This is my…Low Iodine Diet-Day 7

17 Nov

I am feeling a lot worse today. Last night, I almost started hallucinating, felt like the floor was moving and struggled to make my legs even get me to bed.
That’ll be the fatigue setting in then.
The problem is, it doesn’t seem to matter what I do or don’t do during the day, its just by 8pm my body has had enough and wants to go to bed and stay there till at least 11am the following day.
Tough titty body, I have a family to run, and even though Chris is amazing with Kal (and domesticated when he has to be) he also has to work to keep clothes on our backs and chips in Kal’s tummy, so I just don’t have the luxury of sleeping in.
Not that I’m convinced it would actually help.
What might help is maybe getting up a bit earlier, getting something done, having a power nap and getting everything else done.
In theory I could time my nap when Kal has his, but as that’s usually when I’m walking in town…I’m not sure the library would take kindly to me kipping on their sofas.

Breakfast-Tea &Toast (ain’t broke don’t fix it)
Lunch-Chicken & cucumber sandwich, nkd bar & orange
Dinner-Crumpets & Free from butter (not half bad actually), vanilla custard free from pot & banana.
Snacks-Nkd Fruits bites.

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