This is my…Sorted Saturday

12 Oct

So after the usual lunch crawl to Desmond’s and dash to the post office we had mum, dad and the lesser spotted sister (not the brother, mind you, he might be sulking because I still haven’t read the rest of his story) to sort a few things on the list.

First up was the rest of the curtain tracks.
I’ve resigned to the fact that we won’t get nice curtains up at those windows before bump is here, so at least if the tracks are up we can just hang some of the stuff we’ve got knocking around in the cupboard and block out some light for the little one to get some much needed zzz’s without the sun blinding him.

Next, got the thermometer that Janet bought nailed to the wall in bumps room so we can see see how toasty it’s getting, though with me and the fan still in there because I’m running a lot hotter than everyone else on the planet, it’s not managed to get above 15 degrees. Lovely.

Lastly got the handy cork-board added above the desk mainly to pin some of these vouchers that seem to flood in from everywhere. Wasted too many Tesco ones.

The reason that the lil sis was over (other than to get herself covered in cat hair) was her laptop had pretty much bitten the dust. Now I don’t know everything about computers but I (thought) I knew how to do a bog standard factory reset to an Acer laptop. Done it to Chris’ only about a month ago, and have done it to mine, which is exactly the same as her’s, just a different colour, but that clearly makes all the difference as I couldn’t get it to re-set for love nor money.
In the end, we managed to get it to load up so I could do a roll back from just before it went wrong (only July, August sort of time) and delete all the crap she doesn’t use on there (and some she does. Bye bye iTunes & Skype) then sent her home to de-frag what was left. Still haven’t heard back from her as to whether this worked or not, but I’m highly doubting it. Will be interesting to see if she has to take it to the shop for a proper repair, what they might do as their default fix is factory reset. Maybe they know a secret button that I don’t.

Also moved the Moses Basket to the main bedroom and cleaned out a ton of dust from the changing table (Seriously, where does it all come from! Not even cat hair just clumps and clumps of DUST) and got as far as moving the old telly to the other side of the room. Still need to get that out of there by hook or crook. Or tip.


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