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This is my…Low Iodine Diet-Day 3

13 Nov

I was a bit panicky about today because Chris is out and I have to get little man up and out by myself which takes a lot of energy at the best of times.
But we both had a lovely long sleep so Kal was happy and I had enough energy to move, and pack everything up so Nanna Janet could come and sccop him up for the day.
This was because I had a class to teach in Halesworth that evening, so with little man out a bit earlier than I needed to be leaving I decided to treat myself to a £10 wash, cut and blow dry walk in at the crop shop. My poor hair hadn’t seen a pair off scissors in nearly 2 years and had thinned out with baby/stress/treatment and has only just started to grow back in a very straggly manner. This chop has not only tidied it up but made it look so much thicker.
After that a quick hop on the train to teach the lovely Halesworth girls with a nice intensive 2 hour workshop and (in theory) a hop back to Beccles for rehearsals. Except I missed my train and ended up sitting in the cold for an hour at which point I could hardly move, so I decided pain killers, hot water bottle and bed was a good idea.

Today’s hectic menu:
Breakfast-One Round of toast with dairy free butter
Lunch- Chicken salad wrap (with the fresh chicken from last nights dinner) & banana & cup of soya milk tea.
Dinner- Packet of plain hula hoops, big fruit salad pot, cookies and cream nkd bad (still with no milk, nice!) Bottle of sprite
Snacks-white chocolate milk free buttons (even nicer!)


This is my…Earworm(s) Pt 2

11 Oct

Well, seeing as a lot less happened today, even missing all my TV as the football seemed to be on (it’s OK, I hid & I watched X-men First Class. Still a brill film) and because half the ones I posted the other day don’t seem to be there, you can have some more songs for your listening pleasure:

Oh and can’t forget to send a big sloppy kiss to my man for getting me a box of chocolates to easy the crampy pain. Worked a treat.

This is my…Current Earworm(s)

9 Oct

So seeing as pretty much nothing more exciting than eating and sleeping happened today, I thought I’d post you some of the songs that have been rattling round in my head today.

And one for the beastie ❤ :

This is my…TV Time

27 Sep

I’ve had quite a successful floaty non-day today.

Buuuuuuut, with all the awesome on TV tonight, I thought it wise to stock up on the munchies and one small sneaky can of energy drink.

First up Eastenders:
Actually quite good for once. Poor Masood has never been lucky in love, as far as I can remember pretty much every woman he’s ever been with has vanished off with another bloke before he can even rustle up one of his curries.
Welcome return of David, as one of the few decent actors still knocking about, will be interesting to see just how long it takes him to get back into Carol’s pants. It’s only a matter of time. Also, I guess it means Bianca will be back soon to see Daddy dearest.

Next (after shuffling Chris & friends out of the house) Marvel: Agents of Shield:
Now, this has been hyped up, and then some. Most watched pilot episode in America for 4 years, raking in best part of 13 million viewers, adverts been running for about 3 months, and the suspense of COULSON LIVES!
Without giving too much away, it really doesn’t go into how Coulson is alive, but throws a few mysterious hints out there which I’m sure will dragged out for the rest of the series.
The individual plot line of this episode was good too (if not slightly stolen from Iron Man 3, but then Marvel made that too, so I guess they can do what they like with it) and it took me forever to remember what I’d seen the main guy in, turns out he was Charles Gunn from Buffy spin-off Angel (also a Joss Whedon creation). Will be interesting to see how many other of his regulars pop up throughout the series.
Oh and seeing the “Mutant Enemy” production card at the end just made my geeky day.

From the very first episode of one show, to the very last episode. The IT Crowd:
I’m so glad they decided to give us one last blow out, as there’s nothing worse than half a story. The way it ended it could have gone on more, but I think I can accept it as a pretty good way to tie things up, as they did FINALLY manage to leave the basement. Even nice to see a fleeting appearance from Noel Fielding.

Finishing up the night with new & older episode of Family Guy, the older one having this epic song in it

I won’t blame you for not listening to the whole 10 hours. But you could do. Just for fun.

This is my…Karaoke Party!

11 Aug

Just wow!

So as I think I’ve mentioned before, my job pre-bump was karaoke DJ-ing, which, whilst not always the best paid job on the planet, was huge amounts of fun getting to meet lots of new people and encouraging people of all ages to get up and have a sing song, and with some of my regular gigs, have made a few new friends.
The only downside to this as a job with bump is all the heavy lifting involved, I’ve been very lucky to have the help of my dad as roadie the past couple of months but there’s only so much I can rely on other people and only so many late nights I can cope with at the moment!

So last night, I decided one big last one to finish (as I’m 30 weeks Tuesday) and called on all my crew to come and give me a great send off.

And they did not disappoint!

Including a couple of new faces (that I sadly had to tell had pretty much missed the boat for the time being) there must have been around 25-30 people crammed into the foyer, including regular family and friends and some faces from other places all to join in the fun.

Songs sang last night varied from the classics such as Angels and A Whole New World to a spot of musicals with On My Own and As Long As He Needs Me, all the way to chart hits such as Everything Has Changed and Dear Darlin’.
But my absolute favs of the night had to be

  • Little Kaila singing Baa Baa Black Sheep, Incy Wincy Spider and a fantastic performance of True Colours wonderfully aided by her mum Lianne
  • Paul-Jørgen (who I used to babysit) and I singing Good Time. I remember when he first started singing and I hope his family wont mind me saying but he’s been diagnosed with Autism and to see him having such a good time performing is brilliant!
  • My sister Jessamy singing Shelter. See above reason. Just as proud.
  • Andy The Clown singing Sandy from Grease, but replacing Sandy with Cheryll*. I (and others) were laughing so much we were nearly crying. Fantastic!
  • Karen and Josh singing Fairytale of New York. Now I know it’s not Christmas for a while yet, but seeing as I may not be back till New Year, I let them get away with a Christmas selection now.

So all in all I hope everyone had a good time last night as that will have to keep you going for a long time.
I promise I will be back, I just don’t know when, in the mean time add and keep an eye on my Facebook page for the next event just as soon as it happens.

Till next time…!

*The side note on this is Cheryll is the musical director of Spotlights next production of Grease and lamenting the fact that the song Sandy isn’t in the musical version he decided to dedicate this song to her. Luckily she was in the room too, to appreciate it!

This is my…Earworm Breakdown (Big When I Was Little)

3 Aug

So, today I’ve decided to rip apart a song that’s been stuck in my head for a while now.

Big When I Was Little – Eliza Doolittle

Now I do like this song, catchy tune, and as Eliza is only a year younger than me, things that where big when she was little were big when I was little too.
Having said that, there’s a few things that have been bugging me timeline wise, so here is a mental breakdown.

Eliza born-1988
Eliza 01-1989
Eliza 02-1990 – End of Cassette Tapes – Nirvana
Eliza 03-1991                                                – Nirvana
Eliza 04-1992                                                – Nirvana – SNES
Eliza 05-1993                                                – Nirvana – SNES
Eliza 06-1994                                                – Nirvana – SNES – Lauren Hill
Eliza 07-1995                                                                      – SNES – Lauren Hill
Eliza 08-1996                                           – Spice Girls – SNES – Lauren Hill
Eliza 09-1997                                           – Spice Girls – SNES
Eliza 10-1998                                           – Spice Girls
Eliza 11-1999
Eliza 12-2000
Eliza 13-2001                                            – Nike TN’s
Eliza 14-2002                                                                  – Malcom In The Middle Started
Eliza 15-2003
Eliza 16-2004
Eliza 17-2005
Eliza 18-2006 – Wembley Arena
Eliza 19-2007
Eliza 20-2008

Spice Girls – 1996/1998 (Wannabe to Geri’s departure)
Polaroid camera – 80s
Cassette tapes – Pretty much replaced by 1990
Malcom in the middle – started in 2001 in UK
Nirvana – 1990/1994 (Big label signing to Kurts death)
Lauren Hill – 1994/1996 (In Fugees)
SNES – 1992/1997 (release to N64 release)
Avirex Jackets (2002 Ali G?)
Strawberry Ribenia – ?!?!?
Nike TN’s – 2001
Wembley Arena re launch – 2006

So in case you can’t be bothered to draw your own conclusion, I think things that were “Big” before her time include Polaroid Cameras & Cassette Tapes.
Things like Nirvana were big when she was very little, even I can’t really claim to have been a fan when Kurt was still alive.
SNES was around when she was just of game playing age, and (even though I know she comes from a stupidly rich family) I can’t really see her having one from launch at that early age. And unless she was some sort of Soothsayer, Wembley Arena shaped dreams would have been when she was 18. Not exactly little!

Well that was fun.
I’m happy to take suggestions of other songs that you’d like ripped apart, I have a few others saved away for rainy (read, boring) days.

Admirable, but…no

10 May

Just got passed this letter at work today, don't know if they have been sitting on it for a while or it's only just managed to make it through the postal system, either way, this is dated the 22/12/09. 

To, The Managing Director.
Dear Sir/Madam
I write to say that I was not happy to have to sit through a full-blooded 15 minutes of Xmas carols last Saturday.
Your ad, in the Waveney advertiser, described your event as "A Traditional Olde Tyme Music Hall" 
It was only when one arrived at the Theatre that the religious element was disclosed.
Non-religious people are entitled to participate in Xmas activities without it being assumed that they subscribe to the delusion of a god.
One might ask weather the organisers & of course the lady "Chairman" gave any thought to the members of the audience who, being of a different religious, or of none, were feverently urged to "Stand up" the better to sing. The effect upon those who remained seated can been, and should have been, seen as un-polite to put it mildly.
I suspect that the producers of "Music Hall" ran out off appropriate happiness consistent with that tradition & had the cheek to finish the evening with even more Xmas cracker "jokes" 
The rest of the show was very good.

Now, I'm not sure what to make of this. 

It's admirable that they took the time to point out how religion is crowbarred into everything, and believe me when I say I'm fully on this persons side, that regardless of religion you should be able to enjoy the festivities, 
BUT, how can you think a "traditional" music show wont include some carols they were about long before Slade, and why do carols bother them so much. I sing them. They're just songs. 
Also, why send this to the theatre. We don't really have any say over what these people put in their shows, their previous shows have been very popular so we book them to let them do their stuff. 
Not only are a handful of people at the theatre atheist (in fact we have one anti-theist) but a few members of the group are too. 
Anyway, I'm not judging, but I think it's up to me to write a response, and I'm not sure how to go about it.

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Dude, There’s my Car!

7 Oct

Ah, there’s nothing like a road trip to really make you appreciate your bed…

Well yes, I did agree to it, and even though I had a fairly lazy day Friday, I still somehow manage to get no sleep, so Jay, Mark and myself set out for Nottingham to view a lovely Honda NSX (I may put a picture up here if I can find a decent one) at 8:00 in the morning for 3 hours of getting lost (even with a shatnav) and Jason had waaay to much Lucozade to drink and ended up having to piss like a racehorse on more than one occasion, at least that let us stretch our legs a bit, I’m sure I still felt deep vain thrombosis setting in.

So yes, the car itself was nice 1994, 2 seater, BRIGHT GREEN, nice big boot for the bodies, removable hard top, squeaky suspension, but a vTech engine that promises to pin me to the seat in fear and G-force. So Jay stuck down a deposit for this £2000 car and promised to find a way to get back up there next week with the rest of the money and a clean pair of pants. I shan’t be joining them for two reasons. 1) I’m rather busy over the next few weeks (if anyone has ordained to look at my calender you shall see I’m not gonna have a second free till Christmass) and 2) I think I’d rather wait till Jason gets the hang of that thing and can control it rather than wrapping it round a tree.

So, car all looked at, and us all hungry, we started looking round Nottingham for places to eat, and somehow ended up in a pub for a swift half. Now this pub was totaly a scene out of Hot Fuzz, couldn’t understand a word everyone was saying…I need to hire a translator.
So still not eating, and now trying to not let alchol affect my judgment of what to eat, we were pissing about on shat-nav, and realised that Derby was only half hour away from where we were. So me hopped on the M1 (and this was Jasons’ first experence of motorway driving….hurrah) and went to see our mate Toby who’s gone to uni over there. The look on his face when we knocked on the door was priceless, as he had no idea we were coming !
After a few mins of talking about nothing in particular we drove off again to find some food (bearing in mind its about 3pm by now and none of us had eaten in 8 hours, we were startting to get a tad peckish) we somehow ended up at a Little Chef in the areshole of nowhere, and this is where I had a revelation…I’m old…so very very old. I was sitting in a Little Chef moaning about the prices in resteraunts today. In all fairness tho, I thought that Morrisons prices were expensive, £3.99 for a heart attack on a plate, and in this little Chef thingy the same meal (with one less sausage) was £6.99…Rip off.

So, screaming back from Derby at 2 billion MPH, we just made it home in time for the Serulian gig at the Brewery, and despite the fact I didn’t have a penny to me name, and I was so very tired, the night was very good as the band (who are now a 5 piece) were very talkative to us before the gig, and played a blinding set, and I saw Kai, who I haven’t seen in over 2 years…and he was nice enough to buy me a drink, so that makes him a good bloke in my eyes…

In conclusion, a fun day, and here’s looking foward to our road trip next year to further flung places.

Also got tickets to the Fullmooners in London the 1st November, so I’m saving up now, so I have lots of money on which I plan on getting rather tipsy.

On a less hyper note, I’ve been bailed on to see Alan Carr tonight, so I’ve got to decide either to go with my Mum, or going with my Dad….Oh the choice.
An I get the feeling that the same person is gonna bail on coming to see my show on the 20th and my Mum is gonna shoot me for wasting the money.

So not all good, but overall a crackin day.

Adios x

The Day The Music Died

12 Aug

This has taken a while for me to write.
It’s only just sinking in.
These things take time to adjust.
You know that things that wrong can’t last forever, but it still doesn’t prepare you for the loss of something that major in your life.

I am of course talking about the loss, of the radio at work


We had a visit last Monday, from a nice high up boss person, just to make sure everything was ship shape in the cafe (Which considering neither of the official cooks were on, is quite a good start) but apparently he took one look (or listen) of the radio and said it must go if we want to keep our jobs.
He was rather lucky that I wasn’t there, I kicked up a big enough fuss when I came in the next day, but if I had been there, boss or no boss, I would have yelled. That place is enough of a stressful hell hole with no daylight or air in there, and no company, save the odd order being yelled through at the top of peoples lungs, and they take away the one thing that makes us happy.


I would love to be a fly on the wall tomorrow when Agnes (our other cook) comes back, as it was her radio and she LOVES her music, and I mean shes singing all the time, life without that radio may finish her off and I’m quite prepared to go with her, this is just unfair !!!

Also, the very same day my MP3 player packed up, so I couldn’t listen to any music to or from work or in the canteen (but its payday next week so, new one !)

So there we go, if I look more miserable than usual at work, you shall know why.

Life On The Z List

6 Jul

Sorry for the lack of updating that there has been from me, my dad, ever the slave to the media culture, has got us a BT HomeHub thingy and the Internet has gone on a vacation.

So, Updates:

Went to battle of the bands on Wednesday, fecking travesty, Serillian should have won over the whiny little emo things that actually went through. Alright if you like that sorta thing, I, however…don’t. Did see Phil there tho, nice to see him again, so not all bad.

Work is going ok “Touch wood” they have put my hours up to 25, though I haven’t signed a piece of paper yet. Last Sunday resulted in another less annoying burn, and I don’t think anyone brought any food back, so nothing too bad. Hurrah for that anyway

Tickets for Latitude FINALLY came through, even though they are only for the Friday, I should be able to see Bill Bailey, Russel Howard and The Magic Numbers. Pictures will be abundant on here, provided I remember my camera, because my track record in those matters isn’t very good…

Love life…Nah
Although I have found out where the love of my life works, so some stalking could be on the cards.

So there we are then that’s all from me at the moment, depending on the Internet, I might not write any more till after Latitude, and with about 30 hours work between me and my computer then there’s a strong possibility that I may not be around for a while.

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