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This is my…Voucher Vastness

8 Mar

Yes, I am now going to be that annoying person you get stuck behind in the supermarket who carries a whole folder of coupons for every mortal thing in their trolley.
What can I say, I’m poor!

Anyway, seeing as I’m still on Maternity Leave (and jobless anyway) I thought it would be fun/useful to get into the whole extreme couponing thing the Americans have going and hopefully save some money in the long term.

I’m not gonna bore you with the details of just how many sites I’ve signed up to or how many people now have the rights to Kals soul but suffice to say Facebook or google extreme couponing and you’ll fine information on how to get started.

So far in my possession, including already accumulated Tesco vouchers, I have about £60 worth of savings (or equivalent points) on various things, mainly bubby stuff.
Have to get him earning his keep.

So if you are interested mixed in with my other blogs I might keep you updated on the latest vouchers/freebies I get.
Aren’t I kind.


This is my…Wonderful Collection Of Friends

14 Oct

I don’t say this enough, but I have some wonderful family & friends.

Lots of people have already chipped in bits and bobs to bumps collection, got a couple of knitted jumpers and blanket, some cute cuddlies and clothes.

But today I was totally bowled over by the bag of gifts that friends Jody & Grum brought round to spoil our little man.


Huge gorgeous, teddy (put with the other ones, bump wont actually fit in his cot anymore!) some adorable little sleep suits and matching hats, a cute little chewy toy for when the gnashers come through and some very VERY snazzy VETCH toys for bumpy to make as much noise as he likes. We were actually commenting on this the other day that he hasn’t got any electronics learning based or otherwise, and these two cute munchkins are brilliant. I just hope they make enough different songs and noises to not drive me insane, but between that and the kicky piano thing I’m sure there will be a bit of variation in his sounds.
Or I’ll sing to him, that’ll help.

So once again, a HUGE thank you and rest assured bump will be available for lots and lots of squishy hugs.

Other news, I rechecked the hospital bag (just to put the paranoia at ease) and dusted all the changing table and surrounding areas, still need to have a go at the shelves, but I’m waiting for the hoover to hover upstairs as I think even a duster will struggle with some of them. Only thing really essential off the list is curtains and car seat and I’ll be a happy relaxed mummy.

This is my…Billy-No-Mates Monday

23 Sep

Told you!

Well, it wasn’t all bad, I did actually leave the house. Twice.
Firstly (after I carefully avoided Ed Balls speech) we nipped to my mums for another raid. I think that’s all my clothes sorted, even managed to dismantle on of my old chest of draws in the process. Consider it flat packed.
Also took 3 boxes of my paperwork. Not guaranteeing all of them will make it onto the almighty paperwork shelf, but it was simpler to dump them all in boxes and see what I’ve got when I sort it, which does mean buying some more folders. I hope Poundland don’t hold out on me with this one.

After that we zoomed straight over to the James Padget Hospital for another bumpy poking session, we didn’t park in the waddlers car park round the back so another 6 mile hike round the hospital to get to the Anti-Natal depo. One good thing though, I bumped into my cousin Mandy (who I think was in there with a broken arm, didn’t get a chance to ask but the cast was a bit of a giveaway) and apparently none of my dad’s side of the family even knew I was pregnant. Well now she does, so I hope the news spreads as I don’t have contact for quite a few of them despite how locally they live.
Guess what, scan was fine, blood pressure was fine, urine was fine, bloods are fine, bump is fine. Other people in the waiting room were less than fine, apparently sitting there for over an hour and a half without seeing anyone, but we weren’t even there an hour including scan and clinic and clinic, because everything was fine, took about 10 seconds.
Somehow, and I’m trying to still get my head round this, I’ve got another appointment booked for 4 weeks time. Which is, erm, the day before my due date. At least it is just clinic, and they have said I can have a sweep (lucky me) if he’s not here by then, and to be honest anything that speeds him up is a welcome.
After a quick nibble at the Hospital cafe, we got home with just enough energy to pack the car full of car boot tomorrow. Nice to see the floor of the shed again.

The main thing that’s irked me today is a massive attack of baby brain.
I wanted to take a phone and DVD to mums and pick up the fold up chair for the car boot and some WD40 to stop the god awful squeaking door. I knew I was having a bit of baby brain so I made a list before I went to bed last night planning the day. And I FORGOT THE BLOODY LIST.
So mum doesn’t have her phone, dad doesn’t have his DVD, I don’t have a chair for tomorrow, and no ones gonna get any sleep with the door playing me the song of it’s people.


This is my…Surprisingly Social Saturday

21 Sep

I guess, when you plan to spend the whole day in bed, anything that involves other humans is a social bonus. Badge

So, we started off by trucking into town moderately early to get a parcel sent and a game returned (well, in this case traded) with Cash Generator before raiding a couple of garage sales where we found a nice computer chair to adopt. One step closer to reclaiming the bedroom!

Lunch was a little bit out of the question because that amount of energy expended that early in the morning meant I was about ready to go back to bed. Head had just been planted on the pillow, eyes just closed when the phone rang. I was all prepared to roll over and ignore it thinking that it was probably someone selling something but actually it was my cousin Simon (actually, my mums, dads, brothers, childs, husband. Whatever relation that makes him) asking if we wanted a free microwave as one of their (grown-up) kids had just replaced their kitchen and got a fitted one, and was about to take it down the tip.
Don’t mind if I do.
Ours still works, but has a very interesting layer of rust on the inside, and an ingrained smell of fish that just won’t leave, so is a very welcome addition.
Rather than going to theirs (Martham, lovely place just a bit of a trek when half asleep) we met them sort of half way in Gorleston Morrisons.
Had a lovely catch up with them, was nice if not a tad depressing to get an honest evaluation of my Great-Auntie after she had her stroke, as she’s good at putting on a brave face in front of my Granddad (her brother). After getting through 3 cups of tea, we agreed that as soon as possible we should get auntie to theirs and we could drive up and see them for a catch up as I think she’s very concious of time. I just hope she gets to meet bumpy. I think she will, I don’t know if she does though.

Anyway, in slightly less depressing news I managed to eat a full roast dinner!
It was our laymans version of a roast with a roasting tin containing chicken, chipolata & stuffing, pre-prepared veg & potatoes, Aunt Bessies Yorkshires and instant gravy. But it was nommy & then some, even managed to clear my plate (after shoving bumpy to one side to make room for it all)

Overall not a horrendous day.

This is my…28th Week!

30 Jul

3rd Trimester is go!
Ok so, this week I really REALLY feel pregnant.

Just going out in the garden for half an hour yesterday nearly killed me, despite the fact that I’d waited till 7pm to get away from most of the sun.
Partially still because of the heat and partially because of still feeling a bit sick I don’t really feel like eating a huge amount, which in turn gives me less energy, which in turn makes me want to eat less…you see where I’m going with this.

By week 28, I need 200 extra calories to keep me and bump going, and apparently I’m not just allowed to eat 200 calories of chocolate biscuits. No fun.

Bump is feeling very hyperactive still, he’s supposed to only just be getting to the stage where he reacts to loud noises and vibrations, but over the past couple of weeks when I’ve been to the cinema he’s been bouncing away already. Lucky me!
He’s also supposed to be starting to get some sort of sleep pattern, but it currently consists of awake…awake…awake…and awake.

Still have a few major things to sort out in the house, like, the cot & the car seat, but still very happy that the buggy got sorted nice and early. Hopefully with a few more shelves dotted around the house I can start to get all our stuff out of the way to make some much needed floor space for bump to eventually explore. Because if his current hyperactiveness is anything to by, he’ll be crawling out of the womb and be halfway down the street before I’ve even pushed.


This is my…Fun Day!

27 Jul


With thanks to Jenny Wilson for the photos, mine came out rubbish.


Put Something Back, a fun day in Camps Heath full of music, dance and stalls all in aid of local charities.

And no rain!
Well, a bit foggy, but overall a lot nicer for someone who melts on contact with UV rays.

So, yeah, we managed to find our way through Oulton Village, found the field without too much problem, and went to hunt out some food. Upon finding the burger van we seriously wished we’d planned a picnic (I don’t care how old I FunDaysound, £3.00 for a 1/4lb burger and an extra 30p for cheese, but it’s ok, the onions were free!) then settled to watch Venue School of Performing Arts (amazing how many boys they’ve managed to collar, it’s almost impossible for some groups) and a jazz band who’s name I can’t remember before meeting up with the ‘rents and a lesser-spotted brother and getting settled to listen to The Rich Culture (turns out I knew the drummer from school) and have a chat to a few old faces I hadn’t seen in a while.

Topped off with a lovely home made cake we headed off before the sun came out too much.

UPDATE:  Looks like the grand total raised was £987!


This is my…First Post!

25 Jul

Well, of this blog. 
I decided not to revamp the old one as I feel I’ve done a lot of growing up since the last one, but there still may be a few hissy fits. Consider yourself warned. 

But basically as I’m starting a new chapter with my gorgeous partner Chris and my soon-to-be gorgeous baby boy (Due 22nd October 2013!) I though I’d start over. 

The idea of this blog is to show you an insight into my day through the title “This is my…”. This could come in the form of a photo, video, question, or just a plain block of text.

So I hope you enjoy, try not to get too offended. If you do, feel free to press that big red cross top right.


Rant Time

5 Apr

I know this is just gonna sound like a angsty teenager, but I need to vent before I start yelling.
I’m stressed, it’s true you need a holiday to get over holidays, and doubly because I don’t feel confident about flying or that I have enough money, and just other general problems.
This morning I woke up at 9:00 after 4 and a bit hours sleep, because of all the things I’m worrying about.
But instead of going and moaning about it, I just got a coffee and breakfast and sat down to listen to Jons’ show live for the first time in ages. They’ve already played some great music, and after getting an e-mail read out I was positively bouncy (I know little things).
Then I heard some loud noises coming from upstairs, and whilst the news was on I thought I’d go upstairs to investigate, just in case anyone had fallen down the stairs, or something. So I asked my mum what it was, to which she replied (in my mind at least) in a very snappy tone “Dunno, probably dad up in the loft because you keep nagging him to.”
Yes, because I need this for my holiday, which is getting rather close. *Grrr*
Ok, fine, I’ll go away again now, I’m probably missing the radio show by now. Then my mother decided she’d take offence to something in the last sentence and start crying. Automatically trumping anything I tried to say to make it better. Which in turn made my dad decide to have a go at me (stating his reasons as “Just because people who get up in the morning woke you up and put you in a bad mood” couldn’t be further from the truth)
Thus taking me firmly out of my good mood, to the point of tears because when everything is getting on top of me, I can always rely on my parents to make it worse.  
Makes me wonder why I bother.

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My not-so-funny Valentine

14 Feb

Another valentine passed alone. Boo F’n hoo.
I’m probably one of these people that Alick so eloquently described

today when all the ugly chicks bitch about how valentine’s is too commerical and should be all-year-round. ALL YEAR REJECTION UGLY!!!!”

I did however take the opotunity of a night off to spend sime time bonding with my little sister, which I don’t do that often.
I just wish it didn’t mean having to sit through High School Musical.
And I wish there wasn’t a list of things that annoyed me (excluding the film itself)

  • Why can’t people turn off moblie phones in theatres/cinemas.
  • Why if they don’t turn there phone off and it rings in the show, do they need to answer it at the top of their lungs.
  • Why do parents not stop their children from screaming through most of it.
  • Why do parents not stop their children from swinging on the really squeaky chairs.
  • Why do children have such small bladders that they can’t sit through 5 seconds of film without needing to pee.
  • Why do parents bring their children up to think it’s alright to heckle a film.

Yes you heard that right, people were actually shouting things at the film. Like it was gonna respond.
The film itself wasn’t too bad, and did have quite a good full stop at the end of it, making it rather difficult to make another one (Thank God)

I pity whoever was on clean up because there was a hell of a lot of popcorn everywhere.
Lets put it this way, if I forget my lunch tomorrow, I can probably just live on carpet food.

Ranty Rants

30 Apr
I kinda wrote this for a forum I live on, but it's so long it morphed into a blog.
My little sister (who's 10) and I have just been to a singing workshop kinda thing, and we learnt to sing a high and low harmony to a song I know my mum likes really well called The Rose, so I thought it would be nice to quickly sing it when we got home, and I know she is gonna watch desperate housewives at 10:00 so I turned the sound down on the telly and flicked it to the right channel so we could see when it started, but it was ok the last program hadn't finished. So we just started to sing, and this program was something about the human body and had pictures of male and female genitalia, so my mum starts to freak out that my sister was watching something like this, when not only was she not watching, but they teach them sex education at her age anyway, she knows all about stuff like that. So my mum is freaking out because I changed the channel too early, like I was supposed to know what program was on, and she said that she knew that program wasn't suitable for children, so why in the blue hell didn't she tell me that before I changed the bloody channel. I hand her the remote control, it's now up to her what she does, I'm gonna leave, because the program has finished, so her program will be on in a minute, and she starts crying because Jessamy may or may not have seen a penis. Dad then starts yelling at me because I put it on the telly (still not sure how I'm meant to be psychic and known what the program was about, it's channel 4. it's usually full of crap) and because I've made mum upset, and now she "doesn't feel like watching it" then now every week that Desperate Housewives is on, she's gonna go, "Oh, I missed that one a while back because of Sorrel, now I can't watch the rest of the series" Which is bollocks because she said to me only last week, "You can miss one week of House and still know whats going on, let me watch something". And she seriously does spend half her life saying "I never watch anything on telly" and the other half watching bloody telly. I watch like 2 programs a week If I'm lucky I've been offering for years that I will pay for Sky multi-room, so she doesn't have to fight me off of it, but no, I'm not allowed to run a cable half way across the house to get it to my room. And spending more than 20p on DVD's is wrong too. What does she think I'm gonna do for entertainment, the paint dried years ago.

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