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This is my…Regretful Mobility

18 Oct

You’d think I’d have learnt by now.

Hip and back pain, not going away any time soon, well at least until bump is here, so any excess movement is a no no. And considering I call “excess movement” anything outside of the house, going for a walk round town is probably the worst idea ever.

Today, I decided I had enough energy to do just that (even though energy doesn’t always translate as lack of pain) so planned with Chris that I could come with him when he takes parcels into town.
Not bad, and would have probably been fine, had I not also decided that today was the day a few more things were gonna get crossed off the “must do” list. Mainly the things that I genuinely MUST DO before bump gets here.

So, rummage around in the airing cupboard and we found some lovely floral (yuk) curtains to hang on those rails my dad put up nearly a week ago (you can’t say I rush into any decision) problem being, there was only two of them, and 3 windows. After contemplation whether it would be best to hang them and one other lovely salmon coloured one, or leave the smaller severely off coloured (I think it used to be white, it’s now creamy-brown. Again, yuk) one up.
Eventually decided on the off white one, as it’s just about closer to the yellow floral ones than anything else, and the floral ones cover both the big windows fine. They’re even lined!

Flushed with that bit of success, Chris then asked for my help in getting the car seat installed.
And here’s where we hit a slight snag.
Chris has a lovely car, it even has 4 seats (all with working seatbelts!) so bump seat can fit in. But. No back doors. So it looks like bump + seat will have to come out on mass every time, as it’s almost impossible to get him in or out without it as someone decided the seat had to be rear facing.
So after a lot of swearing and making sure everyone on the whole street knew how to get the seat in and out easily we finally managed to get into town, by which time I was already half dead from leaning over the car.
Still somehow managed to make it to Boots (Again. I keep forgetting stuff every time. I wish they did home deliveries) WH Smiths (I’m now stocked up on Take A Breaks for hospital) and Poundland (6 pack of hula hoops for 99+1p. Yes please) before just about making it home in time to collapse back to bed for a few hours. Then a few more. Then not be able to move because I’d seized up into a giant ball of hip and back pain.

Followed by the usual swearing to the almighty gods of pain, I’ll not leave the house till labour starts.
Which will probably last till…tomorrow.


This is my…39th Week!

15 Oct

One week to go!

I’m so far along in my pregnancy now that most of my baby club emails have stopped sending me stuff as I guess they assume something will have happened by now, and Pampers even sent me one congratulating me on the safe arrival of my new little one. Literally, a bit premature there Pampers. And as you’re unlikely to get any of my business anyway, there’s no point trying to jump in ahead of everyone else.

So, he’s still there, still cooking, just putting on more and more weight (yay, that’ll make it easier to get out. NOT) and exercising more and more of his muscles, and I can so feel him wibbling around…day and night…night and day, that combined with the Braxton Hicks contractions mean my belly is currently doing a pretty good impression of a lava lamp.

This also means my sleep is still non-existant. It seems physically impossible for me to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. I have no idea what is waking me up, not the toilet, not really bumpy as he’s on all the time so nothing changes after two hours. All it means is I don’t feel like I’ve slept properly in months.
I guess it’s all a sign of things to come. I would say with more crying, but between Chris and the cats I’ve already got a fair bit of wailing in my life!

So, other than the usual “everything-hurts-lets-strap-a-hot-water-bottle-to-it-till-it-gives-in” and the grand unveiling of the central heating system for the first time this year, life is still moseying on, with as little getting out of bed as I can manage. And boy am I getting good at it.

This is my…Exciting Day Out!

10 Oct

Well, to make up for yesterdays writing being a bit non-existent today is pack full of goodies!

To start with, had another midwife appointment, I’d imagine my last one now, unless bump decides to chill in there for longer than planned.
So, for once, I have normal wee!
I know, it’s the little things that keep me going.
After being poked by the midwife, she confirmed that bumpy has moved south a bit (10 points to Katie & Ingunn) and he’s managed to twist himself so he’s not back to back anymore, and is about as ready as he can be without actually popping out.
Was very interesting chat about Braxton Hicks, which I thought were pretty much useless but as well as strengthening the muscles ready for actual labour every time it moves him a bit more into place it takes some time off of what could be an 18 hour labour, like I should be chalking up all these cramps and contractions and seeing what I’m left with by the time my waters break.
Also had our chat about the birth plan, but after about half an hour of talking about all the possibilities, it’s pretty much all written down as “Active Management” which is doctor speak for “play it by ear”. All I do know is I’ll probably park myself in the Dolphin Suite at the hospital, not because I particularly want a water birth (though the big baths look very comfy) but because of the relaxed environment it gives me where you get a kitchen, en-suite bathroom and docking stations for your own music, along with birthing balls, mats, hammocks and beanbags. Basically a home-from-home style place.
I know after bump is here I’ll have to transfer to the postnatal ward because he needs to be tested for diabetes, even though I’ve been fine since they first diagnosed me, but better safe than sorry, and 24 hours with other people waiting on me hand and foot could be quite useful.

So after all that poking and talking, I jumped on a train to meet up with my Australian friend Georgie who I haven’t seen (was trying to work it out) since 2010 when I went to Melbourne. It was only a flying visit, because she was visiting some relations in Kings Lynn and is flying back out soon. I felt a bit ropey, but seeing as she’d done most of the work to get here, the least I could do was meet her in Norwich. And she’d bought bump a cuuuuuute Tasmanian Devil cuddly, all the way from Tasmania!
After grabbing some lunch, we moseyed round a few shops including the castle museum one and a couple in Castle Mall, where I adopted another cute cuddly, this time in Kitty form, and a box of Wonka Nerds from the American sweet shop. Nom.


That was pretty much it, and pretty much all me and bump could handle so after getting home I was straight to bed as quickly as I could climb the stairs.

This is my…38th Week!

8 Oct

As BabyGaga.com says “If you’ve just tuned in I’m as big as a Jumbo Jet in a holding pattern impatiently waiting for those first contractions to let me know it’s time to clear the runway for my baby boys epic landing”


Here feety feety feet…

And boy do I feel it.
Yesterday I found I have the added pleasure of not just getting dizzy and out of breath going up and down the stars, but a simple walk from my bed to the loo (for the 100th time) seems to have the same effect.
Once again, thank god Chris, for 2/3rds of my meals being in bed, cos between that and the general hip and back pain much more movement feels like the end of the world.

Having said that, sitting in bed is no longer the pleasurable experience it once was, as tail bone and right butt cheek are conspiring against me, meaning I have to shift position every 10 seconds or so. Hot water bottles are wonderful things, but considering I’m still running hotter than the average bear (and that in turn is making me sick, twice in the last week) it’s not always practical.

In official news, well not much else to report, he’s still fully cooked and just piling on the the pounds (hence why I’d like him here sooner rather than later, less to push out). I’ve still not had anything in the way of twinges, other than every time he gets a good kick in my whole mid section lurches half an inch to the left, and enough cramps to take down the hardiest man, but nothing else that seems to constitute progress.

Any decent amount of sleep still seems to be a no-go too, as I’m waking up about every 2 hours or less overnight. I can usually get back to sleep soon enough, but it does mean I never get into a really deep refreshing sleep, so those aches and pains never fully get dealt with and I wake up just as grumpy as when I went to bed.

I’m really probably not a nice person to be around right now!

This is my…37th Week!

1 Oct

Bumpy is officially cooked!

Week 37 bumps are now considered full term and are all ready for their adventure into the big wide world, and if they are anything as impatient as I was, he’ll be here any day now!

However, he’s shown no signs of making a move, I feel he’s still quite high up and other than horrendous back pain, I’ve not felt anything that can be described as relevant twinges so I guess he’s just making the most of his squishy hotel room until he’s forcibly evicted in the near(ish) future.

If he’s on track still, he’ll be weighing about 6.5lb and measuring up at about 50cm. He can curl fingers and toes, turn his head and opening his mouth when something touches his cheek. He can also make a slight distinction between mum and dad’s voice, which would be a lot easier if Chris stopped making silly high pitched noises at my bump. Poor boy is gonna be confused when he comes out over which is mummy or daddy!

All the baby clubs say I should be catching up with friends now as I probably wont get to see them for a while once bump is here, so if you could all form an orderly queue round the house that’d be brill, ‘cept for Georgie as she’s made a special effort coming from Australia (not just to see me, I’d like to point out) that I can manage to get off my backside and meet her in the city.
These same clubs also say now is a good time for spring cleaning, but in the comments sections most women have said they only felt like cleaning right before they went into labour, like a last minute nesting session. So I’m quite glad I don’t seem to have that urge yet. Though bumps room is gathering a layer of dust over it. God knows from where. But it’s there. *twitch*

I sense another list coming on…

This is my…36th Week!

24 Sep

For the most part today has been a good day.
We even managed to make £40 on the carboot which considering I hardly sold any of my nice clothes (On a rail that I had to tape together because some vital parts had gone missing) and I didn’t get a pair of nice shoes from the stall opposite when I had the chance then someone else bought them, and, as mentioned yesterday, I forgot the chair, so I had to keep swivelling in and out of the car.
But what really irked me was a guy, came and picked up one of the books we were peddling (just happened to be Tony Blair) and asked how much it was. Replying 50p, he said can’t say fairer than that for a hardback, and coughed up the change.
All fine and dandy, then before I’ve even had a chance to put the money in the tub, he goes “No, not acceptable, it’s water damaged, I want my money back”
Er, what?
“I sell books for a living this isn’t good enough”
I caved in and gave him his sodding 50p back because it wasn’t worth the hassle, but seriously. I have no problem with people buying to re-sell, if you buy it off of me you can burn it for all care, but basically demanding a refund just because you can’t sell it is a bit off. It’d be like Chris picking up a game, paying for it, checking the disc condition then asking for the money back because it was bad.
Check it’s condition before you pay, or just take it as a hit and move on.
It’s a very sad state of affairs when you have to put on the side of you car “No Refunds” or “Sold As Seen”.

Anyway, in other news, I’m 36 weeks today!

Bump is back to his usual hyperactive self, booting my bladder at all hours. Sickness is down to about once a week, sicky feeling about once a day, usually still triggered by smells or overheating. Back pain is getting unbearable, if I even think about having a lie down, or try and move at any point over the night (which is quite a lot as I’m a fidgety pain (Bed sheet removed itself this morning ready for the wash)) really hurts. Worse at night because it fully wakes me up taking me forever to get back to bed.

In official news, his bones should be fully formed by now, other than his skull which has to stay squishy to get out. His muscles have developed including his Ulnar grasp (vice like grip when you put your finger in their hand). My placenta is the size of a dinner plate (nom) and is about 1/8th of bumps weight.

Other than that, just waiting. Waiting. And more waiting.

This is my…Sound Of Silence

20 Sep

I didn’t realise quite how quickly those new windows would make a difference.

Fitters had to come back this morning just to finish off the last few bits and bobs, and were done before half 9, so I was back in bed before 10, and out like a light till 2pm. Oh boy did I need that.

No cars, no kids, no dogs, no train (even though the line is miles away) just me, my eye mask and a comfy bed. Hoorah.

One slight problem has been highlighted though. The main bedroom has 3 odd shaped windows, which used to have curtains and really dodgy blinds at them. I say “used to” because the blinds were basically ripped down by the window people (can’t say I blame them, they looked unloved) and unfortunately the hooks where the net curtains line ran into were on the old wooden frames so also can’t be re-hung leaving anyone in that room a little exposed to the neighbours. Which very much makes this weeks car boot mission FIND SOME CURTAINS. We have the tracks already, just nowt to hang on em.
Nothing much else was accomplished today, fish and chips was a welcome change to my diet even if the fish was pretty much burnt to a crisp. Oh and a very welcome return of 15 to 1 on Channel 4s 80s night. Few hours of internet surfing then more sleep.
I have such a hard life…

This is my…Invisible Bump

17 Sep

Oooh, this boy is a beast.

He has been the most hyperactive bump known to humankind all the way through this pregnancy so far, haven’t even bothered counting 10 kicks because he’s usually at that before breakfast.
But this morning, nothing.
Ok, so I didn’t have a spectacular nights sleep the night before so I thought with all my tossing and turning about, he probably was just still sleeping.
Throughout the day, I didn’t pay much attention to him, but usually when I’m sitting up eating, or drinking a fizzy drink he gives me a boot or two to tell me what he thinks of my diet.
Still nothing.
Getting slightly worried now, so I think I’ll take matters into my own hands. As recommended by the bump clubs, drink something sweet like fruit juice and lie on your left side for an hour and count the kicks. One orange capri-sun and one hour later, still nothing.
By now I’m really getting concerned so I phoned the out of hours midwife service (basically the central delivery suite at James Padget) and she says to do basically the same thing, but with ice cold water.
Another hour gone, and there’s a possibility he’s kicked once, and even so that was really really faint or may just have been me with hiccups.
By this point, we really had to take a drive to the hospital just to check he hadn’t actually vanished, as even if that was a kick from him, it’s still less than the 10 they recommend a day and a hell of a lot less than I had been getting.
Luckily quite a quick drive up there, despite hitting 3 different sets of roadworks on route. When we got there, it hit me, that if I went into labour this time of night I’d have no idea where to go or what to do as reception is very much closed.
Treating this as a dummy run, we went through A&E (nice and quiet on a Tuesday) and through the rest of the hospital. Good job I’d been up to that part of the hospital before as it’s not exactly clear where to go (and thinking, if I have to do that run whilst in labour, the whole hospital is gonna be awake, as it’s not exactly next to the front door)

So, soon as I got in there, for the first time ever, in recorded history, my blood pressure was above normal. Not a huge amount at all, but just enough that I can’t say “Well at least my blood pressure is still fine!”
Which considering what I’ve already been through in this pregnancy is a freaking miracle.
After that, when she attached the heartbeat monitor to my belly, he was there. Exactly where we’d left him. Little heartbeat galloping away.
She then attached another one a bit higher up that measured my fake contractions and picked up any movement he made.
Turns out it wasn’t me being solely paranoid as he didn’t move much to begin with, till she asked me to turn on my side and poked him a bit, at which point he was all feet a-blazin’ and boy could I feel him.
She kept me pinned to this monitor for 15 min before she turned me, then another 15 min after she turned me back (was really hard to pick up a heartbeat on my side due to where he was laying and my layers of fatty fat fat) then a further 15 min because he was being TOO active, then another 15 min waiting to see if it was ok to sign me off and back out into the cold.

So, anyway, he’s all ok, back to being his usual beasty self and I’m back to normal blood pressure.

This is my…Lack of Wardrobe

14 Sep

Sorry for this folks, but I’m gonna be walking around naked for a while as I’ve just got rid of most of me clothes.
When I say most, I mean my clothes managed to fit into a compact 10 bin bags, 4 of which went to the clothes recycling bank (along with about 4 of Chris’ got us a nice £16 which would have otherwise gone into the bin) and another 2 good quality ones that I’m gonna give a token trip to the car boot, then if no one still wants them will probably meet their friends in the recycling place.

But the problem is, I’m still left with 4 bin bags of clothes to find a home for, not to mention the stockpile I’d already got here. So it meant finding lots of space that didn’t already exist. Only one thing for it, evict Chris’ clothes!
I mean, he was well overdue a sort out, and with the push that I was sorting mine, we (he) managed to clear 2 draws from our (his) 2 chests of draws meaning we (I) now have a total of 8 draws and the built-in cupboard to play with.
I’ve already filled them up.
Tomorrow starts the next few loads of washing to freshen up the clothes that I’ll be taking to car boot (weather permitting, and at the moment, East Anglia is meant to be under water by Tuesday) then ploughing on with getting everything from the ‘rents to here.

Still to do:

  • (Re) empty shed of car boot stuff, enabling cardboard boxes for packaging & video tapes from under-stairs cupboard (and from mine) to go out into the shed.
  • Move shoes from porch to under-stairs cupboard. Clean porch to enable bumpy buggy to find a home.
  • Buy and install (somewhere) a cheap display cabinet for my wrestling games, freeing up the bedroom cupboard completely.
  • With that cupboard free, my Karaoke equipment has somewhere to hide.
  • Bring all my paperwork over and sort into A4 folders, and put of shelves above desk (Oh and paint the shelf)
  • Move things about to let the window fitters come in and do their thing.
  • Move them all back again.
  • With the new wider-opening windows, fill, sand & paint the shelves in bumps room so I don’t suffocate from the fumes.
  • Sort out the kitchen cupboard to make a spare shelf for bumps bits (Steriliser, bottles, warmer etc)

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. It’ll come to me soon.
Baby brain.

This is my…34th Week!

10 Sep

So today we’re up to the 34th week.
Nothing much has changed for bump, he’s just getting porkier, oh and his liver is should be starting to work by now, hope he doesn’t come out yellow.
As far as I’m aware he’s still head down but his feet are still curled up round my left hand side. Makes lying that way at night almost impossible as he kicks till I move.
Because he’s supposed to be lower by now, things like heartburn and indigestion are supposed to be out the window.
Yeah, can someone tell my body that? I’m as heartburny as ever, still going through milk like a madman.
Only other thing that caught my attention was this from the AptaClub email

A final tip to help you support your baby from the inside… Stress can have an effect on your developing baby; avoiding caffeine and including foods with B vitamins (e.g. bananas, wholegrain bread, eggs), in your diet can help.

Aka, pretty much what the doctor has told me to eat to try and avoid sugary & carbohydraty things. Oh well. I’m sure someone knows what they’re talking about.

I’m still a little bit worried that I’ve not been to any Anti-Natal classes, as I’m sure there’s stuff I don’t know, and it’s getting very close to pop date to fit all the information in time. I mean, we don’t even know basic information like, when I go into labour, Where do I go in (A&E, reception, maternity ward?) Where does Chris park (cos getting a parking ticket if I’m in labour for hours could be very VERY expensive) What stuff can I take with me (I’ve heard rumours that you can’t take tons of bags in with you, just one for baby and any stuff for mums have to come in later, but how much later etc?) It’s all questions the midwife is gonna get next week if I’ve not found out before then.

MassageRoomOther than that, today I went for my massage with the nice people at Glamr Beauty Studio in Oulton Broad. Wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as obviously I can’t lay on bump (at least without him having something to say about it) but when I got in, they’d positioned a pillow on the bed to put under bump and I sorta lay into it half on my side half on my front, which felt a little bit awkward to start off with, but after I relaxed into it, it was fine.
In fact more than fine.
Half an hour is just not enough, and my back felt fantastic and loose afterwards. Not only are they highly recommended, but if my back is still playing up after bump is here, I shall very much be back in as soon as.

Only slight drawback(s) to yesterday was, as soon as I got back home, I threw up. Hardly made it through the front door. It was a relief as it’s been building up for days, but it’s a bit worrying that it wasn’t to do with the heat, just happy happy hormones again. On top of that I’ve got another infection in the waterworks to deal with. Back to the doctors again tomorrow, also need to find out what happened to the test the hospital were meant to have done over a week ago.

Here’s to the next 6 weeks, eh?

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