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This is my…Garden Chaos

9 Mar

I love making more work for myself, eh?

Not content with the last few years having dug about 6 foot all over my garden with the plan of getting rid of a stupid amount of this plant


Which as pretty as it looks, is basically the plant equivalent of, lets say, swine flu. Once you have it, usually the safest thing to do is to set fire to your garden and start again.
However, because the old dear that had the garden before Chris had done such a good job on the other shrubs and roses, I felt duty bound to save them and pull this out by its roots.

Having done all of that, the worst I should have to do is trim back the Buddleia & big shrubs, take up all last years bedding and fruit, replant the bedding and fruit and weed the odd thistle that’s made itself at home.

So, Friday, I started hacking away at the Buddleia, filled my green wheelie bin in about 10 seconds. Which was a good job as the little man did a mahoosive poop, and I had to come back in.
So far be it for me to wait till that gets emptied a week on Monday, I called dad and asked if he still had any of his big builders bags (the ones that 10 tonnes of sand get delivered in by crane) and if he could take a couple of them full down the tip.
Done and done.
So a bit later Friday, one of them got filled up with the rest of the Buddleia and by Saturday lunchtime the other one had been filled up with the old bedding plants, fruit, grass clippings & general garden crap.

Then, and here’s the fun bit, I decided it would be a good idea to dig up the compost heap. Despite throwing stuff on it the past couple of years, I came to the conclusion that it’s not much use to me, owing to the fact that I not only never use it, the garden is pretty much level, it’s full of convolvulus that I don’t really want to spread back round the garden and it’s also full of years worth of other rubbish that’s just been dumped there. For example, today I pulled out a Megadrive controller.
I’m pretty much sure Megadrives only grow in Japan.

So I got dad to replace those two with another 3 because even if I waited they don’t let you put just straight-up soil in the green bin, so if it’s going, it’ll have to go to the tip. After fueling myself with a roast, I got to filling these 3 up with the remainder of the twigs from the top of the heap and started the arduous task of shoveling layers of fully composted soil, all the while checking for glass, stones, pottery and controllers.

I had these bags filled (well, so a human could still move/drag them) in about 30 min, and still don’t feel like I’ve made a dent in it, so dad has left me with 4 more bags in their place (it feels like the sorcerers apprentice, 2 became 3 became 4)

So, if anyone wants to come take some soil from me, I really don’t mind.
I could even weed it if, someone wanted to take it away.
Free to a good home.
Or a bad home.
Go on.
Abuse it.
Eat it.
Give it as a gift.

This is my…Day of Deligation

27 Aug

So with the Health Visitor coming tomorrow, and me not knowing exactly what they are going to be judging me on (and I like tidy) I sorta felt the house could do with a bit of a spruce up.

Good job both of us have willing and able mums with rubber gloves!

So after gathering all the stuff to do with my Maternity Allowance & filling in the new claim for tax credits and shoving it in the post, we dragged my mum back from hers just in time for Chris’ mum to arrive from the bus station.

As my mum is most happy in the garden I set her to task in cleaning the front garden up from all it’s cat poop and to tart up the pots which she did quite happily, Janet was banished to the bathroom to give everything a good scrub (and it really does shine now!) and Chris, get this, was on his hands and knees with a scouring pad taking up years of dirt from the kitchen floor! I had no idea what one of the corners of the room was meant to look like it had such a layer of cat food & fir ingrained in it.

But with all of them busy in every room, I didn’t really have much to do other than sit and melt. However in the interest of fairness, I didn’t just sit on my backside, I dragged the box of books upstairs and put them on the shelves my dad kindly put up, and even started to sort out my CD’s. That only lasted about an hour before my back was broken and the heat had melted what was left of my brain.

So anyway, a big thank you to both of them as the house & garden feels a lot fresher, and now with the worst of it up hopefully we can keep on top of it and not let it get that bad.

This is my…Bashing head against brick wall day

21 Aug


Having to sort money out when pregnant should be illegal.
Or at least they should supply women with an accountant for a month just to get everything sorted.

I mean, I did well getting the Maternity Grant sorted, and I was feeling very pleased with my little self that it all went so smoothly, but turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg with dealing with the Depo of Work & Old People (something like that).

Because of me moving in with Chris, we’ve had to change all of his bits of money, and update all the various departments, all of which have to be done on bits of paper, all of which run the risk of being left on someone’s desk for the next few months and all of which have to stop before they can be re-assessed and started again.

Apart from that end of things I was looking to apply for Maternity Allowance, as I had a nice shiny job for 6 months out of the last year, and as I didn’t leave a job to go on maternity I’m not due Statutory Maternity Pay, I though that would be a good thing to go for and to get a little bit extra into the house as it doesn’t totally knock out what Chris was claiming.
Oh boy. Again, not only can you not phone up and give them your details, but you get a 41 page form with notes to fill in every mortal little thing about you and bump. Most of the questions were easy, but where I hit a brick wall was them asking for the payslips for the 6 month “Test Period” of my claim.


With all my stuff getting shoved into boxes ready to move to Chris’, I have NO idea where anything is. After a quick snout through some of my paperwork, I found my P60 & 2 payslips, aka, 2 months out of 6, but where in the blue hell the rest might be…Pass.
So, simple enough, phone up employer, ask for copies right?


The department I worked for ceased to exist, hence why I was out of a job when I was. As I worked for a government department, I know I’ll still be on file somewhere, but who and how to contact anyone to get them is a little bit beyond me as every number I had for there is either for people who don’t work there anymore or have moved about 600 desks away.
All the phone numbers I found online are centralised 0845 ones that will probably put me through to someone in Glasgow who doesn’t even know where Lowestoft IS, yet alone who I need to speak to.
My only (and last) resort is literally to walk into the Job Center (even though I didn’t work for the Job Center, I worked for the Contact Center that was attached to it) and hope that someone there knows the name and/or number of someone who works in HR and can possibly print me some stuff off.
Hell, I still remember my username and password if someone would let me within 100 foot of a computer I’ll print them off myself!

Wish me luck…

Missing in Action

21 Feb

Wow, nothing posted since last year.
I think this has something to do with the invention and acquisition of an Xbox 360. I've really taken to collecting achievement points like the whore that I am.
I'm really into first person shooty ones like Gears Of War and Call Of Duty. Also, finally got to play Resi 5 after playing the others on PS1 (Yes, I am that old). Basically, if it's 18 rated full of blood and violence, much like my life, I'm a happy bunny. When I feel rich, I'd like to get Guitar Hero, I'm sure there is a ton and a half on achivements I could get on there. Might even get my brother to play. Pity I can't get him to buy it.
The best ones have been the Tony Hawks games I already had on PS2, breezed through them in about 10 seconds flat with one hand tied behind my brothers back.
Apart from that, I have a new job!
Seeing as I no longer work at The Marina Theatre (don't ask) and the Seagull Theatre doesn't pay, and there's a new techy there who seems happy to take over, so I thought I'd take matters into my own hands and become a teacher.
On top of this, I've joined forces (Think transformers) with Purple Acadamy of Performing Arts, and they are advertising me as a private vocal coach on their posters. 2 pupils already signed in for Monday evening, so I'm getting there!

So. I have got up to a few things over the past month, I'll have to go back and fill in the blanks when my computer decides to run for more than 5 seconds.

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World Tour Of East Anglia:

6 Sep
Flushed with the recent sucsess of being in 300 places at once (I managed to get away with not really helping out for Fawlty Towers) I now seem to have on my plate a solid week of doing things.
Nothing too hard or stressful. Just things. Nice to be kept busy I suppose.
Seeing as I probably wont be able to get on the internet between now and the end of time, I'll post an itenerary now, so anyone who wants to stalk me will know where I am at all times.
Monday: Getting all the Fawlty Towers set out of the theatre, and probably back into the store till the end of the week. Hello Dolly rehursal in Beccles, 7:30 pm as per.
Tuesday: Bar the lie-in I think I've earnt, I'm off to Norwich Art Center to see Trevor Lock et al on the free tickets I was kindly given by the Fabba group last month.
Wednsday: Another rehursal for Hello Dolly in the good ol Beccles, it's getting nearer the show now, so they've become a lot more intensive.
Thursday: Off to the Cut in Halesworth with the now mobile Fawlty Towers set, to go guess some lighting cues
Friday: Ditto, but this is in the shiny Fisher Theatre in Bungay.
Saturday: Mums birthday, so I can take a random guess that we'll be going to East Ruston if the weather is fine. Or if it's not.
Sunday: TIM! Like every fan should, I've started getting withdrawal symptoms from not seeing him for a couple of months. However like a bad fan, this is the only one on the tour I'm going to bar one Apollo gig (And only then because someone else got the tickets for me). Hmm. Norwich Theatre Royal for that one.
Monday: Guess what, back to beccles for yet another Hello Dolly rehursal. Not that I don't need them.

So there we have it. A whole week of being places that isn't Lowestoft. Aren't I lucky!
And I am so bored, here's a map:

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Jazz, Big Band & Sally Morgan

22 Mar

I'm willing to risk my job, I need to vent somewhere. (And if you're not sure what I mean, check out this ridiculous news story  And I'm gonna be doing a lot more than calling it boring)
Ok, so lets start off with the not too bad one, Elkie Brooks. Singer from the year dot, that my mother quite likes, and I'd heard one song from and not thought was too bad. Unfortunately for me, the stuff I hadn't heard seemed to be solid Jazz. Including sax solos. Ok, so I can tolerate Jazz if it's played well, and shes an amazing singer.
Mood: Slightly riled.
The second show that tried my patience was the Syd Lawrence Orchestra. Basically, big band stuff from the year dot. Complete with trumpet solos. The female singer wasn't too bad, despite jazzing up "Before The Parade Passes By" which I used to like, and the male singer was quite a good crooner if you like that sort of thing, but the way the conductor acted made me long to see a proper orchestra (RPO, Marina theatre: 17th April) Basically, he counted them in facing them, the sodded off to either grin at the audience in that smug way crooners do, or just left the stage completely!
Kudos to the drum player who did an epic solo that seriously lasted at least 5 minutes
Mood: Pissed
And the last show in my Week From Hell. Sally Morgan. Sally F'in Morgan. Aka, Psychic to the stars.
Now, I made no pretence what I thought of this woman in the weeks leading up to the show, so what possessed my boss to make me work…no not blaming him, I needed the hours, I think I'll save my rant for Sally.
I HATE people like her, who have the amazing ability, to make people cry in front of a room full of strangers. Now, I feel sorry for the people who have lost someone, it's usually quite recent, and the families are clutching at straws, but why oh why do they have to hand their straws (and money) to people like this? Agh.
At one point, she had a woman who had just lost her young child and she kept asking her more and more questions, none of which she was gonna answers because she was crying too much.
The only good thing to come out of that is the knowledge that before all psychic and medium type shows they have to make an announcement saying "For entertainment purposes only, not based in scientific fact"
To add to my misery, she's now booked into another night in November "due to popular demand". Now I really can't blame my boss, she sells out, we make money, but I can't help thinking at least half the people are going to be the same as this audience because they didn't get a "response" the first time round. In my little opinion they are gonna have a long wait.
Ken Dodd better be fucking hilarious.

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The fallen Madonna with the big boobies

10 Mar

If that title meant nothing to you, I strongly suggest you click away now, as this blog is most likely to be lost on you.

So, those of you that are either hardened sitcom fans or were born before 1992 (though come to think about it, if you were born in 1992, you're hardly going to remember a sitcom that finished when you were zero) will have heard of the show know as 'allo 'allo.

Not much to be said for getting the set in, other than most of the props seem to be from WW2, including the cash register that was valued at over £1000. The only problem with authenticity is the fact that everything weighs a ton, including a piano. Why they couldn't use ours, is beyond me, but that would be too easy.

The cast were all lovely souls, and even though I wasn't working the show (just hanging around backstage like some ninja stalker (I have to be head to toe in black, it's in my job description)) they all came up and said hello, even Ms Viki Michelle, who you may or may not remember from the original series, she's not changed a bit. Worrying considering she should be about 20 years older. Can I have the name of her plastic surgeon?

Anyway, after convincing my boss that he should let me watch the show for free (there has to be some perks to the job, because it's damn sure not the pay check) the show went well despite the usual problems of nothing fitting where it should, apart from one bit where he tried to throw an exploding cigar out of the window and it hit the back wall and bounced back into the room *snigger*

All the old jokes are in there, and as long as you can get over the fact that the people playing the parts are not the same people from the TV series (Bar, Viki)

So if bad foreign accents and more double-entendres than you can shake your stick at, is your kinda thing, then I suggest you go and see 'Allo 'Allo on tour

(On at the Marina Theatre, Lowestoft 9th-14th March 2009)

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Errol Brown

18 Feb

Another days work over, and boy was it a long one.
I knew that a 9AM start for a one-nighter meant a lot of sound and lighting equipment getting wheeled into our building.
And boy was I right. We even had to build trusses at the side of our stage just to fit everything in. I think I did something permanant to my ankle back in November, because any time I do big show get-ins or outs I can hardly walk by the time I get home. I'm probably not cut out for a manual job.
The show itself was pretty good, lots of well known hits, and, luckly for Chris and Me, lots of people out of their seats and dancing. This is bad because it makes the whole auditorium about 3 billion degrees celsius, but good because we can't see the stage, so not point spotlighting the backs of peoples heads (however tempting it is to try and burn a small hole into them).
Errol himself, though, slightly annoyed me.
Apart from being late to sound check and not even making eye contact with anyone in the building, some kind (and probably elderly) soul places some tulips on the front of the stage, and he didn't even take them back stage and pretend he was taking them home.
Well, at least I now have something pretty in my kitchen at home !
So, no more work for at least a week and a half, but I do get to meet up with Kate and see David O'Doherty tomorrow, other than that quite a lazy time planned.
Should leave me plenty of time for bumming around on Neopets and clearing up the world.

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Fifi and the F’n Flowertots

15 Feb

How on earth did anyone expect me to be happy and chirpy on a Sunday morning?
Well, I trundeled in at half 10 this morning not expecting anything too mental. And I was right, NOTHING happened, for an hour and a half. No one really knows what happened, other than they didn't turn up. How annoying.
This meant that we were an hour and a half late setting everything up, on top of the usual tour manager not being there due to death (or something, I really wasn't listening) and nobody really knowing what was going on. Eventually pretty much everything was set up, at quater past 3. For a half past 3 show. Leaving us NO time to eat, but due to the new "powers that be" rule that if we don't show a break we will be docked it anyway. Arse.
The show itself, apart from being terribly infantile was over quickly, leaving me time to have a family dinner and watch a film, tonights being Black Sheep, which is very funny and indubitably gory.
Work tomorrow, which should be finished early again. just a pity it has to start early too.


Windows Live/Hotmail

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The Russians Have Landed

14 Jan

Think about your job. Think about it at it's very very worst. Think about working with the most annoying people on the planet. Then make them not understand a lick of English.
Welcome to the Siberian State Ballet.
That's pretty much all I have to say on that topic, because anything else I say will probably end up with me having a cup of polonium tea tomorrow morning.
Apart from that I've been watching the extras on Adam Hills new DVD, and there's a bit where the audience have moaned about the positions of the lights, where upon he "commanded" them to move, and Adam somehow got it into his head that it was like talking to R2-D2. Most hilarious watching the light respond to questions.
Yes, I know I'm a massive geek.

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