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This is my…Equally Mobile Saturday

19 Oct

Told you.

I give out some really good advice on here, but as I don’t even pay attention to it myself, what chance do I have of helping anyone else!

Little bit different Saturday this week as there was a couple of jumble sale type things on. Even meant the alarm was set to drag my backside out.

First stop was a new one trying to start a weekly sale at the East Anglian MMA club down London Road South. It’s not a bad space, and as a 10am start, not too early on the old brain cells, but it’s plagued by a couple of problems, firstly with the road closed at KFC even normal businesses aren’t getting through traffic yet alone a new car boot trying to set up. Also, because it’s sandwiched between two other shops it’s upstairs. Heffing myself upstairs is bad enough, but  the thought of heffing items to sell seems nearly impossible.
This might have been why there was only two stalls, and I get the feeling that they were two of the people who run the MMA club anyway. Also, shooting themselves in the foot by having things a bit over priced on the stalls that were there, for example a PS1 for £10. No, thanks.
Did sneak another Hello Kitty out though.

After a quick jaunt into town to take parcels, we headed off in the direction of Lound for a jumble sale but because we were early (and hungry) we swung by their village pub, called The Village Maid, and it’s very…villagy.
Well, actually doing them an injustice, they have a nice little dining area, and some good stuff on the menu, but did come complete with regulars at the bar.
Chris had (what I assume as he stuffed the lot) a lovely steak and cheese baguette and I sneakily had a jacket with cheese & beans (the menu said cheese or beans, but no one says no to a heavily pregnant woman) and that was pretty darn tasty too.

We then still had some time to spare so we dove into the bakery cafe just down the road with the plan of just getting some cake to take away, but with the heavens opening we decided a quick cuppa to warm up would be a good addition to the cake.
Now, 10/10 for the cake and my tea but like 2/10 for service. Nice enough woman pottering about in the shop (and a sign that even said we don’t do fast food, just great food as fast as we can) but considering there’s only 4 tables and basically only cake and drinks on the menu, it took her nearly half an hour to get to us. Just a good job we weren’t in a hurry.

Jumble sale was a pretty much a waste of time for Chris, but I got a nice accessorize bag for 20p and a couple of cryptic crossword books for mum at 20p each too. Main problem with jumble sales is trying to get in and out in one piece, and with a stall even in the front porch there was a lot of defending bump from people reversing, barging and just generally getting pointy elbows out.

Home, and yet another evening of not moving. Ever.

This is my…Lack of Bump Space

6 Oct

Inside and out.

So, still with no particular amounts of sleep happening, I dragged myself out of bed for the lastest ever car boot. Well, for the time being.

So, hatfull of new DVD’s that we won’t get a chance to watch:

  • Jackass 3
  • Manhunter
  • Death Race 2
  • Cujo
  • Mama
  • The Graduate
  • Limitless (So Chris can stop bitching!)
  • Thank You For Smoking

And some MORE stuff for this expensive bump, but again, more stuff I think he needs. Basically a couple of snow suits as he has lots of vests and a few sets of trousers/T-Shirt combos, but nothing if the bleak British winter does actually kick in this year. Besides, they were just too cute and fluffy to pass up. As were the cuddly toys I bought for him. Still don’t think he’s got anywhere near enough. But then I think it’s grandparents jobs to spoil him *hinthint*Iknowyoubothreadthis*hinthint*

Anyhoo, some classic films, and another managed roast later and I practically had to knock myself out for sleep again.
Karen reckons it’s just my body’s way of preparing me for the lack of sleep I’ll be getting when bump is actually here. But at least then he can be a daddy’s boy for 5 seconds and my ribs might actually get to stay in place too!

Oh and two people independently of each other today said that it looked like bump had dropped. So, guessing he’s either headed south for the winter or he may be making a move.
Who knows.

This is my…36th Week!

24 Sep

For the most part today has been a good day.
We even managed to make £40 on the carboot which considering I hardly sold any of my nice clothes (On a rail that I had to tape together because some vital parts had gone missing) and I didn’t get a pair of nice shoes from the stall opposite when I had the chance then someone else bought them, and, as mentioned yesterday, I forgot the chair, so I had to keep swivelling in and out of the car.
But what really irked me was a guy, came and picked up one of the books we were peddling (just happened to be Tony Blair) and asked how much it was. Replying 50p, he said can’t say fairer than that for a hardback, and coughed up the change.
All fine and dandy, then before I’ve even had a chance to put the money in the tub, he goes “No, not acceptable, it’s water damaged, I want my money back”
Er, what?
“I sell books for a living this isn’t good enough”
I caved in and gave him his sodding 50p back because it wasn’t worth the hassle, but seriously. I have no problem with people buying to re-sell, if you buy it off of me you can burn it for all care, but basically demanding a refund just because you can’t sell it is a bit off. It’d be like Chris picking up a game, paying for it, checking the disc condition then asking for the money back because it was bad.
Check it’s condition before you pay, or just take it as a hit and move on.
It’s a very sad state of affairs when you have to put on the side of you car “No Refunds” or “Sold As Seen”.

Anyway, in other news, I’m 36 weeks today!

Bump is back to his usual hyperactive self, booting my bladder at all hours. Sickness is down to about once a week, sicky feeling about once a day, usually still triggered by smells or overheating. Back pain is getting unbearable, if I even think about having a lie down, or try and move at any point over the night (which is quite a lot as I’m a fidgety pain (Bed sheet removed itself this morning ready for the wash)) really hurts. Worse at night because it fully wakes me up taking me forever to get back to bed.

In official news, his bones should be fully formed by now, other than his skull which has to stay squishy to get out. His muscles have developed including his Ulnar grasp (vice like grip when you put your finger in their hand). My placenta is the size of a dinner plate (nom) and is about 1/8th of bumps weight.

Other than that, just waiting. Waiting. And more waiting.

This is my…Even More Social Sunday

22 Sep

Don’t worry I’ll be back to billy-no-mates Monday tomorrow.

So, back to the car boot this morning as the weather has decided to be Autumn rather than skipping straight to Winter.
Found my friend Katie’s stall & bought a few bumpy bits, including another sleeping bag for him. I reason if they are gonna be like bedding when he’s in the cot bed and he has a particularly sicky night, I’m gonna need about 3 or 4 of each size. And at 20p I can’t really say no!
Also acquired her Wii Fit board which is currently broken, but I’m sure with a bit of tinkering I can get working. Optimism.
Got a few DVDs today too, but typically not Limitless, which Chris wants as he’s still not forgiven me for interrupting it on TV Tuesday night, but Side Effects, which is close, and 50p for a DVD that’s still over £10 in the shops, I think I win some points back (I may instantly lose those points for buying a Windows Live PC game which not only doesn’t make much money, but I can’t even use it or flog it to my brother as it’s only an expansion, not a proper game).
Also bumped into (got run over by) Colin, Ingunn and their gorgeous dog Boe. He’s a massive Newfoundland (which I can’t remember if I mentioned was bigger than the miniature pony’s at the Lions Day Gala) & I was christened by his drool today, good job I had my old leggings on. Decided we need to make him a harness and a little cart and he can drag bumpy around for us!

After car boot, we got some sneaky KFC for grub, though as predicted bumpy wasn’t totally impressed with that much grease at lunchtime, so I saved a bit of chicken to have cold later. Nom.

Because of me feeling a bit queasy from food and being up quite early, I got my backside back to bed for a couple of hours. Somehow in those couple of hours I managed to have some incredibly strange dreams, including one about my comedy friend Linzy (who I haven’t seen for ages other than through Facebook) but not even about her, more her cats! They were playing with my cats, but even more strange is my brain decided to use my Granddads house as a setting for this weirdness. It’s not like I have ever lived there, or even been round in ages, but hey, thanks brain for not making it the middle of a race track or something even more bizarre.

Anyhoo, nothing else interesting (if you can call the rest of the day interesting) other than a good chuckle at Big Fat 80s Quiz (seriously,, if you were watching Downton, you missed out), oh and I found a maggot in one of my pistachios.

Guess what I’m never EVER EVER eating again. Ever.


This is my…Sunday Snoreday

8 Sep

Well, after yesterdays lack of sleep I was completely unfussed about the car boot this morning, thinking I’d let t’other half do his thing and I’d catch up with him Monday.

That was the plan anyway, right up until I got checking the Facebook groups last night for any sneaky deals I could find. And I found one (few gamecube games for Chris, one 360 game for me). And she wanted it collected half 9 the next morning.
There goes my lie-in.
So this morning, I got my backside out of bed and over to the games (still managing to get lost even though it’s pretty much 2 roads away from us) then on to a mini car boot outside a bunch of houses in Oulton village. Which again we spent about 10 minutes looking for.
Word to the wise if you want people to find you, put signs out.
Anyway, apart from bumping into a couple of people we knew, managed to get some more Tommee Tippee bottles (the larger size) and a whole heap for teats for them in every different flow size imaginable (some new and in the box), all for the princely sum of £1.50, and on a different stall a Tommeee Tippee thermos flask, also for £1.50.
I would say I’m pretty much single handedly keeping Tommee Tippee in business, but considering I haven’t bought a single thing of theirs new yet I’m probably not helping anyone. Maybe I’ll take pity on them and buy some dummies new.

Back home news, I started playing that new 360 game, being The Simpsons.
Turns out, quite good fun. I’d played the first level before on PS2 I think (it’s pretty much on every console going) but not thought very much of it other than “Oh, cute kids game” but by the time you get to the later levels, it’s got a bit more depth to the game play and becomes a bit of a challenge in places. Let’s just say I didn’t have to go out of my way to get the “Die 10 times” achievement.

This is my…Last Few Items

1 Sep

I know, I know I keep saying that, but I really can’t think of much more a tiny bumpy could need.

Car boot raid today, Chris got a Tommee Tippee (sense a theme yet?) nappy disposal thingy. I think that’s the technical term anyway, but basically the idea is you put in a load of nappy sacks (currently retailing for £15 from Argos) and when you change bumpy bum you put the nappy in the top, swirl something and it not only seals it, but is meant to be odor free.
I’ll not be holding my breath (or maybe I will depending on whether it works or not) but it wouldn’t probably be used a great deal, only for changing nappies before bed, any ones that are changed downstairs or out of the house will go into disposable nappy sacks (currently retailing at “free from my mums”) and direct to the bin. But either way, it’s a nice toy, and will save midnight trips to the outside bin.

When I joined Chris a bit later, I just basically planed a raid for clothes, but by a happy coincidence, managed to find two more baby sleeping bags, one 0-6 months and another 6-12. Seeing as they will be in the place of bedding, it’ll be nice to have a few of each just in case we have a leaky baby, and if I keep finding them at car boots for no more than a pound a pop (rather than the £20-£30 they seem to be new) then I’m happy to stockpile.

Chris also (sigh) managed to find (sigh) a England kit for bumpy (sigh). Even though we worked (sigh) out he’ll probably have just grown out (sigh) of it by the time the world cup is on (sigh) So will probably (sigh) have to have another one (sigh) bough for him (sigh).

Other than a blanket and a very VERY cute cow cuddly that crinkles and rattles and keeps me amused even if no one else, we didn’t get much, but like I said I think we’re running out of things to find.

Other than dummies.
And a thermometer.
And more bottles.
And a stockpile of nappies.
And cot bed bedding.


This is my…View Today (6/8/13)

6 Aug

WP_000168So, as promised, my backside was dragged out of bed at half 6 this morning to sell some of our surplus tat at Corton Carboot.
Not a bad day for it despite the rain (and thunder apparently, though I couldn’t hear it) yesterday, didn’t put of many stall holders or punters.

As usual, slight gripe about people (read, dealers) hovering round the car, or worse actually taking stuff out the back of the car before you’ve even put the handbrake on. Worse even still than that, is being cheeky enough to offer on it.
Er, no, if you’re that desperate to climb into my car to get it, then I know you’re desperate enough to pay full price. Cough up.
I don’t think we undersold anything in those first few minutes, but it would have been nice to at least take 10 seconds to take stock.
After that we had a few dribs and drabs of sales, including a cute little girl who bought one of Chris’ retro calculators with a till role for “When we play shopping”, which to me is brilliant, an item that’s probably older than I am, yet alone her, actually getting used rather than sitting on some collectors shelf. Good on ya girl!

Overall we made somewhere around £60, could be more because bacon sarnies were bought, and Chris kept stealing money for more games quicker than I could sell the old ones.

In addition to that I managed to pick up a few things, a new Hello Kitty (50p) the one and only Wilbur Smith book I didn’t own (50p) but best of all, a Tommee Tippee Bottle warmer (£1) and a John Lewis bouncy/musical chair (£4).
Slightly gutted I didn’t get a Tommee Tippee electric breast pump on two counts,
1) Because it might be useful &
2) Because she was selling it for £7 and they go for about £30 on ebay.
The bottle warmer seems to make about £10 too.
I may be moving into a side business selling mother and baby stuff!

So all in all not a bad day, a few bits crossed off the list for bump & some more money to spend on him!

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