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This is my…Vast Lack Of Sleep

4 Oct

So having slept very little last night again, I decided another lazy day in bed might just be the answer.

In the mean time, Chris crossed another thing of my list by buying some cheapy Poundland earphones (Headphones? I suppose if they go over your head their headphones and if they go in your ears they are earphones? Even if that’s not true it’s logic, therefore I’m sticking with it) to go with my MP3 player. I already have some fancy schmancy headphones (Skull Candy, nom) but just in case something happens to them, I don’t want £40 worth of headphones meeting a messy end.

He also raided Wilknsons for some more lovely Cussons baby & bump stuff. Got some baby bubble bath & some mummy bubble bath too both meant to help with sleep, so guess what I’ll be soaking in for the next three days.

The main reason he was in there though is to look for a thermometer.
Not a health thermometer, not a garden thermometer just a stick on the wall of your room and measure the temperature thermometer. Doesn’t have to light up, doesn’t have to tell me the time, JUST THE TEMPERATURE!
Turns out, not in Lowestoft.
Not in Boots, not in Argos, not in QD, not in Wilko. Seriously, the only one I can find is in Argos and it’s combined with a nightlight and about 20 other things for the princely sum of £15. I just want a thermometer, why is that so hard!

Anyway, after some delish Dominoes dindins it was TV time, Marvel Agents of Shield & 8 Out Of 10 Cats before attempting bed. That didn’t work, so 4 more hours of internet then finally got some shut eye.


This is my…Weary Wednesday

25 Sep

So yet another day of avoiding politics.

I mean, I follow it to an extent, I’m a paid for member of Labour and I like to know what they’re up to, but I really do draw the line at watching their conference speeches. Not only because they are long and quite uneventful, but all the policies are repeated all day by the news (and Chris).
I’ll take my politics bite-sized.

Anyway, so apart from sleeping through one speech, I managed to convince Chris to drop me in town to meander through the shops at my own leisure.
First stop was Argos to look up new cameras as mum had said she’d give us some money for one. I don’t think I’ve bought one since they had film in them and you had to wind them on for half hour, turns out modern cameras are stupidly expensive so a quick phone call to the mater to see what her upper limit was so I knew what I could afford to put with it and purchase one. Whilst on the phone I had a small epiphany that Granddad might like to buy something for bump too, and it just so happened that he was sitting right next to mum (as he’s round on a Wednesday) and asked him if he’d like to buy a baby monitor. After relaying this through mum, I think the answer was yes (it was actually something like “I think that’s within my means”) so I have both of them bought and in my possession, just need to start rounding up debts!

After a quick (read: nearly fell asleep) detour in Costa for a refuelling tea break, I took a mosey round Boots and Marks and Sparks for some essentials before raiding Pound Land for a metric ton worth of folders to get all my paperwork sorted out once and for all as I’ve had quite a few people wanting information from me that was all safely stored in boxes, never to be seen again.
Well till tomorrow when I’ll sort them out.

One more pit stop, this time at the library cafe, which although their prices are good, the service is a bit bad. Don’t know if it was close to closing time, but she was on the phone to *someone* for about 5 minutes, during which I plonked my backside down only to have two people line up and wait for her to be finished on the phone. Nice if you have the energy. Probably was closing time by the time I actually got to order anything.

Shuffle home, bed.

This is my…Last Day Of Avoiding Workmen

19 Sep

Break out the confetti cannons, cue the marching band and open the bubbly (not for me thanks) THE WINDOWS HAVE BEEN REPLACED!

*happy dance*

It’s typical though, I’ve had a few really rubbish nights sleep because of this water infection and just when I finish my antibiotics and think I can finally get some sleep. No. Workmen here at half 8. And helpfully not getting to sleep till 1AM the night before. I’m getting into such a bad sleep pattern.

Oh and my infection came back with a vengeance this morning. Ow. Ow and an extra pint of ow on the weekends.

So yes, today luckily I had a midwife appointment (as supposed to a hospital appointment, dietician appointment, doctors appointment or emergency hospital appointment. Hope you’re keeping up) at 9AM this morning.
Was about the usual, saw ANOTHER different woman, another one who seemed to want us out and done with in ten seconds flat because once again I had proteins in my urine sample when the nurse tested, who told me to tell the midwife, and once again was ignored.
Amused that the next time I go in there will be my 38th week, where I’m supposed to writing my birth plan. A whole TWELVE DAYS before he’s due.
Erm, yeah, so what happens if he makes an arrival before then? Panic?

Ah well, after that we went into town, and whilst Chris took parcels, I plonked myself down in Costa with a vat of tea to plan the rest of the day out of the house.

First call was to CEX and Cash Generator to sniff out a new phone for Chris, as his old one is borderline museum relic, and broken beyond belief, as in, it doesn’t do the fundamental thing of ringing when someone (who might possibly be going into labour) rings them. Cash Gen need a better way of identifying what networks their phones are on because we spent a good 20 minutes looking at them all, deciding what type he’d like the most, go to ask to get it out of the cabinet turns out it was on Vodaphone, because their red and orange stickers are pretty much the same…CEX are just pretty much expensive and only want to deal in the top of the range phones, and however much I love him, I’m not buying him an iPhone.

After that we tootled to my mums for a catch-up as we had a bit of time to kill that side of the bridge before doctors appointment. After putting the world to rights with her, Chris decided we should check Asda for a mobile selection. This wouldn’t have been so bad had the main road in Lowestoft not been closed off so had to do about a 300 mile trip the scenic route round the town and back again.

Asda weren’t much more useful as pretty much every phone they had on Orange were out of stock. Cheekily we took a card to the checkout anyway (as it was quite a nice Samsung phone for £45) to see if they did have any hiding out the back. Answer was no, but they did have the same one on T-Mobile for £75. Er, what?

So back round the houses to get to the doctors (without having eaten anything. Whimper) and was in there less that 10 minutes. Normally I’d be thankful for this speedy dealing, but I really wanted to be able to talk to someone about what was going on, as I can’t see how I can have yet another infection when I’d only stopped taking the medicine from the last one yesterday. But not only was he not really interested on testing my urine (which came out as not infected anyway) but he’d already printed out a prescription before I’d even entered the room. Much to his annoyance, I told him that I couldn’t take tablets so he had to re-do the prescription for liquid, wasting some of his oh so precious time.
Also, to me that means he hasn’t read my medical history at all because I’ve never had tablet antibiotics since I was about 10 because they tend to be the biggest pointiest tablets going, but also it worried me that he wouldn’t even know something simple like…I’m pregnant…so I made sure I told him that too. He didn’t change it, and upon reading what he gave me, it seems to be stuff I’ve had before, but I’m sure this is how mistakes happen, when people who are kinda paid to care, stop caring.

Anyway, after that annoyance, we grabbed some grub from Desmonds again, second time this week, nom, then round the back water parts of Lowie to get back across the bridge. Because we still had some time to spare we thought a quick trip to Carphone Warehouse could be in order, despite both of us having a very severe hatred of mobile phone shops and all who work in them.
After mulling around in there for a while (I’m so glad they had a sofa in there, my backside had very little exercise today) Chris finally settled on a Samsung Galaxy Y (The Y standing for young. I totally bought him a kids phone!) and even managed to use his old one to get it at “upgrade” price rather than new connection.

Back home, the window fitters have fitted all the windows (ooh get them) and just need to come back tomorrow to seal a couple of them in, and they should be done in about a couple of hours. So I can go back to bed for the remainder of the day!

This is my…Back To Bed Day

9 Sep

Still feeling rough.

I though now the weather had turned a bit cooler bumpy & I would be a bit happier.
Weather is now at that awful stage between hot & stuffy enough to keep the fan on and way too cold to have that blowing about. Poor fan must be getting confused by now.

Sent Chris out for supplies today as well as I haven’t been able to do a medical run for a while. Picked up some Savlon, Bump Cream (Cussons Bump Cream to be specific) and Bonjela.
Savlon not immediatly needed, bump cream happily used, but Bonjela, turns out is a big no no because it contains Asprin. To the point that it’s not to be given to under 16’s with a big old warning on the back (before you even get to the warning leaflet instructions inside) saying may cause brain damage or death. Woo, lovely stuff.

Also FINALLY managed to get round to doing a online order for delivery because my joints are really fed up with going out to the shop all the time. We’ll see tomorrow how my ordering skills are (I’m no good at telling weights without it being in my hand in front of me).

More Simpsons game played, storyline completed now just trying to mop up a few extra chevos before Chris swipes it back to sell (turns out, for an old game it does quite well)

Only other annoyance is the internet keeps dropping in and out. Have to keep an eye on that or A**holes OnLine (AOL) are gonna be getting a call tomorrow.

This is my…Dodgy Joint Pain

6 Sep

After I got so much done yesterday I was feeling really good about myself.

I haven’t been sick, or even feeling that sick so much lately (other than when the heat hits me like a ton of bricks) but it was raining for the most part today so I thought I’d be safe to venture outside the house for a bit.

Pretty much never going to do that again, at least until bump is here.

We only had a few bits to do in town but as the shops were spread out it meant a bit of a walk/waddle for me. I was fine for, oh lets say, 10 seconds before I would have killed for a sit down. Seriously, my legs just went “nope”, my head then followed suit by making me feel dizzy.
After the first shop I made myself keep going, Chris ran (walked at a normal speed) ahead to Poundland leaving me just to waddle to the one after. I did stop quickly in WH Smiths to pick up a bottle of water (I felt like a Marathon runner doing a pit stop at the drinks table) and carried on to the destination, only to find that Chris had been to Poundland, & been waiting for ages.
Clearly a lot slower than I look.

Just about managed to make it back, only by persuading Chris that we really REALLY didn’t need to go round the Supermarket as well, and opted to pick a takeaway sandwich up at a local cafe instead, where at least I could sit down whilst I waited.

Didn’t really get much done in the afternoon, but when dinner time came round, realised that we still hadn’t been to the shop and I had nothing to eat.
Back out to the shops.
And this is where I found out what my major problem is. Getting in and out of the car.
It’s something to do with twisting my hip joint as I swivel out, I nearly blacked out from the pain. It was all I could do not to scream (I opted for a loud whimper). It was recommended, when I saw the physio, that I keep my legs together and swivel my whole body to help, but that just buggers up my back instead, and it’s hard to break a habit of a lifetime of getting in and out of cars, I just don’t think until it hits me, then I wish I was back in bed.
Really not aided by the stupid self service checkouts in Morrisons being the most useless things on the planet. I’ve said it before but I seriously am never using them again. Where the bags are is too low so my back is twisted getting to them, they ALWAYS throw a hissy fit at things being the wrong weight and yesterday just for fun, it wouldn’t even let one of the shop assistants sort it out just sat there in froze mode for ages. I hate technology.

Oh and coupled with yesterdays fun of getting in and out of the bath (I reiterate my plea, if anyone local has a shower I could borrow for the next 7 or so weeks, that’d be grand, I’ll give you some money for the water if needs be) I’m really considering staying in bed till bump arrives.
Oh and I can’t wait to see how the whole hospital side of things plays out with everything aching this much already.
7 weeks and counting.

This is My…Awesome Shopping Day

17 Aug

Having nearly ran myself into the ground yesterday I wasn’t exactly an early riser today, even to the point that I had breakfast and went right back to bed again. So sleepy.

But after I actually got up for lunch and dad came round to put up some more shelves we decided to vacate the house before the drilling started and destroyed our heads completely.

So to kill some time, we disappeared off into town without much of a plan, but some how came back with £40 worth of things. Basically just stuff for the house that we keep thinking we need and never actually getting around to.

  • Laundry Basket
  • Chopping Board
  • Drinking Glasses
  • Saucepans
  • Mop
  • Bucket
  • Box for Chris’ E-bay sales
  • Radiator Airers
  • Baskets for Changing Table


So with all these bits sorted, we now might actually have a home!
By the time we’d got back, dad had sorted the shelves and already constructed the (massive) cot bed and was in the process of getting the changing table into one usable chunk. I’m still amazed at the condition of both of them, just goes to show there really is no point spending 100s of pounds on


things that not only will the baby grow out of in a matter of moments, but are just as serviceable 2nd hand. All we have to buy to complete them is a mattress for the cot and mat for the changing table, which I think are legit things to have to buy really, then I think that’s bumps room soooorted.

Good job I got that £500 grant, eh?

This is my…Smug Day

8 Aug

So, I worked out that I have enough Xbox 360 games in my collection/passed through my hands for testing/stole off friends and family that if all were to be 100% completed I’d have 256,470 GS.

Obviously ones I’ve played at friends and tested are very unlikely to ever get completed, and because I very rarely buy games when they come out new there will be some ones with online achievements where the servers have been shut down, so even if I had gold, I still wouldn’t be able to complete them.
But even with all of that, today, I managed to get to 25% of that nice big number!

Yeah so nothing really accomplished today, but waddling into town and getting some more 360 games for 10p is one of the best things that’s happened to me this week!

(Just realised that the number on my gamercard at the bottom isn’t actually 25% of the big number because I haven’t been online with the box in quite a while, but in other smug news I got a wireless adaptor for £15 rather than the £20 they were selling it for or the £30 that the shop next door wanted)

I’m sure I wrote one Yesterday

25 Jul

But as it’s not here, guess I better write another one.

Well, as you can see from my calender, I have quite a few things going on between now and Christmas (I know I know no talking about the dreaded “C” word just yet)

3-count them THREE comedians tickets are now in my possession, the greatest of all definitely being Jeff Green coming back to the playhouse to make up for the one he missed last year, and I’ve got me not only front row tickets, but right in the center front row tickets, so I’m gonna do everything in my power to be picked on! Also have tickets for Russell Howard front row again, just slightly to the side, so a chat with him wouldn’t go a miss either. The last one, was a birthday present from the ‘rents to see Alan Carr at the marina theatre. Now from where I’m sitting for this, I don’t expect to see a damn thing, but I’m taking Viv, so it should be a fun night out anyway.

I’ve also got a barbecue to go to with a lovely lady from work who’s celebrating her 65 birthday, good drink with sensible people, quiz night on Tuesday, hopefully putting my brain to good uses, and the shows have been booked for October.

I’ve not really done much else other than a shopping trip on Monday to spend most of Fridays pay, and lots of work as the summer hols have hit us.

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