Jazz, Big Band & Sally Morgan

22 Mar

I'm willing to risk my job, I need to vent somewhere. (And if you're not sure what I mean, check out this ridiculous news story  And I'm gonna be doing a lot more than calling it boring)
Ok, so lets start off with the not too bad one, Elkie Brooks. Singer from the year dot, that my mother quite likes, and I'd heard one song from and not thought was too bad. Unfortunately for me, the stuff I hadn't heard seemed to be solid Jazz. Including sax solos. Ok, so I can tolerate Jazz if it's played well, and shes an amazing singer.
Mood: Slightly riled.
The second show that tried my patience was the Syd Lawrence Orchestra. Basically, big band stuff from the year dot. Complete with trumpet solos. The female singer wasn't too bad, despite jazzing up "Before The Parade Passes By" which I used to like, and the male singer was quite a good crooner if you like that sort of thing, but the way the conductor acted made me long to see a proper orchestra (RPO, Marina theatre: 17th April) Basically, he counted them in facing them, the sodded off to either grin at the audience in that smug way crooners do, or just left the stage completely!
Kudos to the drum player who did an epic solo that seriously lasted at least 5 minutes
Mood: Pissed
And the last show in my Week From Hell. Sally Morgan. Sally F'in Morgan. Aka, Psychic to the stars.
Now, I made no pretence what I thought of this woman in the weeks leading up to the show, so what possessed my boss to make me work…no not blaming him, I needed the hours, I think I'll save my rant for Sally.
I HATE people like her, who have the amazing ability, to make people cry in front of a room full of strangers. Now, I feel sorry for the people who have lost someone, it's usually quite recent, and the families are clutching at straws, but why oh why do they have to hand their straws (and money) to people like this? Agh.
At one point, she had a woman who had just lost her young child and she kept asking her more and more questions, none of which she was gonna answers because she was crying too much.
The only good thing to come out of that is the knowledge that before all psychic and medium type shows they have to make an announcement saying "For entertainment purposes only, not based in scientific fact"
To add to my misery, she's now booked into another night in November "due to popular demand". Now I really can't blame my boss, she sells out, we make money, but I can't help thinking at least half the people are going to be the same as this audience because they didn't get a "response" the first time round. In my little opinion they are gonna have a long wait.
Ken Dodd better be fucking hilarious.

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