • Drinking Glasses
  • Saucepans
  • Mop
  • Bucket
  • Box for Chris’ E-bay sales
  • Radiator Airers
  • Baskets for Changing Table


So with all these bits sorted, we now might actually have a home!
By the time we’d got back, dad had sorted the shelves and already constructed the (massive) cot bed and was in the process of getting the changing table into one usable chunk. I’m still amazed at the condition of both of them, just goes to show there really is no point spending 100s of pounds on


things that not only will the baby grow out of in a matter of moments, but are just as serviceable 2nd hand. All we have to buy to complete them is a mattress for the cot and mat for the changing table, which I think are legit things to have to buy really, then I think that’s bumps room soooorted.

Good job I got that £500 grant, eh?

This is my…Almost Organised House

14 Aug

As I mentioned yesterday we’ve had the electrician in the past few days sorting out the lack of power upstairs and whilst it’s been a bit of chaos having carpets ripped up and all my cupboards emptied (and no lights Monday night) we’re almost back to normal and with a lot more fixed than I though we’d get for (the landlords) money.

Because we didn’t see him leave yesterday, I didn’t know if he’d finished, as everything that I thought was being done, had been done, but he’d left the carpet up in one place and some of his cable still in one corner, however this was quickly sorted by finding out that the boiler wasn’t working (no electric going to it) and we were without hot water.

I was all ready to jump down his throat thinking he’d finished, left the house in a bit of a tip, and not noticed he’d broken the boiler. However he answered the phone and said he wasn’t feeling very well, but would still come in and have a look, even though he hadn’t touched the boiler. And in all fairness to him, he did and got it fixed in about half an hour, and as he was leaving I noticed he’d got a bit of cotton wool on his arm like he’d been for a blood test, so I felt really REALLY bad for dragging him out.

He then at least said he’d be back Friday or Monday to just to the last bits and fix one in the kitchen that I thought couldn’t even be fixed.
Good bloke.

After that, dad should be back to put the last of the shelves up at the weekend, then I’ll get my backside on to painting them next week, just leaving the windows to be done (I hope this side of Christmas) and we’ll be sorted.

In other news, I’ve found a love for passive aggressively talking through bump to people who annoy me. Started off with making Chris feel guilty about not doing things by telling bump how mean daddy was, but today progressed to telling bump how disgusting people who spit in the street are. He glared but maybe he’ll think twice before spitting right on the ground in front of someone.

Doubt it, but I felt better.

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