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This is my…Auto Pilot Day

28 Oct

Somehow my body is still running after all this lack of sleep.

Greatly improved by the mahoosive can of energy drink I downed this morning and the chocolates stashed away but still no day naps, which is a pity as he seems to sleep a heck of a lot better during the day than at night.

I think it’s something to do with when he was still in the womb he’d be rocked about to sleep during the day and when I stopped at night he’d be wide awake. Will take a little while to get him the right way round I guess.

Again, with the not much other than staring at him, the occasional poke to check he’s still breathing, but overall not a lot of movement on my part.
Chris, bless him, managed to get food shopping, washing up, clothes washing, hoovering, my food, Kal’s food, cats food all done before Eastenders.
Did however manage to get out of yet another pooey nappy.
This is a skill in itself.

So, quite daringly, we took Kal downstairs (in the Moses basket as his bouncer is way WAY to big for him) and settled him in front of the TV. Managed to get not only Eastenders in, but the whole of X-men Origins, with advert breaks!

This has led me to the conclusion, we have a very VERY quiet baby.
He pretty much only screams when he’s having his nappy changed and is we take a bit too long getting his food. Even then, he’s not got a solid scream, he has a bit of a wail, then gives up for 5min, then has another go, then gives up. It’s like crying is all too much effort for him, poor little thing!

Was planning on another shift night of sleep, but somehow we managed to keep him going for 4 hours between feeds so managed to get a little doze in between (I’m getting better at blocking him out. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not) and for the first time, minimal amounts of stress at 4 in the morning.


This is my…Nope, Nothing

17 Oct

Zip. Nada. Nothing.

Today, because Chris was out for the day, I moved less than normal, if that’s possible.

After waking up late, I stumbled downstairs and grabbed enough food for breakfast & lunch then went right back to bed. Nibbling away at the grub I managed to catch up with my telly box that I missed over the last few days, starting with Stephen Fry’s program on homosexuality.

Most of the places I knew about had atrocious rights for gay people like Russia and most middle eastern countries, but the most bizarre is Brazil. They have one of the worlds biggest gay pride marches in the world, but it’s possibly because of this that the anti-gay people (I hate the word homophobic, you’re not scared of gays, you’re just a douchebag)  feel that they’ve been swept up along with everything too soon and are coming out (so-to-speak) so far the other way it’s very scary.
And to think that between them and Russia they’ve got all the major sporting events for the next few years covered, that’s not gonna do anything for homosexuals in these sports, or to give them the confidence to come forward.

Anyway, after that to cheer myself up I put on a spot of Have I Got News For You with the lovely Richard Osman presenting. Very funny, best quote being “It’s exactly like Pointless, except I can say f**k!”

Rounded off with QI on Killers, and I very much enjoyed being introduced to a chappy by the name of Trevor Noah who (at the risk of sounding like colonial) entertained me the most by singing a traditional South African song with the clicks in it, wish I could find it on Youtube and I’d share it with you, I love music from all cultures and what better place to show it off than QI.
Well, possibly Jools Holland, but seeing as I don’t watch his show I’d never know.

This is my…What The Heck Happened?

5 Oct

So again, with the lack of sleep, even though I only got to sleep at 4AM, I was wide awake by 8, little dozing sesh till 10.
Nothing from the other half, so I fired up the computer for some Criminal Case (great Facebook game, stupidly addictive) for a couple of hours.
12 came and went, STILL nothing, seriously considering sending out a search party. Not like he was even home that late (2AM, he’s usually back at 4, and lets face it I was awake till 4 anyway) and I’d already got up and got breakfast, I thought the cats squealing the house down would have woken him up if nothing else.
1PM rolled by and bump was kicking my insides out for lunch, and finally by half 1 Chris surfaced. Then proceeded to ask why I hadn’t woken him up!?

So, finally leaving the house, we went to Norman Warrior for some grub, Chris had butterfly prawns with tika mayo dip and I had some lush Quiche Lorrane and potatoes, brilliant after having junk food for the past few days, shame bump wouldn’t let me finish most of it, but still nom.

Seeing as I’d actually left the house (dawned on me, first time in 5 days) I wanted to make the most of it, so we moseyed into town and I managed to make it through a few shops without dying too much. Well I ended up cramping up so much I genuinely thought he was gonna pop in Iceland. Would have been…interesting. But anyway, got some nappy “cassettes” for our hygienic bin. I have no idea how they fit but either trial & error or the internet is sure to reveal something.

So after the cramping, I was straight to bed, even missed Pointless Celebs (typically it was full of musical people #thankgodforiplayer) but some how managing to hide 2 cans of Ambrosia rice pudding before going back to bed.
Oh, only after watching a slightly depressing episode of Casualty with a newborn baby that nearly didn’t make it. Luckily it did or I’d have spent the rest of the night crying my eyes out, fiction or not.

This is my…Vast Lack Of Sleep

4 Oct

So having slept very little last night again, I decided another lazy day in bed might just be the answer.

In the mean time, Chris crossed another thing of my list by buying some cheapy Poundland earphones (Headphones? I suppose if they go over your head their headphones and if they go in your ears they are earphones? Even if that’s not true it’s logic, therefore I’m sticking with it) to go with my MP3 player. I already have some fancy schmancy headphones (Skull Candy, nom) but just in case something happens to them, I don’t want £40 worth of headphones meeting a messy end.

He also raided Wilknsons for some more lovely Cussons baby & bump stuff. Got some baby bubble bath & some mummy bubble bath too both meant to help with sleep, so guess what I’ll be soaking in for the next three days.

The main reason he was in there though is to look for a thermometer.
Not a health thermometer, not a garden thermometer just a stick on the wall of your room and measure the temperature thermometer. Doesn’t have to light up, doesn’t have to tell me the time, JUST THE TEMPERATURE!
Turns out, not in Lowestoft.
Not in Boots, not in Argos, not in QD, not in Wilko. Seriously, the only one I can find is in Argos and it’s combined with a nightlight and about 20 other things for the princely sum of £15. I just want a thermometer, why is that so hard!

Anyway, after some delish Dominoes dindins it was TV time, Marvel Agents of Shield & 8 Out Of 10 Cats before attempting bed. That didn’t work, so 4 more hours of internet then finally got some shut eye.

This is my…TV Time

27 Sep

I’ve had quite a successful floaty non-day today.

Buuuuuuut, with all the awesome on TV tonight, I thought it wise to stock up on the munchies and one small sneaky can of energy drink.

First up Eastenders:
Actually quite good for once. Poor Masood has never been lucky in love, as far as I can remember pretty much every woman he’s ever been with has vanished off with another bloke before he can even rustle up one of his curries.
Welcome return of David, as one of the few decent actors still knocking about, will be interesting to see just how long it takes him to get back into Carol’s pants. It’s only a matter of time. Also, I guess it means Bianca will be back soon to see Daddy dearest.

Next (after shuffling Chris & friends out of the house) Marvel: Agents of Shield:
Now, this has been hyped up, and then some. Most watched pilot episode in America for 4 years, raking in best part of 13 million viewers, adverts been running for about 3 months, and the suspense of COULSON LIVES!
Without giving too much away, it really doesn’t go into how Coulson is alive, but throws a few mysterious hints out there which I’m sure will dragged out for the rest of the series.
The individual plot line of this episode was good too (if not slightly stolen from Iron Man 3, but then Marvel made that too, so I guess they can do what they like with it) and it took me forever to remember what I’d seen the main guy in, turns out he was Charles Gunn from Buffy spin-off Angel (also a Joss Whedon creation). Will be interesting to see how many other of his regulars pop up throughout the series.
Oh and seeing the “Mutant Enemy” production card at the end just made my geeky day.

From the very first episode of one show, to the very last episode. The IT Crowd:
I’m so glad they decided to give us one last blow out, as there’s nothing worse than half a story. The way it ended it could have gone on more, but I think I can accept it as a pretty good way to tie things up, as they did FINALLY manage to leave the basement. Even nice to see a fleeting appearance from Noel Fielding.

Finishing up the night with new & older episode of Family Guy, the older one having this epic song in it

I won’t blame you for not listening to the whole 10 hours. But you could do. Just for fun.


13 Jan

Nothing too strenuous, just moving lights around, didn't even have to go up a ladder, phew.
I watched Derren Browns new show, which I think is amazing. I have as much fun trying to work out how they are done as I do watching the illusions.
Also watched Justin Lee Colins on convention crasher when he became a magician, it was actually rather good…other than the skin tight Lycra suit.
A rather late night to be followed by a stupidly early morning. Hurrah

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Make A Note Of The Day

15 Apr

My dad just let me watch Sky, without putting up a fight for it!
The guy must be ill
This will actually be the first time I remembered that Comedy Cuts was on television, and I'm in the house, and I'm allowed to have sky (as its on ITV2). Don't worry it's only the second season, it took me about 46 episodes of House to convince my parents that I really REALLY wanted to watch it.
Oh and that reminds me of another rant.
I started watching a program on ITV the other day called Pushing Daisies.
Now, this program has had adverts on telly since before Christmas, and they've hyped it up so well, that I decided to give it a watch.
However, I heard on the news today that episode 2 will not be shown, as they didn't leave enough weeks to show the whole series before football season starts.
That is annoying.
All they had to do was show one less week of those bloody commercials and everyone would be happy.
Now I have to miss a bit of what is promising to be a good show, hardly seems worth it anymore. And the fact I have to miss it because of flaming FOOTBALL just makes me mad in so many ways.
I can probably still download it from the Internet (highly legal) but its still not the point is it.

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How Weird

22 Jan

Just realised, I've posted more blogs since I dropped my new years resolution of posting every day.
Well what can I say, there's lots of crap that needs talking about.
I was woken up at 8:00 this morning by the arse rapists who call themselves highway maintenance tearing up chunks of road that resulted in 2 posters falling off my walls because of the vibrations.
Thusly I didn't go to Splat because I had no sleep, but I did have the migraine to end all migraines…woo.
I do have to be alive tomorrow. We get our scripts and get a nice shiney read-through, which should result in me being exposed as a shit actor.
I've just sat here watching Peter Andre trying to be funny on cribs…"went down to starbucks the other day and asked if they've got al pachinos brother in, you know al's cousin capa? capachino?"
And it was just after he did his jungle thing and he had lots of plants around and plastic spiders.
And Hogan knows best is just as bad. I was just saying to someone on t'net that it's exactly the same as the Osbourne's, when Mr Hulk man was on the screen in a black wig and purple glasses looking EXACTLY like Ozzy. Oh how I love predictability.
If those roadworks wake me up tomorrow I shall kill something.

PS. I heard that Heath Ledger had died of a "suspected" drugs overdose, at the tender age of 28. I really liked him, and it's such a shame the way Hollywood gets to people these days.

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HOW thick?

20 Jan

So after only having 5 hours sleep (thank you very much Aussie friends, and stupid body clock) I trundled into church today rather happy with my little self for actually being awake/alive at 8 this morning.
I also got a groveling apology from one of my friends, so I hope we can keep talking for at least a week so we can go see Sweeney Todd on Friday. Oh and whilst I think of it, the adverts are a bit misleading, because Sweeney Todd, is in fact, A MUSICAL!
So many people I've spoken to over the last week refuse to believe me when I say it really is a musical, I assure you Johnny Depp will be singing. "Oh no but he's an actor."
Yeah, and he used to be in a band…dumb arses.
So yes, after le Churchly (Which was scary, as Mrs Zipfel has come back to haunt me, as Mr Bob was taking a service somewhere else, and upon entering the church today, she made a beeline in my direction, and started talking at me, not with..AT) I decided to have a lazy day and I've spent the day watching Challenge, and shouting the answers to ALL of them. The more I watch Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the more I think I should apply to go on it. All I lack is nerve, apart from that, I'm sure I could get to at least 32k.
If I did, I'd totally by a shiny car…How much do Aston Martins go for these days?

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Bordeom Strikes

3 Jan

Well, day 3 and I've already ran out of clever titles for entries. Can't wait to see what I call 3rd December 2008…Probably hyper space monkey poop or something like that.

I didn't have much to do today other than stare at my computer and shit myself about my job interview next week, so I put in all the archives for no one to muse over.

Ma has said if I get up at some un-godly hour of Saturday morning I'm allowed to pick out a shiny new outfit for Job interviews. (I use interviews in the plural quite wrongly, I hope that I only have to have this one interview and I can work in a theatre)

Oh, and Never Mind The Buzzcocks has gone down the pan. It really is shit and far too gimmicky. I'm not a big fan of Simon Amstell as it is, but he really has made the show crap. I only watch it now for Bill and Phill, and I'm sure they are getting bored with all the new and crappy performers they have. Either make it better, or I'm moving to Australia to watch Spicks and Specks live.

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