This is…Me!

aaaaaaSo that’s me. And my wonderful partner Chris.

By trade, I’m a singing teacher, but due to the economic climate, I found peddling my backside to pubs and clubs doing Karaoke worked out better for me financially.
I’m a member of Spotlight Theatre Company who put on two shows a year, last one being Thoroughly Modern Millie and next one being Peter Pan.

Chris is a retro games seller, and owner of which (In my unbiased opinion) has some of the best condition and best value retro games you can find on the internet.
As well as his games, he’s a big film fan (and subsequently so am I now) and between us we own over 750 movies. Considering opening up a rental service.

I’ve had a hat full of health problems over the last year including a bout in and out of hospital with jaundice that turned out to be my gallbladder, had that out 14/1/14
Also have had thyroid cancer, had the lump and half my thyroid gland removed 21/6/14 and the other half of my thyroid gland removed 26/8/14, now awaiting radiation treatment and my all clear.

Our little monster is now a year old, and is growing into the most beautiful (& cheeky!) little man ever.

So anyway, this is our adventure into *cough* adulthood (not really planning on growing up anytime soon) and hopefully an insight into new parents and a bit of fun along the way.

Sorrel x

This is my...

This is my blog, this is my family, this is my life.

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