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This is my…Sunday Punday

13 Oct

So again, in the absence of anything more interesting to put, (bump still hasn’t moved, I still haven’t moved, didn’t even go to car boot today as the weather was beyond naff and no roast dinner for pretty much the same reason) I thought I’d award you with a little break from my ranting.

Today, because I’m in that sort of mood, I present you with PUNS!


(Courtesy of Trevor Klein, More Here)
Found through twitters #punliners, this guy really does take the whole biscuit barrel of groan worthy puns. Some of my favs:

  • “My mates asked me to build a wooden platform out to sea, but I don’t give in to pier pressure.”
  • “Trapped in a container ship – a freight worse than death.”
  • “I’m very passionate about dried fruit – it’s my raisin d’etre.”
  • “Liposuction surgeons are mass murderers.”
  • “You can order everything except chicken in my new restaurant, Nandon’ts.”
  • “Learning engraving is HARD. I’ve barely even scratched the surface.”


(From this blog I found on the interwebs)

  • Always wear punscreen
  • Are we having pun yet?
  • The pun is mightier than the sword.

There’s nothing that will get me into a shop quicker, even one that I’d otherwise have no interest in, than a clever or even downright bad pun on the door.
Below are a few of my favourites. More here


A little corner or the Cheezburger community (the ones who do lolcats) full of puntastic things.



This is my…301st List

3 Oct

Isn’t it great when you make a list and you can start crossing thing off and feeling really smug about yourself as you accomplish things.
Yeah, wouldn’t know, because in the process of crossing 3 things off today, I added another 5 leaving me some what in negative accomplishment.

My only saving grace is I managed to get quite a big thing done, and hopefully the things added are little so energy-wise I may still be up.

So today:

  • MP3 player charged. It was so far out of battery I didn’t think it was ever actually going to get back to full bar. Also the poor thing is about 300 years old (that’s almost not an exaggeration, I had that in high school which feels about 300 years ago) and with over 1000 songs on it, takes it a while to do anything.
    Picture an old man + accordion and lots of sheet music. He’ll play, once he’s found the music, had his cup of tea, bit of a sit down & a cheeky cigarette.
  • Batteries charged ready for camera.
    A heck of a lot simpler than the MP3 player, though the charger doesn’t have a light to tell me when they’re done, so I just left them on for about 5 hours and hoped. They were red hot when I took them out, so either cooked or broken I’d imagine.
    Both are now packed in my hospital bag (Should have planned a bigger bag)
  • Last but not least I cleaned the front porch out!
    By proxy I also cleaned the under stairs cupboard out as the stuff from the porch needed to go in there. Cupboard was pretty much empty other than a few bits that have been put out in the ever expanding shed, and it’s still waiting for my shoe rack from home to get rid of the box that the shoes currently live in but it’s been hoovered so not bad.
    And as for the porch, once that was emptied, binned a takeaway leaflet from every place in a 20 mile radius, also introduced it to the hoover (There was enough cat fluff in there to make a whole new cat) I got to scrubbing all the dirt off of the inside to discover it’s actually white!
    When I gather a lot more energy, I may even clean the outside, but as it will involve a bit of working at heights, will need a ladder and safety net.

Unfortunately added to the list:

  • Clean car
  • Install car seat
  • Clear more crap from shed (so much ends up in there)
  • Finish sorting paperwork
  • Remove spare desk from bedroom

In other news, bump likes McDonalds Apple Pies.
Been craving one for ages, and bump was very happy with the delivery of one tonight.

This is my…300th List

2 Oct

Well, with only a maximum of 3 weeks left I figure it might be time to start getting round to those last few things that I know I’ll never have time to do when bump is here.

So, I put them all here in the vague hope that someone might take pity & help!

  • Buy and hang hooks for nets
  • Put up curtain tracks
  • Buy any cheap curtains to hang on said tracks
  • Charge MP3 player (for hospital) + pack
  • Buy cheap headphones + pack with MP3 player
  • Charge batteries for camera + pack
  • Move shoes and crap from porch
  • Clean porch
  • Bring buggy from home put in porch
  • Bring shoe rack from parents and hang
  • Sort kitchen cupboard
  • Put bottles, stereliser etc in kitchen cupboard.
  • Bring and hang message board from parents
  • Bring filing tray from home
  • Sort desk out
  • Paint shelves
  • Re-sort games
  • CLEAN EVERYTHING (including carpets)

That’ll do for now.

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