The fallen Madonna with the big boobies

10 Mar

If that title meant nothing to you, I strongly suggest you click away now, as this blog is most likely to be lost on you.

So, those of you that are either hardened sitcom fans or were born before 1992 (though come to think about it, if you were born in 1992, you're hardly going to remember a sitcom that finished when you were zero) will have heard of the show know as 'allo 'allo.

Not much to be said for getting the set in, other than most of the props seem to be from WW2, including the cash register that was valued at over £1000. The only problem with authenticity is the fact that everything weighs a ton, including a piano. Why they couldn't use ours, is beyond me, but that would be too easy.

The cast were all lovely souls, and even though I wasn't working the show (just hanging around backstage like some ninja stalker (I have to be head to toe in black, it's in my job description)) they all came up and said hello, even Ms Viki Michelle, who you may or may not remember from the original series, she's not changed a bit. Worrying considering she should be about 20 years older. Can I have the name of her plastic surgeon?

Anyway, after convincing my boss that he should let me watch the show for free (there has to be some perks to the job, because it's damn sure not the pay check) the show went well despite the usual problems of nothing fitting where it should, apart from one bit where he tried to throw an exploding cigar out of the window and it hit the back wall and bounced back into the room *snigger*

All the old jokes are in there, and as long as you can get over the fact that the people playing the parts are not the same people from the TV series (Bar, Viki)

So if bad foreign accents and more double-entendres than you can shake your stick at, is your kinda thing, then I suggest you go and see 'Allo 'Allo on tour

(On at the Marina Theatre, Lowestoft 9th-14th March 2009)

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