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This is my…Super Shop

12 Mar

Consider yourself raided Boots.

The nice people over at HiPP Organic furnished me/Kal with lots of vouchers for my collection, but before I could get to attached to them, I decided to go on a mini shopping spree in the baby department at Boots.

  • Jar of Sweet Potato & Chicken (Free)
  • Banana & Rice pots (40p off)
  • Banana & Apple Pureé (30p off + 40p of any other HiPP product)
  • Buggy Buddy Drink & Stuff Storage (Free with Boots points)
  • ELC Wooly Sheep Squeaker Rattle (£2 off rrp as they’d overstocked or something)
  • Scratch mitts (Free, because I’d bought 2 other baby items in their 2 for 3 sale)

All in all a saving of £16.88. Not bad if I do say so myself.

After all that came home to 50p of Plenty products, set of Tesco vouchers totaling another £20 odd and something about saving money on fuel.


This is my…Voucher Vastness

8 Mar

Yes, I am now going to be that annoying person you get stuck behind in the supermarket who carries a whole folder of coupons for every mortal thing in their trolley.
What can I say, I’m poor!

Anyway, seeing as I’m still on Maternity Leave (and jobless anyway) I thought it would be fun/useful to get into the whole extreme couponing thing the Americans have going and hopefully save some money in the long term.

I’m not gonna bore you with the details of just how many sites I’ve signed up to or how many people now have the rights to Kals soul but suffice to say Facebook or google extreme couponing and you’ll fine information on how to get started.

So far in my possession, including already accumulated Tesco vouchers, I have about £60 worth of savings (or equivalent points) on various things, mainly bubby stuff.
Have to get him earning his keep.

So if you are interested mixed in with my other blogs I might keep you updated on the latest vouchers/freebies I get.
Aren’t I kind.

This is my…Calm Before The Storm

23 Oct

So, as I said yesterday, nothing came of the sweep really, bump is still very much happy with his squishy hotel room and I can’t convince him otherwise.

Therefore, my due date has now been replaced with an overdue date.

However, because I’m already booked in, it’s left me with quite a strange feeling.
I know I’ve got nothing to compare it to, but I guess I must have been mentally holding my breath for the past week or so, waiting for bump to make his big arrival and now that’s been taken off of me I can actually stop and think about stuff.

Some things have been quite weird, like “That’s the last bath I’ll have with bump” or “That’s the last night I’ll spend in this bed with bump” not even in an emotional way just observing that you normally don’t get that luxury if they come early or late with no medical intervention.

Mainly though it’s meant I know I have had a chance to double check I’ve packed everything. For example, my phone charger has stayed out of the bag as I’ve still been using it (in the last 3 months the rest of the bag has been packed) and knowing I’ll be in probably at least a couple of days/nights now depending on how things go means I’ll have to pack some more clothes and entertainment (though once bump is here I’m sure he’ll keep me occupied for at least a couple of hours!)

So today, to counteract yesterdays post I’ve given myself a bit of pampering to get myself fully geared up for whatever the next few days throws at me.
Nails trimmed (Chris can thank me later)
Clothes in wash
Bags double triple quadruple checked.
Decent nights sleep with aromatherapy oils (turns out this stuff actually works)

Not much more to say now.
Almost there!

This is my…Nope, Nothing

17 Oct

Zip. Nada. Nothing.

Today, because Chris was out for the day, I moved less than normal, if that’s possible.

After waking up late, I stumbled downstairs and grabbed enough food for breakfast & lunch then went right back to bed. Nibbling away at the grub I managed to catch up with my telly box that I missed over the last few days, starting with Stephen Fry’s program on homosexuality.

Most of the places I knew about had atrocious rights for gay people like Russia and most middle eastern countries, but the most bizarre is Brazil. They have one of the worlds biggest gay pride marches in the world, but it’s possibly because of this that the anti-gay people (I hate the word homophobic, you’re not scared of gays, you’re just a douchebag)  feel that they’ve been swept up along with everything too soon and are coming out (so-to-speak) so far the other way it’s very scary.
And to think that between them and Russia they’ve got all the major sporting events for the next few years covered, that’s not gonna do anything for homosexuals in these sports, or to give them the confidence to come forward.

Anyway, after that to cheer myself up I put on a spot of Have I Got News For You with the lovely Richard Osman presenting. Very funny, best quote being “It’s exactly like Pointless, except I can say f**k!”

Rounded off with QI on Killers, and I very much enjoyed being introduced to a chappy by the name of Trevor Noah who (at the risk of sounding like colonial) entertained me the most by singing a traditional South African song with the clicks in it, wish I could find it on Youtube and I’d share it with you, I love music from all cultures and what better place to show it off than QI.
Well, possibly Jools Holland, but seeing as I don’t watch his show I’d never know.

This is my…Sunday Punday

13 Oct

So again, in the absence of anything more interesting to put, (bump still hasn’t moved, I still haven’t moved, didn’t even go to car boot today as the weather was beyond naff and no roast dinner for pretty much the same reason) I thought I’d award you with a little break from my ranting.

Today, because I’m in that sort of mood, I present you with PUNS!


(Courtesy of Trevor Klein, More Here)
Found through twitters #punliners, this guy really does take the whole biscuit barrel of groan worthy puns. Some of my favs:

  • “My mates asked me to build a wooden platform out to sea, but I don’t give in to pier pressure.”
  • “Trapped in a container ship – a freight worse than death.”
  • “I’m very passionate about dried fruit – it’s my raisin d’etre.”
  • “Liposuction surgeons are mass murderers.”
  • “You can order everything except chicken in my new restaurant, Nandon’ts.”
  • “Learning engraving is HARD. I’ve barely even scratched the surface.”


(From this blog I found on the interwebs)

  • Always wear punscreen
  • Are we having pun yet?
  • The pun is mightier than the sword.

There’s nothing that will get me into a shop quicker, even one that I’d otherwise have no interest in, than a clever or even downright bad pun on the door.
Below are a few of my favourites. More here


A little corner or the Cheezburger community (the ones who do lolcats) full of puntastic things.


This is my…Sorted Saturday

12 Oct

So after the usual lunch crawl to Desmond’s and dash to the post office we had mum, dad and the lesser spotted sister (not the brother, mind you, he might be sulking because I still haven’t read the rest of his story) to sort a few things on the list.

First up was the rest of the curtain tracks.
I’ve resigned to the fact that we won’t get nice curtains up at those windows before bump is here, so at least if the tracks are up we can just hang some of the stuff we’ve got knocking around in the cupboard and block out some light for the little one to get some much needed zzz’s without the sun blinding him.

Next, got the thermometer that Janet bought nailed to the wall in bumps room so we can see see how toasty it’s getting, though with me and the fan still in there because I’m running a lot hotter than everyone else on the planet, it’s not managed to get above 15 degrees. Lovely.

Lastly got the handy cork-board added above the desk mainly to pin some of these vouchers that seem to flood in from everywhere. Wasted too many Tesco ones.

The reason that the lil sis was over (other than to get herself covered in cat hair) was her laptop had pretty much bitten the dust. Now I don’t know everything about computers but I (thought) I knew how to do a bog standard factory reset to an Acer laptop. Done it to Chris’ only about a month ago, and have done it to mine, which is exactly the same as her’s, just a different colour, but that clearly makes all the difference as I couldn’t get it to re-set for love nor money.
In the end, we managed to get it to load up so I could do a roll back from just before it went wrong (only July, August sort of time) and delete all the crap she doesn’t use on there (and some she does. Bye bye iTunes & Skype) then sent her home to de-frag what was left. Still haven’t heard back from her as to whether this worked or not, but I’m highly doubting it. Will be interesting to see if she has to take it to the shop for a proper repair, what they might do as their default fix is factory reset. Maybe they know a secret button that I don’t.

Also moved the Moses Basket to the main bedroom and cleaned out a ton of dust from the changing table (Seriously, where does it all come from! Not even cat hair just clumps and clumps of DUST) and got as far as moving the old telly to the other side of the room. Still need to get that out of there by hook or crook. Or tip.

This is my…Vast Lack Of Sleep

4 Oct

So having slept very little last night again, I decided another lazy day in bed might just be the answer.

In the mean time, Chris crossed another thing of my list by buying some cheapy Poundland earphones (Headphones? I suppose if they go over your head their headphones and if they go in your ears they are earphones? Even if that’s not true it’s logic, therefore I’m sticking with it) to go with my MP3 player. I already have some fancy schmancy headphones (Skull Candy, nom) but just in case something happens to them, I don’t want £40 worth of headphones meeting a messy end.

He also raided Wilknsons for some more lovely Cussons baby & bump stuff. Got some baby bubble bath & some mummy bubble bath too both meant to help with sleep, so guess what I’ll be soaking in for the next three days.

The main reason he was in there though is to look for a thermometer.
Not a health thermometer, not a garden thermometer just a stick on the wall of your room and measure the temperature thermometer. Doesn’t have to light up, doesn’t have to tell me the time, JUST THE TEMPERATURE!
Turns out, not in Lowestoft.
Not in Boots, not in Argos, not in QD, not in Wilko. Seriously, the only one I can find is in Argos and it’s combined with a nightlight and about 20 other things for the princely sum of £15. I just want a thermometer, why is that so hard!

Anyway, after some delish Dominoes dindins it was TV time, Marvel Agents of Shield & 8 Out Of 10 Cats before attempting bed. That didn’t work, so 4 more hours of internet then finally got some shut eye.

This is my…301st List

3 Oct

Isn’t it great when you make a list and you can start crossing thing off and feeling really smug about yourself as you accomplish things.
Yeah, wouldn’t know, because in the process of crossing 3 things off today, I added another 5 leaving me some what in negative accomplishment.

My only saving grace is I managed to get quite a big thing done, and hopefully the things added are little so energy-wise I may still be up.

So today:

  • MP3 player charged. It was so far out of battery I didn’t think it was ever actually going to get back to full bar. Also the poor thing is about 300 years old (that’s almost not an exaggeration, I had that in high school which feels about 300 years ago) and with over 1000 songs on it, takes it a while to do anything.
    Picture an old man + accordion and lots of sheet music. He’ll play, once he’s found the music, had his cup of tea, bit of a sit down & a cheeky cigarette.
  • Batteries charged ready for camera.
    A heck of a lot simpler than the MP3 player, though the charger doesn’t have a light to tell me when they’re done, so I just left them on for about 5 hours and hoped. They were red hot when I took them out, so either cooked or broken I’d imagine.
    Both are now packed in my hospital bag (Should have planned a bigger bag)
  • Last but not least I cleaned the front porch out!
    By proxy I also cleaned the under stairs cupboard out as the stuff from the porch needed to go in there. Cupboard was pretty much empty other than a few bits that have been put out in the ever expanding shed, and it’s still waiting for my shoe rack from home to get rid of the box that the shoes currently live in but it’s been hoovered so not bad.
    And as for the porch, once that was emptied, binned a takeaway leaflet from every place in a 20 mile radius, also introduced it to the hoover (There was enough cat fluff in there to make a whole new cat) I got to scrubbing all the dirt off of the inside to discover it’s actually white!
    When I gather a lot more energy, I may even clean the outside, but as it will involve a bit of working at heights, will need a ladder and safety net.

Unfortunately added to the list:

  • Clean car
  • Install car seat
  • Clear more crap from shed (so much ends up in there)
  • Finish sorting paperwork
  • Remove spare desk from bedroom

In other news, bump likes McDonalds Apple Pies.
Been craving one for ages, and bump was very happy with the delivery of one tonight.

This is my…Broken Joints

29 Sep

Not exactly broken, but it certainly feels like most of them have decided to go on a holiday without me.

I know my joints are supposed to be loosening up ready for movement down there, but the fact is, as I have mentioned before, my back and hips have been wobbly for months, hence why I had that physio appointment all those many moons ago, to try and stop or slow down the future stretchyness.
Clearly nothing that was recommended to me has done much, exercises on the ball, getting in & out of bed/cars carefully and my support band (which doesn’t actually fit round bump anymore and I’m not that big) as it’s still getting worse.
To a point I can put up with this, and again Chris has been brilliant, I’ve hardly left my bed some days, but even sitting in comfy bed is still putting a lot of pressure on a weak tailbone (Why do we even have tailbones?!) which means I have to get into a slouch position to relieve it, but that then hurts my back and butt cheek, which I usually forget until I move and nearly black out from the pain, or the slouch position, especially when accompanied by food, causes THE WORST heartburn known to mankind. And a lot of sleep has been lost because of it.

The worst thing at the moment though is my wrist.
I wish someone could explain to me why my wrist needs to loosen up to make birth easier? All this means is when I try and move myself anywhere, it crumples and I faceplant the pillow, table, floor whatever is closest.

Thank goodness for Tesco home delivery as shopping is so far out of the question.

On this subject I would just like to do another shout out for my friends Heather & Lucy Willis and awareness of their condition, Hyper Mobility Syndrome & more specifically Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
It just hits it home, that I have all these problems with my joints giving me a very very small insight into what they have to live with everyday, and at least I don’t dislocate every 5 seconds, but (hopefully) mine will return to normal once bump is here, these people have to live with it every day with very little recourse on the horizon. And what happens when they get pregnant, and their joints get even more flimsy?
So, you all need to check out this website and if you can, make a donation or buy something awesome from the shop (I highly recommend the black and white wrist bands)

This is my…TV Time

27 Sep

I’ve had quite a successful floaty non-day today.

Buuuuuuut, with all the awesome on TV tonight, I thought it wise to stock up on the munchies and one small sneaky can of energy drink.

First up Eastenders:
Actually quite good for once. Poor Masood has never been lucky in love, as far as I can remember pretty much every woman he’s ever been with has vanished off with another bloke before he can even rustle up one of his curries.
Welcome return of David, as one of the few decent actors still knocking about, will be interesting to see just how long it takes him to get back into Carol’s pants. It’s only a matter of time. Also, I guess it means Bianca will be back soon to see Daddy dearest.

Next (after shuffling Chris & friends out of the house) Marvel: Agents of Shield:
Now, this has been hyped up, and then some. Most watched pilot episode in America for 4 years, raking in best part of 13 million viewers, adverts been running for about 3 months, and the suspense of COULSON LIVES!
Without giving too much away, it really doesn’t go into how Coulson is alive, but throws a few mysterious hints out there which I’m sure will dragged out for the rest of the series.
The individual plot line of this episode was good too (if not slightly stolen from Iron Man 3, but then Marvel made that too, so I guess they can do what they like with it) and it took me forever to remember what I’d seen the main guy in, turns out he was Charles Gunn from Buffy spin-off Angel (also a Joss Whedon creation). Will be interesting to see how many other of his regulars pop up throughout the series.
Oh and seeing the “Mutant Enemy” production card at the end just made my geeky day.

From the very first episode of one show, to the very last episode. The IT Crowd:
I’m so glad they decided to give us one last blow out, as there’s nothing worse than half a story. The way it ended it could have gone on more, but I think I can accept it as a pretty good way to tie things up, as they did FINALLY manage to leave the basement. Even nice to see a fleeting appearance from Noel Fielding.

Finishing up the night with new & older episode of Family Guy, the older one having this epic song in it

I won’t blame you for not listening to the whole 10 hours. But you could do. Just for fun.

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