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This is my…Birthday!

20 Oct

Yep, I have no idea how that snuck up either.

With all of my thoughts on bump and making sure everything is shiny for him, I pretty much forgot I had a birthday coming. Basically the only thought it got was “I hope bump doesn’t come on my birthday, it’s MY birthday.
Luckily the little womb hijacker decided to stay put for the day, and good job too as I had a bit of “places to go people to see” kinda day planned.

First up my lovely man brought me back a McDonalds bacon bagel for breakfast. I know I said the other day I’ve hardly had cravings, but I could probably sit and eat them all day without too much trouble!
Then I got a chance to open a couple of presents which consisted of Season 5 of True Blood & a cute Hello Kitty Libra necklace (can’t seem to take a decent picture of it, too shiny methinks!) from Janet & the Deadpool game for 360 from Chris which I’ve been wanting to play since it came out.

After all that excitement I had a little nap, before venturing out into the weather and seeing my parents, who had also gone with the kitty theme and got me a huge vat of Hello Kitty bubble bath. Which I will never use as you have to decapitate the poor thing to get the liquid out, and I’m just not that mean!
With some yummy cake in our system and about 2 hours trying to figure out how to install Microsoft Office onto a computer (yes, it is actually that hard nowadays. BRING BACK FLOPPY DISKS!) we then had a mad rush to the supermarket to pick up dinner (of the roast variety) before they closed. My till receipt says 4:01pm, I’m such a rebel.

Din dins devoured I then tarted myself up for a trip to The Seagull Theatre, and John Hales’ leaving do. I’d only planned to stay for about an hour (well, basically the time it would take Chris to watch the Agents of SHIELD repeat) and get my backside home before I totally lost the use of my legs.
However, as soon as everyone was there (and I mean everyone), we were ushered into the theatre for 2 hours worth of speeches, music, memories and much more. And it was beautiful, and touching and I may have cried a bit (I blame hormones…whilst I still can) but I was constantly distracted by my everything hurting. I’d even sat myself right at the back of the auditorium right next to the open door so I didn’t have to melt, but still had to keep getting up to stretch my legs, back, bum and anything else that twinged at me. However, I don’t regret not leaving as I said, brilliant night and was lovely to see some old faces (including 3 other pregnant people. Must be something in the water) to give John the send off he so rightly deserves.

Back home, dose of every painkiller in a 20 mile radius, then bed.

Brilliant day, and even bumpy was on his best behavior.


This is my…Equally Mobile Saturday

19 Oct

Told you.

I give out some really good advice on here, but as I don’t even pay attention to it myself, what chance do I have of helping anyone else!

Little bit different Saturday this week as there was a couple of jumble sale type things on. Even meant the alarm was set to drag my backside out.

First stop was a new one trying to start a weekly sale at the East Anglian MMA club down London Road South. It’s not a bad space, and as a 10am start, not too early on the old brain cells, but it’s plagued by a couple of problems, firstly with the road closed at KFC even normal businesses aren’t getting through traffic yet alone a new car boot trying to set up. Also, because it’s sandwiched between two other shops it’s upstairs. Heffing myself upstairs is bad enough, but  the thought of heffing items to sell seems nearly impossible.
This might have been why there was only two stalls, and I get the feeling that they were two of the people who run the MMA club anyway. Also, shooting themselves in the foot by having things a bit over priced on the stalls that were there, for example a PS1 for £10. No, thanks.
Did sneak another Hello Kitty out though.

After a quick jaunt into town to take parcels, we headed off in the direction of Lound for a jumble sale but because we were early (and hungry) we swung by their village pub, called The Village Maid, and it’s very…villagy.
Well, actually doing them an injustice, they have a nice little dining area, and some good stuff on the menu, but did come complete with regulars at the bar.
Chris had (what I assume as he stuffed the lot) a lovely steak and cheese baguette and I sneakily had a jacket with cheese & beans (the menu said cheese or beans, but no one says no to a heavily pregnant woman) and that was pretty darn tasty too.

We then still had some time to spare so we dove into the bakery cafe just down the road with the plan of just getting some cake to take away, but with the heavens opening we decided a quick cuppa to warm up would be a good addition to the cake.
Now, 10/10 for the cake and my tea but like 2/10 for service. Nice enough woman pottering about in the shop (and a sign that even said we don’t do fast food, just great food as fast as we can) but considering there’s only 4 tables and basically only cake and drinks on the menu, it took her nearly half an hour to get to us. Just a good job we weren’t in a hurry.

Jumble sale was a pretty much a waste of time for Chris, but I got a nice accessorize bag for 20p and a couple of cryptic crossword books for mum at 20p each too. Main problem with jumble sales is trying to get in and out in one piece, and with a stall even in the front porch there was a lot of defending bump from people reversing, barging and just generally getting pointy elbows out.

Home, and yet another evening of not moving. Ever.

This is my…Regretful Mobility

18 Oct

You’d think I’d have learnt by now.

Hip and back pain, not going away any time soon, well at least until bump is here, so any excess movement is a no no. And considering I call “excess movement” anything outside of the house, going for a walk round town is probably the worst idea ever.

Today, I decided I had enough energy to do just that (even though energy doesn’t always translate as lack of pain) so planned with Chris that I could come with him when he takes parcels into town.
Not bad, and would have probably been fine, had I not also decided that today was the day a few more things were gonna get crossed off the “must do” list. Mainly the things that I genuinely MUST DO before bump gets here.

So, rummage around in the airing cupboard and we found some lovely floral (yuk) curtains to hang on those rails my dad put up nearly a week ago (you can’t say I rush into any decision) problem being, there was only two of them, and 3 windows. After contemplation whether it would be best to hang them and one other lovely salmon coloured one, or leave the smaller severely off coloured (I think it used to be white, it’s now creamy-brown. Again, yuk) one up.
Eventually decided on the off white one, as it’s just about closer to the yellow floral ones than anything else, and the floral ones cover both the big windows fine. They’re even lined!

Flushed with that bit of success, Chris then asked for my help in getting the car seat installed.
And here’s where we hit a slight snag.
Chris has a lovely car, it even has 4 seats (all with working seatbelts!) so bump seat can fit in. But. No back doors. So it looks like bump + seat will have to come out on mass every time, as it’s almost impossible to get him in or out without it as someone decided the seat had to be rear facing.
So after a lot of swearing and making sure everyone on the whole street knew how to get the seat in and out easily we finally managed to get into town, by which time I was already half dead from leaning over the car.
Still somehow managed to make it to Boots (Again. I keep forgetting stuff every time. I wish they did home deliveries) WH Smiths (I’m now stocked up on Take A Breaks for hospital) and Poundland (6 pack of hula hoops for 99+1p. Yes please) before just about making it home in time to collapse back to bed for a few hours. Then a few more. Then not be able to move because I’d seized up into a giant ball of hip and back pain.

Followed by the usual swearing to the almighty gods of pain, I’ll not leave the house till labour starts.
Which will probably last till…tomorrow.

This is my…Exciting Day Out!

10 Oct

Well, to make up for yesterdays writing being a bit non-existent today is pack full of goodies!

To start with, had another midwife appointment, I’d imagine my last one now, unless bump decides to chill in there for longer than planned.
So, for once, I have normal wee!
I know, it’s the little things that keep me going.
After being poked by the midwife, she confirmed that bumpy has moved south a bit (10 points to Katie & Ingunn) and he’s managed to twist himself so he’s not back to back anymore, and is about as ready as he can be without actually popping out.
Was very interesting chat about Braxton Hicks, which I thought were pretty much useless but as well as strengthening the muscles ready for actual labour every time it moves him a bit more into place it takes some time off of what could be an 18 hour labour, like I should be chalking up all these cramps and contractions and seeing what I’m left with by the time my waters break.
Also had our chat about the birth plan, but after about half an hour of talking about all the possibilities, it’s pretty much all written down as “Active Management” which is doctor speak for “play it by ear”. All I do know is I’ll probably park myself in the Dolphin Suite at the hospital, not because I particularly want a water birth (though the big baths look very comfy) but because of the relaxed environment it gives me where you get a kitchen, en-suite bathroom and docking stations for your own music, along with birthing balls, mats, hammocks and beanbags. Basically a home-from-home style place.
I know after bump is here I’ll have to transfer to the postnatal ward because he needs to be tested for diabetes, even though I’ve been fine since they first diagnosed me, but better safe than sorry, and 24 hours with other people waiting on me hand and foot could be quite useful.

So after all that poking and talking, I jumped on a train to meet up with my Australian friend Georgie who I haven’t seen (was trying to work it out) since 2010 when I went to Melbourne. It was only a flying visit, because she was visiting some relations in Kings Lynn and is flying back out soon. I felt a bit ropey, but seeing as she’d done most of the work to get here, the least I could do was meet her in Norwich. And she’d bought bump a cuuuuuute Tasmanian Devil cuddly, all the way from Tasmania!
After grabbing some lunch, we moseyed round a few shops including the castle museum one and a couple in Castle Mall, where I adopted another cute cuddly, this time in Kitty form, and a box of Wonka Nerds from the American sweet shop. Nom.


That was pretty much it, and pretty much all me and bump could handle so after getting home I was straight to bed as quickly as I could climb the stairs.

This is my…Quiz Night

7 Oct

Nearly forgot about it even after discussing it with mum last week, only because Chris happened to be reading the local paper and happened to see the advert for The Seagull theatre that we even got there.
Also, despite the fact that dad had phoned me, texted me and even emailed me, but because they all went through to my phone which I’d promptly left miles away from me.

Turns out unfortunately pretty much everyone else was absent too, as there was a grand total of 2 teams. At least that meant we were guaranteed at least second place, and a good job too as that’s where we came. Not a huge amount between us and them, I think it was like 49 to 52 1/2.

Slightly annoying (though, I accept that the quiz master is always right) we lost a point on a question that we KNEW we were right. Question being “What was the first film to feature the character Hannibal Lecter. Well, considering we bought Manhunter YESTERDAY I thought we had this one in the bag. Turns out the answer he had written on the card was Silence Of The Lambs.
Manhunter – 1986, Silence Of The Lambs – 1991.
I suppose if you’re being really REALLY picky, Manhunter wasn’t an official film and Hannibal Lecter was actually known as Hannibal LecKtor but seeing as this was a verbal question and the word “officially” wasn’t used I think we were entitled to our points.

Other point was regarding a woman who had been in “Adverts for Campari, Worzel Gummidge & Eastenders”. No idea, till he read out the answer as Lorraine Chase, which both my mum and Chris dismissed as they didn’t think she’d been in Eastenders (being a Emmerdale regular) and closer inspection of Wikipedia doesn’t mention Eastenders at all, so pass on that one really.

Couple of other things we should have got, including a couple of politics questions & a question about a lyricist which for some reason we didn’t answer Tim Rice, despite being the most obvious answer.

So, other than that, we didn’t do to bad and may have even still got 2nd place if there were other people around.


This is my…What The Heck Happened?

5 Oct

So again, with the lack of sleep, even though I only got to sleep at 4AM, I was wide awake by 8, little dozing sesh till 10.
Nothing from the other half, so I fired up the computer for some Criminal Case (great Facebook game, stupidly addictive) for a couple of hours.
12 came and went, STILL nothing, seriously considering sending out a search party. Not like he was even home that late (2AM, he’s usually back at 4, and lets face it I was awake till 4 anyway) and I’d already got up and got breakfast, I thought the cats squealing the house down would have woken him up if nothing else.
1PM rolled by and bump was kicking my insides out for lunch, and finally by half 1 Chris surfaced. Then proceeded to ask why I hadn’t woken him up!?

So, finally leaving the house, we went to Norman Warrior for some grub, Chris had butterfly prawns with tika mayo dip and I had some lush Quiche Lorrane and potatoes, brilliant after having junk food for the past few days, shame bump wouldn’t let me finish most of it, but still nom.

Seeing as I’d actually left the house (dawned on me, first time in 5 days) I wanted to make the most of it, so we moseyed into town and I managed to make it through a few shops without dying too much. Well I ended up cramping up so much I genuinely thought he was gonna pop in Iceland. Would have been…interesting. But anyway, got some nappy “cassettes” for our hygienic bin. I have no idea how they fit but either trial & error or the internet is sure to reveal something.

So after the cramping, I was straight to bed, even missed Pointless Celebs (typically it was full of musical people #thankgodforiplayer) but some how managing to hide 2 cans of Ambrosia rice pudding before going back to bed.
Oh, only after watching a slightly depressing episode of Casualty with a newborn baby that nearly didn’t make it. Luckily it did or I’d have spent the rest of the night crying my eyes out, fiction or not.

This is my…Even More Social Sunday

22 Sep

Don’t worry I’ll be back to billy-no-mates Monday tomorrow.

So, back to the car boot this morning as the weather has decided to be Autumn rather than skipping straight to Winter.
Found my friend Katie’s stall & bought a few bumpy bits, including another sleeping bag for him. I reason if they are gonna be like bedding when he’s in the cot bed and he has a particularly sicky night, I’m gonna need about 3 or 4 of each size. And at 20p I can’t really say no!
Also acquired her Wii Fit board which is currently broken, but I’m sure with a bit of tinkering I can get working. Optimism.
Got a few DVDs today too, but typically not Limitless, which Chris wants as he’s still not forgiven me for interrupting it on TV Tuesday night, but Side Effects, which is close, and 50p for a DVD that’s still over £10 in the shops, I think I win some points back (I may instantly lose those points for buying a Windows Live PC game which not only doesn’t make much money, but I can’t even use it or flog it to my brother as it’s only an expansion, not a proper game).
Also bumped into (got run over by) Colin, Ingunn and their gorgeous dog Boe. He’s a massive Newfoundland (which I can’t remember if I mentioned was bigger than the miniature pony’s at the Lions Day Gala) & I was christened by his drool today, good job I had my old leggings on. Decided we need to make him a harness and a little cart and he can drag bumpy around for us!

After car boot, we got some sneaky KFC for grub, though as predicted bumpy wasn’t totally impressed with that much grease at lunchtime, so I saved a bit of chicken to have cold later. Nom.

Because of me feeling a bit queasy from food and being up quite early, I got my backside back to bed for a couple of hours. Somehow in those couple of hours I managed to have some incredibly strange dreams, including one about my comedy friend Linzy (who I haven’t seen for ages other than through Facebook) but not even about her, more her cats! They were playing with my cats, but even more strange is my brain decided to use my Granddads house as a setting for this weirdness. It’s not like I have ever lived there, or even been round in ages, but hey, thanks brain for not making it the middle of a race track or something even more bizarre.

Anyhoo, nothing else interesting (if you can call the rest of the day interesting) other than a good chuckle at Big Fat 80s Quiz (seriously,, if you were watching Downton, you missed out), oh and I found a maggot in one of my pistachios.

Guess what I’m never EVER EVER eating again. Ever.


This is my…Surprisingly Social Saturday

21 Sep

I guess, when you plan to spend the whole day in bed, anything that involves other humans is a social bonus. Badge

So, we started off by trucking into town moderately early to get a parcel sent and a game returned (well, in this case traded) with Cash Generator before raiding a couple of garage sales where we found a nice computer chair to adopt. One step closer to reclaiming the bedroom!

Lunch was a little bit out of the question because that amount of energy expended that early in the morning meant I was about ready to go back to bed. Head had just been planted on the pillow, eyes just closed when the phone rang. I was all prepared to roll over and ignore it thinking that it was probably someone selling something but actually it was my cousin Simon (actually, my mums, dads, brothers, childs, husband. Whatever relation that makes him) asking if we wanted a free microwave as one of their (grown-up) kids had just replaced their kitchen and got a fitted one, and was about to take it down the tip.
Don’t mind if I do.
Ours still works, but has a very interesting layer of rust on the inside, and an ingrained smell of fish that just won’t leave, so is a very welcome addition.
Rather than going to theirs (Martham, lovely place just a bit of a trek when half asleep) we met them sort of half way in Gorleston Morrisons.
Had a lovely catch up with them, was nice if not a tad depressing to get an honest evaluation of my Great-Auntie after she had her stroke, as she’s good at putting on a brave face in front of my Granddad (her brother). After getting through 3 cups of tea, we agreed that as soon as possible we should get auntie to theirs and we could drive up and see them for a catch up as I think she’s very concious of time. I just hope she gets to meet bumpy. I think she will, I don’t know if she does though.

Anyway, in slightly less depressing news I managed to eat a full roast dinner!
It was our laymans version of a roast with a roasting tin containing chicken, chipolata & stuffing, pre-prepared veg & potatoes, Aunt Bessies Yorkshires and instant gravy. But it was nommy & then some, even managed to clear my plate (after shoving bumpy to one side to make room for it all)

Overall not a horrendous day.

This is my…Relaxed Saturday

7 Sep

Saturdays are fast taking over Thursday for lack of productivity.

However, this didn’t stop me being up at 8AM in the morning, through no fault of my own. The neighbours (or the neighbours, neighbours) were hammering something into something for ages. I was just waiting till they stopped to go back to bed, when Chris got up. Then I persuaded Chris that I really needed to get some sleep as I hadn’t recovered from yesterday pain and just about got myself back to sleep when someone knocked on the door trying to flog us a loft insulation grant. This pretty much woke me up completely, as I didn’t even hear them come in, all I heard was a strange voice from right outside my bedroom door. Eeep.
After all that, they wanted to come back with someone else and I’m sure they said after 2PM.
2PM came, went, and I was bored out of my skull watching the clock.
So in the end, it was decided to mentally tell them go to hell and we went out for a little drive and sit down Oulton Broad with a book each (and avoiding the swans who came up to say hello). Very middle class.

After it got too chilly to justify sitting outside, we went in search of food. I was simple enough to please as a can of spaghetti hoops and loaf of bread is more than enough for little old me. Beastly other half demanded fish & chips, and finding a a chippy that is open before 5PM (it was only 4 by this point) was almost impossible.

I managed to kill a few minutes by strolling into Glamr beauty salon and booking myself a Pregnancy massage (think normal massage, but on my side so bump doesn’t get crushed). Even more fun is I know the person who will be giving said massage, as she’s a friend of a friend and has been to a few of my Karaokes in the past. I wait with baited breath (& back) till Tuesday.

This just about got us till half 4, so a drive to the other end of town to find an open chippy where beasty could get his dindins.
That was about it for the day as we both decided an early night was in order.
Oh but I did FINALLY manage to complete Dynasty Warriors 7, coming in at a grand total of 143 hours. Woot.

This is my…Gala Day!

26 Aug

Well, I should say before I even got up, Chris had disappeared off to Arminghall Car Boot in Norwich and in addition to lots of goodies for him, managed to pick me and bump up a Tommee Tippee Electric Steriliser (with 4 bottles and lids etc) for a grand total of £11, another one that retails about £65. And, it means I’m all Tommee Tippee’d up, so everything should be compatible with everything else and when/if I need some more bottles I’ll know what ones will fit.
Can probably pick some more bottles up from car boots too.

Anyway, so after a mini pit stop for lunch, we hopped on the train from Lowestoft to Oulton Broad for the Lions Club Charity Gala Day.
I remember last time I went (not including last years fail attempt) it was big, but nowhere near as big as this. Any more stalls and they would have been floating on the broads themselves.

First stop, after a mosey round some of the craft stalls, was to see my friend Heather who was raising money for Hyper Mobility Syndrome & more specifically EDS. Please, PLEASE, go give the website a look to understand this rare condition a bit more, and if you can donate any money you’ll be even more fantastic!
Also bumped into a few other people I knew running stalls for various other bits and bobs before getting into some serious sitting and watching events.

1st on my list was the guys doing a wall of death hoopy thing, I can’t do the description justice, but it looked kinda like a giant ferris wheel but with humans in the pods that were not strapped in and doing all sorts of tricks, all looking like they were just about to fall, but didn’t.

After that we headed to the riverside to see the happy teams of idiots that were given an hour to build a boat from scraps then throw themselves at the water and see who could pick up the damsel in distress then paddle back without sinking. I can’t remember all the teams, but the Triangle Pub team we’re the winners by a country mile, and the Players Team (dressed as The Calender Girls) were in dead last, and probably were doing more bailing of water than actual paddling.

After a sneaky beer for Chris (I see why he didn’t want to drive now) we watched a guy playing guitar on the stage, called (I think) Guitar George, and he was bloody good. Played some Roy Orbson and Eagles (Hotel California complete with 3 minute solo. Wow). I’ll leave it up to you to decide if he has a facebook or youtube channel, I’m nearly out of battery on my laptop.

Shuffling over a bit, we sat and watched the Dog Agility in the center ring.
Now, I liked watching the agility on the TV when they do it on Crufts, but this was much more fun as I think all the dogs were mongrels or at least from cross-breed, and a large chunk were rescue dogs without years and years of training, which meant every so often one would just bugger off and sniff another dogs butt or try and steal someone burger from the crowd. But overall they were very cute and great fun to watch, and even had a couple more people I know dog-wrangling.

After hunting out some overpriced food we sat back down in front of the stage to see some more musos, again more people I knew. Slight complaint (hey it wouldn’t be me otherwise) with the tech set up for these guys, massive massive speakers pumping very little than bass out front, and nothing pointing back at the guys on stage, so they couldn’t hear themselves and we couldn’t hear them because of the bass. At one point I went backstage to ask him to turn it down as peoples fillings were starting to vibrate.
What’s worse you couldn’t actually sit that far away from the stage to not get buried by sound because of how tight everything was for space with the agility arena being right next to it. That will really need re-thinking for next year.
But my major gripe was halfway through one of the girls songs, the MC who was wandering around the arena with a headset mic on, just blasted over her singing to ask someone to move their car. Very VERY rude, I can not believe they were in that much of a hurry to get out that they couldn’t wait till the end of a 2 minute song.

But anyway, I hope everyone had a good day on their stalls and raised a bunch of cash. And not just the beer tent.

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