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This is my…Karaoke Party!

11 Aug

Just wow!

So as I think I’ve mentioned before, my job pre-bump was karaoke DJ-ing, which, whilst not always the best paid job on the planet, was huge amounts of fun getting to meet lots of new people and encouraging people of all ages to get up and have a sing song, and with some of my regular gigs, have made a few new friends.
The only downside to this as a job with bump is all the heavy lifting involved, I’ve been very lucky to have the help of my dad as roadie the past couple of months but there’s only so much I can rely on other people and only so many late nights I can cope with at the moment!

So last night, I decided one big last one to finish (as I’m 30 weeks Tuesday) and called on all my crew to come and give me a great send off.

And they did not disappoint!

Including a couple of new faces (that I sadly had to tell had pretty much missed the boat for the time being) there must have been around 25-30 people crammed into the foyer, including regular family and friends and some faces from other places all to join in the fun.

Songs sang last night varied from the classics such as Angels and A Whole New World to a spot of musicals with On My Own and As Long As He Needs Me, all the way to chart hits such as Everything Has Changed and Dear Darlin’.
But my absolute favs of the night had to be

  • Little Kaila singing Baa Baa Black Sheep, Incy Wincy Spider and a fantastic performance of True Colours wonderfully aided by her mum Lianne
  • Paul-Jørgen (who I used to babysit) and I singing Good Time. I remember when he first started singing and I hope his family wont mind me saying but he’s been diagnosed with Autism and to see him having such a good time performing is brilliant!
  • My sister Jessamy singing Shelter. See above reason. Just as proud.
  • Andy The Clown singing Sandy from Grease, but replacing Sandy with Cheryll*. I (and others) were laughing so much we were nearly crying. Fantastic!
  • Karen and Josh singing Fairytale of New York. Now I know it’s not Christmas for a while yet, but seeing as I may not be back till New Year, I let them get away with a Christmas selection now.

So all in all I hope everyone had a good time last night as that will have to keep you going for a long time.
I promise I will be back, I just don’t know when, in the mean time add and keep an eye on my Facebook page for the next event just as soon as it happens.

Till next time…!

*The side note on this is Cheryll is the musical director of Spotlights next production of Grease and lamenting the fact that the song Sandy isn’t in the musical version he decided to dedicate this song to her. Luckily she was in the room too, to appreciate it!

This is my…Earworm Breakdown (Big When I Was Little)

3 Aug

So, today I’ve decided to rip apart a song that’s been stuck in my head for a while now.

Big When I Was Little – Eliza Doolittle

Now I do like this song, catchy tune, and as Eliza is only a year younger than me, things that where big when she was little were big when I was little too.
Having said that, there’s a few things that have been bugging me timeline wise, so here is a mental breakdown.

Eliza born-1988
Eliza 01-1989
Eliza 02-1990 – End of Cassette Tapes – Nirvana
Eliza 03-1991                                                – Nirvana
Eliza 04-1992                                                – Nirvana – SNES
Eliza 05-1993                                                – Nirvana – SNES
Eliza 06-1994                                                – Nirvana – SNES – Lauren Hill
Eliza 07-1995                                                                      – SNES – Lauren Hill
Eliza 08-1996                                           – Spice Girls – SNES – Lauren Hill
Eliza 09-1997                                           – Spice Girls – SNES
Eliza 10-1998                                           – Spice Girls
Eliza 11-1999
Eliza 12-2000
Eliza 13-2001                                            – Nike TN’s
Eliza 14-2002                                                                  – Malcom In The Middle Started
Eliza 15-2003
Eliza 16-2004
Eliza 17-2005
Eliza 18-2006 – Wembley Arena
Eliza 19-2007
Eliza 20-2008

Spice Girls – 1996/1998 (Wannabe to Geri’s departure)
Polaroid camera – 80s
Cassette tapes – Pretty much replaced by 1990
Malcom in the middle – started in 2001 in UK
Nirvana – 1990/1994 (Big label signing to Kurts death)
Lauren Hill – 1994/1996 (In Fugees)
SNES – 1992/1997 (release to N64 release)
Avirex Jackets (2002 Ali G?)
Strawberry Ribenia – ?!?!?
Nike TN’s – 2001
Wembley Arena re launch – 2006

So in case you can’t be bothered to draw your own conclusion, I think things that were “Big” before her time include Polaroid Cameras & Cassette Tapes.
Things like Nirvana were big when she was very little, even I can’t really claim to have been a fan when Kurt was still alive.
SNES was around when she was just of game playing age, and (even though I know she comes from a stupidly rich family) I can’t really see her having one from launch at that early age. And unless she was some sort of Soothsayer, Wembley Arena shaped dreams would have been when she was 18. Not exactly little!

Well that was fun.
I’m happy to take suggestions of other songs that you’d like ripped apart, I have a few others saved away for rainy (read, boring) days.

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