A Peaceful Day

24 Feb

Other than the fact I had very little sleep last night, due to my mind deciding to drag things up from my past at 4 in the morning, today has been rather a good day.
I received a phone call from Jason at 10 asking if I'd like to go out for lunch with himself Mark and Hayley at the commodore pub in Oulton Broad (and when I say "in" I mean overlooking the broads, such a lovely place) and other than having to loan Jason some money because his back told him where he could stick his request for cash, we had a lovely catch up and chat about the world. And the food was brilliant.
We then drove back to Marks (with poor 6 foot Mark in a 4 foot space, if Jason had braked too soon, I'd have been wearing him, the back seats of the car were never meant for fully grown humans) and after surfing the wonders of Sky TV, we settled on watching Road Trip (which I'm sure I watched last week) until the DVD self-destructed, at which point we found more room for food, and the movement for the journey home.
Managed to feel slightly brainy getting questions right in Weakest Link, Battle Of The Brains, Eggheads (which was a repeat) and even the final of University Challenge. Go me.
After dinner (yes I am still on a diet, I know you can't tell with all crap I've eaten today) I decided to watch some of the films in my "to watch pile" (Clever title, huh?) Which meant Kung-fu Panda, Bedtime Stories and Penn And Teller Get Killed were all watched, and safely put on a shelf never to be seen again. Not that they were bad films, far from it, but that really is my film quota used up for the rest of the year.
This blog really is being written to kill time whilst waiting for the Chortle Awards to be posted on the site. And beacuse Linzy wont let me sleep.
Oh and I've got rid of Hotmail. Woohoo! 
And I've managed to post all my blogs from Worpress, Myspace, Microsoft Live and my old website onto here, and all my albums onto the music section (I'm sure I almost broke it) so now all I have left is Videos (Shouldn't take too long) And photos (We could be here a while)

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