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This is my…Wonderful Collection Of Friends

14 Oct

I don’t say this enough, but I have some wonderful family & friends.

Lots of people have already chipped in bits and bobs to bumps collection, got a couple of knitted jumpers and blanket, some cute cuddlies and clothes.

But today I was totally bowled over by the bag of gifts that friends Jody & Grum brought round to spoil our little man.


Huge gorgeous, teddy (put with the other ones, bump wont actually fit in his cot anymore!) some adorable little sleep suits and matching hats, a cute little chewy toy for when the gnashers come through and some very VERY snazzy VETCH toys for bumpy to make as much noise as he likes. We were actually commenting on this the other day that he hasn’t got any electronics learning based or otherwise, and these two cute munchkins are brilliant. I just hope they make enough different songs and noises to not drive me insane, but between that and the kicky piano thing I’m sure there will be a bit of variation in his sounds.
Or I’ll sing to him, that’ll help.

So once again, a HUGE thank you and rest assured bump will be available for lots and lots of squishy hugs.

Other news, I rechecked the hospital bag (just to put the paranoia at ease) and dusted all the changing table and surrounding areas, still need to have a go at the shelves, but I’m waiting for the hoover to hover upstairs as I think even a duster will struggle with some of them.¬†Only thing really essential off the list is curtains and car seat and I’ll be a happy relaxed mummy.

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