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Comedy Fun Times – Day 1

24 Oct

Despite physically not being able to get out of bed Friday (and most of Thursday) I managed to prop myself up on a bus and head to London.
After loitering in McDonalds for a couple of hours (In a corner with two other asleep people) I got in touch with Linzy and went for a coffee and a catch up (2 month worth of talking) and for some Tru Blood goodies from Liza. After a brief stop at the worlds smallest Travelodge and the world’s only veggie Nandos, we headed off to the Hammersmith Apollo.

Now, as *avid* readers of my blog will know I live in the arse end of nowhere and subsequently the theatre I work at is tiny. As in, you could lose my theatre in the Hammersmith 360 times over. This scares the HOLY SHIT outta me.
Needless to say Tim was on cracking form and didn’t subject me to the shiny leggings he'd worn the night before

The only slight hiccup was on "If I didn't have you" where he managed to start the wrong verse, but the relentless backing singers soon told him he was wrong. This I totally and un-biasdly do not believe was Tim's fault, but rather brings me onto a rant about the crappyness of the show from a technical point of view.

My new theory is: The bigger the theatre, the less people cares.

1. Related to my last point, Tim didn't have a monitor at the front of stage. He had one by the piano, all well and good, but Tim does 3 numbers away from that one, so why was there not one anywhere else. I think this is what lead Tim to being a beat behind in some of the songs (gonna take some cracking editing there) and probably lead to his error in If I didn't have you.
2. Feedback/Cracking on the mic. I refuse to believe a venue of that size and with that amount of money has such shit microphones that they can be interfered by passing taxis.
3. If you're going to have big fancy pyros on stage, try not to set the performer alight.
4. And this pissed me off all evening. One light (A par-can) was flickering whilst we were taking our seats. The same light then proceeded to flicker all the time the show was on and even when every other light was off. PULL THE FUCKING PLUG.
These are all relatively minor annoyances but seeing as it's a DVD recording you'd think they'd put in a tiny bit of effort. Oh No No No.
Anyhoo, it was a good show deserving of the two standing ovations it got. Tim didn't come out after the show so I couldn't moan at him for not coming out after the last gig.

NOW. If you are my parents. Stop reading. If you are someone I work with. Stop reading. If you are someone who even remotely gives a damn about me. Stop reading.
This is where it gets a bit hairy.
Because I was a fool and left all my planning till the last second, I had nowhere to sleep and even though Shell offered, their room really was too small so I decided to have a kip in the train station for 8 hours. Bad move. First I sat in a quiet corner near the baggage collection, till a nice security man kicked me (& others) out. So I moved round the other side. Till a nice security woman kicked EVERYONE out. It was only for two hours; maybe they had to clean up the Saturday night puke. But this opened up the floodgates for a creepy guy to ask me where I was staying, and then follow me outside. Now I only went round the corner where a shuttle bus went every half hour, so there was plenty of people, but this guy would not take no for an answer. So I resorted to my usual method of fixing things and yelled at him. Thus grabbing the attention of the people around me and making the guy bolt.
2 Hours later and I was happily back in the "warmth" of the station, still with 7 hours to go. Because the F'ing clocking went back an hour. AGH. To compensate for this though, there was much hilarity at the coach station.
A big angry dude came rushing in and started banging on the doors, screaming and just generally being as obnoxious as possible. So a megabus driver calmly opened the door:
Man: "What the fuck, why isn't the door opened to the bus, what sorta shit service are you running, it's gone 8 man"
Driver: "Can I see your ticket please"
Man: *Hands over*
Driver: *Rips up ticket* Don't you dare come battering my door down again. It's 7 not 8 because the clocks have gone back an hour. Now get lost.
*Round of applause from nearby affected*

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World Tour Of East Anglia:

6 Sep
Flushed with the recent sucsess of being in 300 places at once (I managed to get away with not really helping out for Fawlty Towers) I now seem to have on my plate a solid week of doing things.
Nothing too hard or stressful. Just things. Nice to be kept busy I suppose.
Seeing as I probably wont be able to get on the internet between now and the end of time, I'll post an itenerary now, so anyone who wants to stalk me will know where I am at all times.
Monday: Getting all the Fawlty Towers set out of the theatre, and probably back into the store till the end of the week. Hello Dolly rehursal in Beccles, 7:30 pm as per.
Tuesday: Bar the lie-in I think I've earnt, I'm off to Norwich Art Center to see Trevor Lock et al on the free tickets I was kindly given by the Fabba group last month.
Wednsday: Another rehursal for Hello Dolly in the good ol Beccles, it's getting nearer the show now, so they've become a lot more intensive.
Thursday: Off to the Cut in Halesworth with the now mobile Fawlty Towers set, to go guess some lighting cues
Friday: Ditto, but this is in the shiny Fisher Theatre in Bungay.
Saturday: Mums birthday, so I can take a random guess that we'll be going to East Ruston if the weather is fine. Or if it's not.
Sunday: TIM! Like every fan should, I've started getting withdrawal symptoms from not seeing him for a couple of months. However like a bad fan, this is the only one on the tour I'm going to bar one Apollo gig (And only then because someone else got the tickets for me). Hmm. Norwich Theatre Royal for that one.
Monday: Guess what, back to beccles for yet another Hello Dolly rehursal. Not that I don't need them.

So there we have it. A whole week of being places that isn't Lowestoft. Aren't I lucky!
And I am so bored, here's a map:

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The doco & La Clique

13 Mar

Another trip to Londonia, hurrah!
My sister can be forgiven for thinking I live there.
Anyhoo, this time was to see Rock and Roll Nerd, the documentary chronicling the wonderful musical comical person know as Tim Minchin.
I was a bit dubious going into this, as reports from some Aussies (who obviously got to see it decades before us) saying it was a bit personal and they felt awkward watching it.
After watching it, I can say to anyone debating it this:
Yes, there are some moments that make you cringe
Yes, there are some real down moments for Tim within in it
Yes, there are some gratuitous arse shots
But (without sounding too wanky) this is all what makes Tim the strong person he is today. He got a crappy review from some jumped up newspaper writer in is first year in Edinburgh, so he wrote a song smashing him to the ground.
His wife miscarried their first child (which I think I knew, but still made me a bit upset watching it) but he's now got one healthy little girl and aparently another on the way.
And the gratuitous arse shot was just to show him rehursing his songs in the shower. Which we all do. Honest.
After this a few of us toddled off to see a caberet/circus/comedy kinda show. It has strong men, Juggler (who did an amazing routine to another one bites the dust) contortionist, a ukele player on roller skates (like Lady Carol on speed), guy on a high hoop, girl on a high trapeese, girl with about 10 hula hoops going at once and erm, I think thats it, oh yes alchol. I highly reccomend the late shows rather than the afternoon ones, more naked flesh, and cheaper seats!
Was nice to meet up with other forumers again, I swear without them, I'd have moss growing over me by now. Many thanks to Lynda for holding my hand on the underground, and to Simone for letting me crash at her already over populated house (I swear I was the only English person there, because Aussies and Kiwis dont count)
After breakfast at the Southbank center (First time I'd been there, not sure I was missing much) I toddled home again. 
All the while carefully avoiding Red Nose Day. I'd give money to NOT hear this years single.

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Tim Minchin-Roundhouse

17 Jan

I feel I should write a review of some sort.
I, as usual, I had no sleep before I went. This time I was actually working till 1am the night before going, but as January is a bit sparse I didn't have the heart to turn down hours.
The journey was uneventful (which is rare, it's nearly always held up somewhere) and I got into London with a couple of hours to spend, which I ended up taking pictures of things to send to my sister.
I met up with Linzy (who was kind enough to hold my hand on the underground to Kings Cross) and eventually Shell at the hotel.
After much fun banter, about boobs and age (we are so mature) we made our way down to the Roundhouse cafe to meet with…well it felt like everyone…many people from the forum for a bite to eat and a social before the show.
This has brought me to the startling conclusion that I'm anthropophobic (scared of people). I actually had to make myself a name badge so people would know who I was because I didn't want to go up to people and talk to them. Apart from the overwhelming sense of dread, I did talk to a few new people, mainly Americans Liza and Mr Liza (whose name escapes me, something all-American like Bill I think) and Aussie Ebony. I felt talking to them was ok, because if I made an arse of myself I probably wont have to see them again.
Anyway, the actual show.

Tim started on good form with Are You Ready For This (Without strobe lighting thank Christ). He juxtaposed this brilliantly with Prejudice. Phil Daoust song, Good Book, I Love Jesus, If I Didn't Have You, Canvas bags, Bears don't dig on dancing (with the break dancer planted in the audience), Darkside, Confessions, all the usual songs done as brilliantly as usual (I appear to have lost the will power to write eloquently tonight). The things which have stuck out were the things that went slightly wrong. Mainly the Youtube Lament. Because he didn't call it the Youtube Lament. He called it "kittens waking up". Which is the punch line. The only joke in about 5 minutes of playing. And he said it first.
I missed what he said after this because all I could hear was the sound of about 50 angry(feeters) heads hitting the table in sheer disbelief that he could do something like that. Proof that he is a brilliant comic, was instead of just giving up or trying to ignore the mistake, he kept digging, making more and more jokes about his fail (Are You Ready…For Incompetence) Wonderful!
There are probably other songs that I've forgotten to add in here but I was distracted by lots of things.
1. The rather crappy light set up they had there. The movers were a good addition, but ALL the par-cans had scrollers on them. Let me put this in lemans terms. Normally a light will be one colour, if you want that colour on, you turn on the light. Scrollers give you the ability to have about 10 colours attached to one lamp, and they change (as the name suggests) by scrolling through the colours, red one end going all the way to blue at the other. This is fine, as long as when you change the colour the light is off. If you try to change the colours when the light is on, you can see it going through all the different colours. So whilst everything else on stage was going from a blue colour to a red colour the scrollers went from a blue colour to a green colour, to a yellow colour to a pink colour to a purple colour then finally to a red colour. Ok, this was all in the space of about 10 seconds, but it's still enough for the song to temporally look crap. Worse still was in Darkside they managed to be turned off completely so poor Tim was in darkness for a couple of seconds.
2. Was the unbelievable amount of people taking pictures, mainly with the brightest flash known to human kind. I know from personal experience how off-putting pictures were when trying to perform, and for someone like Tim who is fairly easily distracted, it must be a nightmare. Oh and to the person who tried filming the entire show on her crappy phone, GET A LIFE! </rant>
Ah, yes how could I have forgotten the Encore! Tim played Halleluiah! YAYS! I feel so privileged that out of 3 times (That I know of) he’s performed it, I've been at 2. If only I'd been to Edinburgh a few years back.
Anyway, it was lovely, I did try to record it but my MP3 player decided to take 300 years to turn on. I think Shell has a copy that I might have to listen back to, and possibly make my sister listen to instead of that bloody X-Factor thing…
After the show, we were planning on hanging round to talk to Tim (as usual) and possibly get hugs then sod off. This, however was easier said than done as some clever so and so had put a notice saying Tim would be signing things after the show, consequently there was a massive line, that took us about an hour to get to the front of. To Tim's credit, he got through everyone, signed things, had pictures taken and talked to every single person that stopped. Then was confronted with about 20 ish forumers all talking at him at once. I got a couple of lovely hugs from him, and somewhere there must be pictures, as after putting a hat on his head and pointing him in Kirsty and the cameras direction, he grabbed me for the photos. Ugh, I'm sure I'll look like a complete tool as usual.
After demanding Tim go home (his wife and kid were backstage waiting for him, and he'd had the best part of a bottle of wine) we all went our separate ways and headed towards the hotel, where upon we had to rescue Ebony and Friend (MUST find her name) because they had missed their last train, so we snuck them up into our hotel room, much fun. We got about 4 hours sleep before Linzy and Shell disappeared home on the Stupid O’clock train leaving me to navigate the underground back to Victoria Coach station. It'll be ok, thinks me. It's just one line, no changes, thinks me. Let’s go!
Oh actually, you can't get down this bit, traffic control measures *sigh round the corner I go* Oh, actually the Victoria line is closed *SIGH It's ok the Circle will do the same, just take a bit longer* Oh, well it's closed for two stations clockwise from Kings Cross *SIGH HOW THE HELL AM I GONNA GET HOME* So I piccalillied it to somewhere vaguely near, and jumped on a bus to the station (which was free when I waved my ticket at him, not that I think he was paying a blind bit of attention)
3 Hours of wandering around and taking lunch in St James Park, and many other boring/expensive things and I was on my way home. At which point 4 hours of sleep in 3 days caught up on me, and I almost didn't wake up in time for my stop.
Overall, very good night, and I shall miss the chosen few, and look forward to meeting many others again at some point.

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Tim Minchin

14 Oct

Comic number, I don’t know….4? Tim Minchin !

Yes, so Viv and I drove our way to the Playhouse (and with my father at the wheel, and a hole in the exhaust, I’m surprised we got there in one piece) and took our second row seats.
Now even though both of us knew pretty much every word to every song (as it was a compilation of both of the CD’s I have) and it took every ounce of my being to not sing along/play air piano the whole night was thoroughly enjoyable, and despite having a little baby to deal with, he still looks absolutely lovely!
Had a little argument about the Rugby, between some guy who had the score on his mobile and another who had recorded the game and wanted to watch it later, some guys there obviously booked the tickets for Tim having no faith in our team and not thinking we would get this far. But I didn’t end up knowing the score, only that we had beaten the cheese eating surrender monkeys…hurrah!

And on top of this, I FINALLY got myself a canvas bag!
He doesn’t sell these things on the website, and there was only about 20 at the gig last night, so I was quite lucky to get my hands on this lovely scrap of material shaped into a bag (because Viv didn’t!!!), also pilfered another poster from the show (which is bloody huge, don’t think I have anywhere to put it…) and bought another badge for my collection (again with the lack of places to put it).

So, last couple of rehearsals before show time Tuesday, and I think we’re gonna have a bailer on the show as well…making my mother even more happy than she already is…anyway lets not go there, I’m in a happy mood!

A litle break from the comedy now (even though I still watch Edinburgh and beyond, Have I got news for you, Not going out, QI, The Peter Serafinowicz show, Listen to Russ + Jon’s radio show among other quite funny programs) and I may write something about the show…probably not tho. So this should be the last one till my birthday, and I’m all old


PS, I’m quite pissed I forgot my camera yesterday as there was plenty of photo ops, though I did do a quick recording of the interval song, which almost made me kill myself)

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