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This is my…Supermum Kinda Day

13 Mar

I like the days when Chris isn’t here.

Let me quantify that before I find myself being a single mum…
I like it because it forces me to get off my backside and actually get things done. I wouldn’t call myself 100% lazy when he’s about but I can take my time because I know I don’t have as much to get done/Chris always picks up my slack.

Anyway, today has been one of those productive days.
Started off by toddling into town with the little man (which in itself was fun, it’s been like poop roulette today as he normally does one with his morning feed, didn’t actually appear till 3 in the afternoon!) and managed to have a 100m buggy race with another woman on the walk there.
She may have started off in the lead, but I caught her up in the bends. Booya, fantastic work out for the legs.
In town, I saw someone I’ve not seen in ages (grandmother of one of my friends at school, I practically lived round hers when I was little), introduced her to Kal, gave her a run down of all my health problems & would have loved to stop for more of a chat but needed to get to the bank before getting into the post office.
As it was I was late, but quite handily can blame it on the unpredictability of having a baby. Sorry Kal, mumma is actually that mean.

So, back to the reason I was there.
Post Office are so desperate for people to join their bank, they are actually giving people £100 worth of Love To Shop vouchers when you switch over.
Er, yes please.
I have no particular loyalty to Norwich & Peterborough (and considering half the cash points in town don’t accept their cards for drawing money out, including the Post Office, I could do with one that people have actually heard of) so I see no reason why I couldn’t move across. Doubly as they do all the work.
Small print:
-You have to deposit £100 to open it up.
-You have to have at least one thing going in and one going out every month.
-Subject to a credit check.
£100 I can do & I’ve got my contract phone bill coming out and at the moment Maternity Allowance going in, and I thought because I have said contract phone, my credit check would zoom through no probs.
So you can imagine my surprise when IT DIDN’T.
Because even though my CREDIT part of it is fine (Despite the fact I didn’t want an overdraft or a credit card, I don’t really understand why that matters anyway) because I only moved in with Chris in August, it means I’ve been at my current address less than a year. Which they never mentioned anything about.
However, they did say it shouldn’t be much of a problem as I’m registered to vote here & I have letters with my name and address on them (mostly from DWP) but it’s just more hassle and the application form has to be sent away and double checked rather than the 15 min application they promised.
Ho hum, either it goes through and I get my £100 or it doesn’t and I don’t lose anything I guess.

Back home the sun was still shining and I had about an hour to kill before the squeaky chap needed feeding (and I didn’t want him on my lap whilst still playing poop roulette) I decided to deliver some of the Waveney Labour leaflets that arrived on our doorstep last night (without them knocking, lucky it wasn’t raining!)
So after taking this picture:

We dashed up and down one road before coming back to eat & upload.
A simple tag of @WaveneyLabour & #backbob and Kal was all over the internet in about 10 seconds flat as their “Youngest supporter”. So, y’know if you’re friends with me on Facebook, please share that photo for my benefit as much as for Labour!

After lunch I attempted a few minutes out in the garden, hoping that munchkin would have a doze in his chair, but poop roulette got me and by the time I’d washed my hands from the garden and changed him then washed my hands again, then went to the toilet myself and washed my hands again, I thought it wasn’t really worth going back out and having to wash my hands AGAIN.
Run out of soap at that rate.

One sleepy man later & Chris was back home allowing me to burn whatever calories I don’t have left by running for the train and a rehearsal with Spotlight.

Good job I didn’t have any vouchers to sort today, not enough hours left in the day.



This is my…Garden Chaos

9 Mar

I love making more work for myself, eh?

Not content with the last few years having dug about 6 foot all over my garden with the plan of getting rid of a stupid amount of this plant


Which as pretty as it looks, is basically the plant equivalent of, lets say, swine flu. Once you have it, usually the safest thing to do is to set fire to your garden and start again.
However, because the old dear that had the garden before Chris had done such a good job on the other shrubs and roses, I felt duty bound to save them and pull this out by its roots.

Having done all of that, the worst I should have to do is trim back the Buddleia & big shrubs, take up all last years bedding and fruit, replant the bedding and fruit and weed the odd thistle that’s made itself at home.

So, Friday, I started hacking away at the Buddleia, filled my green wheelie bin in about 10 seconds. Which was a good job as the little man did a mahoosive poop, and I had to come back in.
So far be it for me to wait till that gets emptied a week on Monday, I called dad and asked if he still had any of his big builders bags (the ones that 10 tonnes of sand get delivered in by crane) and if he could take a couple of them full down the tip.
Done and done.
So a bit later Friday, one of them got filled up with the rest of the Buddleia and by Saturday lunchtime the other one had been filled up with the old bedding plants, fruit, grass clippings & general garden crap.

Then, and here’s the fun bit, I decided it would be a good idea to dig up the compost heap. Despite throwing stuff on it the past couple of years, I came to the conclusion that it’s not much use to me, owing to the fact that I not only never use it, the garden is pretty much level, it’s full of convolvulus that I don’t really want to spread back round the garden and it’s also full of years worth of other rubbish that’s just been dumped there. For example, today I pulled out a Megadrive controller.
I’m pretty much sure Megadrives only grow in Japan.

So I got dad to replace those two with another 3 because even if I waited they don’t let you put just straight-up soil in the green bin, so if it’s going, it’ll have to go to the tip. After fueling myself with a roast, I got to filling these 3 up with the remainder of the twigs from the top of the heap and started the arduous task of shoveling layers of fully composted soil, all the while checking for glass, stones, pottery and controllers.

I had these bags filled (well, so a human could still move/drag them) in about 30 min, and still don’t feel like I’ve made a dent in it, so dad has left me with 4 more bags in their place (it feels like the sorcerers apprentice, 2 became 3 became 4)

So, if anyone wants to come take some soil from me, I really don’t mind.
I could even weed it if, someone wanted to take it away.
Free to a good home.
Or a bad home.
Go on.
Abuse it.
Eat it.
Give it as a gift.

This is my…Ungrateful Garden

28 Jul

Just a short one from me today as I have spent 90% in bed, yesterdays excursion knackered me.

WP_000161This is my garden in what seems to be the middle of hurricane season.
As my poor hollyhock has only just got itself into flowering mode, and the rose I moved a year ago is gracing us with flowers, the last thing I want is for them to be ripped out of the ground.


So in a flash moment of inspiration/energy I found some old washing line and tied them to themselves and a stake, hopefully keeping them put till either the wind dies down, they stop flowering or I can get some legit garden twine, because the roses stabbed me about 300 times and the hollyhock bashed me over the head and threw a spider on me. Evil garden.

Stay happy flowers.

PS. I’m not even vaguely complaining about the weather, the combo of sun and breeze was absolute heaven. Keep it up.

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