This is my…Even More Social Sunday

22 Sep

Don’t worry I’ll be back to billy-no-mates Monday tomorrow.

So, back to the car boot this morning as the weather has decided to be Autumn rather than skipping straight to Winter.
Found my friend Katie’s stall & bought a few bumpy bits, including another sleeping bag for him. I reason if they are gonna be like bedding when he’s in the cot bed and he has a particularly sicky night, I’m gonna need about 3 or 4 of each size. And at 20p I can’t really say no!
Also acquired her Wii Fit board which is currently broken, but I’m sure with a bit of tinkering I can get working. Optimism.
Got a few DVDs today too, but typically not Limitless, which Chris wants as he’s still not forgiven me for interrupting it on TV Tuesday night, but Side Effects, which is close, and 50p for a DVD that’s still over £10 in the shops, I think I win some points back (I may instantly lose those points for buying a Windows Live PC game which not only doesn’t make much money, but I can’t even use it or flog it to my brother as it’s only an expansion, not a proper game).
Also bumped into (got run over by) Colin, Ingunn and their gorgeous dog Boe. He’s a massive Newfoundland (which I can’t remember if I mentioned was bigger than the miniature pony’s at the Lions Day Gala) & I was christened by his drool today, good job I had my old leggings on. Decided we need to make him a harness and a little cart and he can drag bumpy around for us!

After car boot, we got some sneaky KFC for grub, though as predicted bumpy wasn’t totally impressed with that much grease at lunchtime, so I saved a bit of chicken to have cold later. Nom.

Because of me feeling a bit queasy from food and being up quite early, I got my backside back to bed for a couple of hours. Somehow in those couple of hours I managed to have some incredibly strange dreams, including one about my comedy friend Linzy (who I haven’t seen for ages other than through Facebook) but not even about her, more her cats! They were playing with my cats, but even more strange is my brain decided to use my Granddads house as a setting for this weirdness. It’s not like I have ever lived there, or even been round in ages, but hey, thanks brain for not making it the middle of a race track or something even more bizarre.

Anyhoo, nothing else interesting (if you can call the rest of the day interesting) other than a good chuckle at Big Fat 80s Quiz (seriously,, if you were watching Downton, you missed out), oh and I found a maggot in one of my pistachios.

Guess what I’m never EVER EVER eating again. Ever.


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