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This is my…Wonderful Collection Of Friends

14 Oct

I don’t say this enough, but I have some wonderful family & friends.

Lots of people have already chipped in bits and bobs to bumps collection, got a couple of knitted jumpers and blanket, some cute cuddlies and clothes.

But today I was totally bowled over by the bag of gifts that friends Jody & Grum brought round to spoil our little man.


Huge gorgeous, teddy (put with the other ones, bump wont actually fit in his cot anymore!) some adorable little sleep suits and matching hats, a cute little chewy toy for when the gnashers come through and some very VERY snazzy VETCH toys for bumpy to make as much noise as he likes. We were actually commenting on this the other day that he hasn’t got any electronics learning based or otherwise, and these two cute munchkins are brilliant. I just hope they make enough different songs and noises to not drive me insane, but between that and the kicky piano thing I’m sure there will be a bit of variation in his sounds.
Or I’ll sing to him, that’ll help.

So once again, a HUGE thank you and rest assured bump will be available for lots and lots of squishy hugs.

Other news, I rechecked the hospital bag (just to put the paranoia at ease) and dusted all the changing table and surrounding areas, still need to have a go at the shelves, but I’m waiting for the hoover to hover upstairs as I think even a duster will struggle with some of them. Only thing really essential off the list is curtains and car seat and I’ll be a happy relaxed mummy.

This is my…Even More Social Sunday

22 Sep

Don’t worry I’ll be back to billy-no-mates Monday tomorrow.

So, back to the car boot this morning as the weather has decided to be Autumn rather than skipping straight to Winter.
Found my friend Katie’s stall & bought a few bumpy bits, including another sleeping bag for him. I reason if they are gonna be like bedding when he’s in the cot bed and he has a particularly sicky night, I’m gonna need about 3 or 4 of each size. And at 20p I can’t really say no!
Also acquired her Wii Fit board which is currently broken, but I’m sure with a bit of tinkering I can get working. Optimism.
Got a few DVDs today too, but typically not Limitless, which Chris wants as he’s still not forgiven me for interrupting it on TV Tuesday night, but Side Effects, which is close, and 50p for a DVD that’s still over £10 in the shops, I think I win some points back (I may instantly lose those points for buying a Windows Live PC game which not only doesn’t make much money, but I can’t even use it or flog it to my brother as it’s only an expansion, not a proper game).
Also bumped into (got run over by) Colin, Ingunn and their gorgeous dog Boe. He’s a massive Newfoundland (which I can’t remember if I mentioned was bigger than the miniature pony’s at the Lions Day Gala) & I was christened by his drool today, good job I had my old leggings on. Decided we need to make him a harness and a little cart and he can drag bumpy around for us!

After car boot, we got some sneaky KFC for grub, though as predicted bumpy wasn’t totally impressed with that much grease at lunchtime, so I saved a bit of chicken to have cold later. Nom.

Because of me feeling a bit queasy from food and being up quite early, I got my backside back to bed for a couple of hours. Somehow in those couple of hours I managed to have some incredibly strange dreams, including one about my comedy friend Linzy (who I haven’t seen for ages other than through Facebook) but not even about her, more her cats! They were playing with my cats, but even more strange is my brain decided to use my Granddads house as a setting for this weirdness. It’s not like I have ever lived there, or even been round in ages, but hey, thanks brain for not making it the middle of a race track or something even more bizarre.

Anyhoo, nothing else interesting (if you can call the rest of the day interesting) other than a good chuckle at Big Fat 80s Quiz (seriously,, if you were watching Downton, you missed out), oh and I found a maggot in one of my pistachios.

Guess what I’m never EVER EVER eating again. Ever.


This is my…Karaoke Party!

11 Aug

Just wow!

So as I think I’ve mentioned before, my job pre-bump was karaoke DJ-ing, which, whilst not always the best paid job on the planet, was huge amounts of fun getting to meet lots of new people and encouraging people of all ages to get up and have a sing song, and with some of my regular gigs, have made a few new friends.
The only downside to this as a job with bump is all the heavy lifting involved, I’ve been very lucky to have the help of my dad as roadie the past couple of months but there’s only so much I can rely on other people and only so many late nights I can cope with at the moment!

So last night, I decided one big last one to finish (as I’m 30 weeks Tuesday) and called on all my crew to come and give me a great send off.

And they did not disappoint!

Including a couple of new faces (that I sadly had to tell had pretty much missed the boat for the time being) there must have been around 25-30 people crammed into the foyer, including regular family and friends and some faces from other places all to join in the fun.

Songs sang last night varied from the classics such as Angels and A Whole New World to a spot of musicals with On My Own and As Long As He Needs Me, all the way to chart hits such as Everything Has Changed and Dear Darlin’.
But my absolute favs of the night had to be

  • Little Kaila singing Baa Baa Black Sheep, Incy Wincy Spider and a fantastic performance of True Colours wonderfully aided by her mum Lianne
  • Paul-Jørgen (who I used to babysit) and I singing Good Time. I remember when he first started singing and I hope his family wont mind me saying but he’s been diagnosed with Autism and to see him having such a good time performing is brilliant!
  • My sister Jessamy singing Shelter. See above reason. Just as proud.
  • Andy The Clown singing Sandy from Grease, but replacing Sandy with Cheryll*. I (and others) were laughing so much we were nearly crying. Fantastic!
  • Karen and Josh singing Fairytale of New York. Now I know it’s not Christmas for a while yet, but seeing as I may not be back till New Year, I let them get away with a Christmas selection now.

So all in all I hope everyone had a good time last night as that will have to keep you going for a long time.
I promise I will be back, I just don’t know when, in the mean time add and keep an eye on my Facebook page for the next event just as soon as it happens.

Till next time…!

*The side note on this is Cheryll is the musical director of Spotlights next production of Grease and lamenting the fact that the song Sandy isn’t in the musical version he decided to dedicate this song to her. Luckily she was in the room too, to appreciate it!

This is my…Last Night Out!

2 Aug


But hey, not a bad way to spend it, with lots of friends at Karens 40th Birthday Party. Lots of people from The Seagull, and even an old school mate, such a small world!

So, 70s and 80s tunes are go, and some amazing costumes (will have to edit/add them if someone else has taken pictures) including John McEnroe, Ghostbusters, some epic cat suits and punk hair that had to duck to get through the doors.
Shame I had to leave just as the buffet got going, but bump was telling me it’s past my bed time.

In other news today, I managed to get into town and back, met up with an old friend, bless her she’s 41 weeks pregnant as her little girl is quite happy to stay where she is, no matter how many vindaloos she gets down her!
So we had a nice waddle up and down town trying not to melt and dodging the rain drops. Got quite a few things sorted, spent more money than I have but was nice to get some fresh air.

Anyhoo, in the absence of pictures, here’s a video to be going on with:

Sit on my Faith

14 May
Yesterday marked a monumental moment in my life, for the first time ever, I went to a night club.
My friend Christian, who I’ve not seen much since school, decided to have a little shin-dig with as many old school friends as he could gather together.
I was a bit wondering what to wear (Trust me, nowhere near as much as most women) but as I was getting a lift both there and back I thought I’d take a risk and wear my Wolf Beaters
Now in the same way that I don’t take forever to get ready like a normal woman, I don’t wear heels all that often, so I was apprehensive to say the least, but I think I got out of it relatively unscathed.
Anyway, we started at a quiet pub so everyone could meet together, Christian, Jason (Mate who I hang around with a lot) Emma (Used to go out with Jason, known her for years) Ben (Used to be in my class at school, never seen him since we left) Daniel (Did 2 years of performance studies with this guy, had many a fun talk about wrestling, now works in Asda, see him occasionally to poke fun) two girls and three other guys that I’d never met before, (god knows what classes they were in if they went to our school) and I.
After a drink or two their, we planned to walk through town to a half club half pub type placed called Notleys before moving onto a proper club, but as a couple of other people were waiting for a taxi, we stopped off at another pub en-route (which was much needed for my poor feet).
Now Notleys is a strange creature, it’s as loud as a night club, but it’s just full of tables and seats and no dance floor. Either way, it was 2 for 1 night, so a good place to top up our blood/alcohol content.
After a bit of gawping at fat people trying to dance, we moved next door to Faith Night Club.
Now, at the risk of sounding old, why on earth is it £4 to get into places like that. I mean I get paying to see a show, or see a band live, but paying to listen to music that someone else is playing. I don’t get why everyone doesn’t do that in their own homes. And don’t be giving me none of that “Atmosphere” crap, it’s people that make an atmosphere not a venue.
Anyway, I think it was 2-for-1 drinks there too, I’d had a few too many by that point to notice what was going on anymore, besides, I couldn’t hear how much I was being charged for all the drinks I had in my possesion as the music was played, to quote Dylan Moran, “At a volume that made the chair next to me bleed”
Anyway, you’re only here to see the vital statistics:
3 pints of Guinness4.3%
2 Jagerbombs35%
4 Blue WKD5%
1 Dissorano and coke28%
1 Morgans & Ginger35%
1 Apple Sourz Shot15%
Which totals about 181%
No wonder I felt a wee bit tipsy.

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To do List – 2010

12 Mar

Right, as you all know I loves my comedy.
I have been halfway across the world to see some fantastic stand-ups and met some lovely people who I might have missed had I stayed at home.
So now, I'm asking you lovely people to help me make a comprehensive list of middle to big name comics so I can be incredibly narcissistic and cross them off if I've seen them.
This should then leave me with the 2010 comedy to-do list!
So please, either leave a list of everyone you can think of or add to the person above you, from big TV/Movie people, right down to the ones still trudging the London circus circuit, or if you 're a non-UK-er please, leave me some culture, and a challenge from your land. But be warned, that may result in me landing on your doorstep expecting a place to crash.
Comment away:

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A Peaceful Day

24 Feb

Other than the fact I had very little sleep last night, due to my mind deciding to drag things up from my past at 4 in the morning, today has been rather a good day.
I received a phone call from Jason at 10 asking if I'd like to go out for lunch with himself Mark and Hayley at the commodore pub in Oulton Broad (and when I say "in" I mean overlooking the broads, such a lovely place) and other than having to loan Jason some money because his back told him where he could stick his request for cash, we had a lovely catch up and chat about the world. And the food was brilliant.
We then drove back to Marks (with poor 6 foot Mark in a 4 foot space, if Jason had braked too soon, I'd have been wearing him, the back seats of the car were never meant for fully grown humans) and after surfing the wonders of Sky TV, we settled on watching Road Trip (which I'm sure I watched last week) until the DVD self-destructed, at which point we found more room for food, and the movement for the journey home.
Managed to feel slightly brainy getting questions right in Weakest Link, Battle Of The Brains, Eggheads (which was a repeat) and even the final of University Challenge. Go me.
After dinner (yes I am still on a diet, I know you can't tell with all crap I've eaten today) I decided to watch some of the films in my "to watch pile" (Clever title, huh?) Which meant Kung-fu Panda, Bedtime Stories and Penn And Teller Get Killed were all watched, and safely put on a shelf never to be seen again. Not that they were bad films, far from it, but that really is my film quota used up for the rest of the year.
This blog really is being written to kill time whilst waiting for the Chortle Awards to be posted on the site. And beacuse Linzy wont let me sleep.
Oh and I've got rid of Hotmail. Woohoo! 
And I've managed to post all my blogs from Worpress, Myspace, Microsoft Live and my old website onto here, and all my albums onto the music section (I'm sure I almost broke it) so now all I have left is Videos (Shouldn't take too long) And photos (We could be here a while)

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Red Sky At Night

25 Apr

I'm sitting here typing today's blog with the fumes from a brand new suitcase is wafting into my nose.
I caved in and spent some of my pay check (which surprised me, I didn't think I'd actually worked any days last month) on a lovely pink suitcase, that should allow me to go places, more than shoving my things in carrier bags. If I had thought about it a tad more carefully, I'd have bought an even shinier one, as I seem to have the money for it, but it's good enough for me. I'd given it a test run on the way home, and it's exactly the right height for little old me.

The other reason I was in town, is I got a text from Jason the other day reminding me that Jimmy Carr was on Monday, and he'd rather like the tickets so he can get into the place. Which raised the question where in the blue hell did I put them?! Never mind, I work at the theatre, I'm not gonna be hustling them out of the money, because at the end of the day, thats my pay check. And luckily, people I knew were on there, and getting a re-issue wasn't a problem, until I saw the seats, front and centre. I knew they were the front, but I thought they were like 1+2, right at one side. Well anyway, they are Jason's problem now, I've warned him that there may be someone in his seats, but he's big enough to deal with that I'm sure.

Later in the day I met up with Mr Jason, and gave him the tickets (if he wants to give me the money for them, I won't object) and we sat and kinda paid attention to the Stephen Lynch DVD, but I don't think he's as impressed as I am with it, but yes, we went to the beach and had a lovely sing song in the evening air, passing on the way a group of mental people who had a lovely camp fire going on, and to fuel it, they were throwing on large cans of petrol, and it's very distracting when your trying to have a sing-a-long and you keep getting flashes of orange and lots of heat being blasted at you, and as I was walking home a fire engine passed…I wonder how many 1st degree burns had to be treated that night.

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30 Mar
Well dear readers, it’s been a while
-Got a new job, I love it, reasonably hard work, but varied, so I shouldn’t get too bored with it, great people to work with too, and nice pay.
-Bought a few more comedy DVD’s for the pile, there really can’t be many left I want
-On the same subject, booked tickets/hotel/bus to see Tim Minchin record his DVD in London in May, so thats something to look forward to, and getting to meet some guys from the forum
-The person I trusted my heart and soul with, and more information about me than any other person has ever known, and is likely to ever know, has decided to be the same as everyone else on the planet, and turned on me, and stabbed me in the heart. Fuck it.
-Also off to Latitude again this year, but this time for the full weekend, going with Linzy from the Timmy forum, and as we both have the same taste in comedy, it promises to be a grand weekend with many MANY pics taken.
-If you purchase a copy of Russell Howards postergramme thingy, you will see not one, not two but three of my photographs taken from Latitude last year, I’m now world class !
-Treasure Island is going…well…ok, I’m shitting bricks already, and line learning ain't going too well but I’ve got almost 2 weeks off work to cram like I’ve never crammed before
-I’m ill. again.
-Everyone is leaving me alone to have good lives, I’ll be here if anyone wants to reminisce about how bad life was around me
-Am slowly upgrading all the technology in my house, it’s taking a while, ’specially as I now have a new phone that demands a micro SD card, and more TV shows that demand a Terabytes worth of external hard drive space
-Ran the sport relief mile a while ago, raised £70ish, I say ran, sauntered would be a better word
-Missed a Fullmooners on Valentines day. Pity, cos it looked quite good. Also missed a Jon Richardson gig, where he moaned about couples. I can sympathise with that.
-Dad’s getting more and more grumpy with the world, and making it more and more difficult to stay in the house, but with house prices the way they are I’m not gonna be able to move out till I’m about 50.
-Apparently I’m not meant to be left on my own for more than 10 minutes…thanks to Dr Gunn for that one, makes life much easier…
-Went Ice Skating last week, and despite coming home with two kneecaps on my right leg, I didn’t do too badly, and my sister had a whale of a time, and is demanding to be taken back
-Guitar hero 3 rocks my socks, even if it is exceptionally hard
-My room is shiny, Its not new, and nothing has really changed. I just tidied it, so I can see what colour the carpet is.

There we go, I think thats about it.
It’s got a few more bad things in than good, but I doubt they will affect other peoples lives, so I shall carry on the way I was, and let everything sail past me.

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Shittest Day Of My Life-Pt 1

26 Jan

I can say part one, cos there's no doubt gonna be another one.
Started off with me getting up earlier than intended because mum was hammering in nails upstairs, as she was fed up with dad not doing it.
I then had to walk to my singing lesson, with Jessamy in tow, and had to sit and listen to the baby-sittable kids yelling at everyone today.
Meanwhile, a mate of mine who I met at a comedy gig was telling me how he's off to see Jason Byrne..,woo, I'm not…Then he said his friends had bailed on him, and would I like to go, he'd give me the ticket, just as long as he didn't have to go by himself, and I was over the moon, until he decided he was gonna phone around some more and find some of those friends that you only call when you really don't know who else to talk to. Which is fair I guess, tho I would have enjoyed it more, and brought him a loaf of bread (If you've not been told the story, you should probably read here, shes very good at blogging)
Then when I'd been babysitting for a while, everyone started getting rabbits out, and leaving them all over the house, so when I tried to put one away, it was fine in my arms but when I lowered it into the cage, the bastard kicked its hind legs out and took half my hand with it.
And the last thing before I left, is I was ment to be staying to meet one of his other singing pupils who was into the same music as me, but dad came home early from work, and picked me up too early, so all I got to say was hi, and bye. Thanks.
So yes, homeland is no better as I tried to sing a new song at the family, but dad was pissed off at the computer, Toby was killing things on the trampoline, mum was gardening, and Jessamy wanted to watch Torchwood for the 60th time this week.
And then I had the joys of Primeval to evade for a while. To top it off we were meant to have spaghetti bolognese for dinner, but I was over ruled so I starved, as there's never anything in the house worthy of eating.
If tomorrows not better, and I doubt it will be as I think I'm babysitting, then I may not be getting up at all. Rehearsal on Monday.

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