Missing in Action

21 Feb

Wow, nothing posted since last year.
I think this has something to do with the invention and acquisition of an Xbox 360. I've really taken to collecting achievement points like the whore that I am.
I'm really into first person shooty ones like Gears Of War and Call Of Duty. Also, finally got to play Resi 5 after playing the others on PS1 (Yes, I am that old). Basically, if it's 18 rated full of blood and violence, much like my life, I'm a happy bunny. When I feel rich, I'd like to get Guitar Hero, I'm sure there is a ton and a half on achivements I could get on there. Might even get my brother to play. Pity I can't get him to buy it.
The best ones have been the Tony Hawks games I already had on PS2, breezed through them in about 10 seconds flat with one hand tied behind my brothers back.
Apart from that, I have a new job!
Seeing as I no longer work at The Marina Theatre (don't ask) and the Seagull Theatre doesn't pay, and there's a new techy there who seems happy to take over, so I thought I'd take matters into my own hands and become a teacher.
On top of this, I've joined forces (Think transformers) with Purple Acadamy of Performing Arts, and they are advertising me as a private vocal coach on their posters. 2 pupils already signed in for Monday evening, so I'm getting there!

So. I have got up to a few things over the past month, I'll have to go back and fill in the blanks when my computer decides to run for more than 5 seconds.

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