This is my…Bashing head against brick wall day

21 Aug


Having to sort money out when pregnant should be illegal.
Or at least they should supply women with an accountant for a month just to get everything sorted.

I mean, I did well getting the Maternity Grant sorted, and I was feeling very pleased with my little self that it all went so smoothly, but turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg with dealing with the Depo of Work & Old People (something like that).

Because of me moving in with Chris, we’ve had to change all of his bits of money, and update all the various departments, all of which have to be done on bits of paper, all of which run the risk of being left on someone’s desk for the next few months and all of which have to stop before they can be re-assessed and started again.

Apart from that end of things I was looking to apply for Maternity Allowance, as I had a nice shiny job for 6 months out of the last year, and as I didn’t leave a job to go on maternity I’m not due Statutory Maternity Pay, I though that would be a good thing to go for and to get a little bit extra into the house as it doesn’t totally knock out what Chris was claiming.
Oh boy. Again, not only can you not phone up and give them your details, but you get a 41 page form with notes to fill in every mortal little thing about you and bump. Most of the questions were easy, but where I hit a brick wall was them asking for the payslips for the 6 month “Test Period” of my claim.


With all my stuff getting shoved into boxes ready to move to Chris’, I have NO idea where anything is. After a quick snout through some of my paperwork, I found my P60 & 2 payslips, aka, 2 months out of 6, but where in the blue hell the rest might be…Pass.
So, simple enough, phone up employer, ask for copies right?


The department I worked for ceased to exist, hence why I was out of a job when I was. As I worked for a government department, I know I’ll still be on file somewhere, but who and how to contact anyone to get them is a little bit beyond me as every number I had for there is either for people who don’t work there anymore or have moved about 600 desks away.
All the phone numbers I found online are centralised 0845 ones that will probably put me through to someone in Glasgow who doesn’t even know where Lowestoft IS, yet alone who I need to speak to.
My only (and last) resort is literally to walk into the Job Center (even though I didn’t work for the Job Center, I worked for the Contact Center that was attached to it) and hope that someone there knows the name and/or number of someone who works in HR and can possibly print me some stuff off.
Hell, I still remember my username and password if someone would let me within 100 foot of a computer I’ll print them off myself!

Wish me luck…


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