Errol Brown

18 Feb

Another days work over, and boy was it a long one.
I knew that a 9AM start for a one-nighter meant a lot of sound and lighting equipment getting wheeled into our building.
And boy was I right. We even had to build trusses at the side of our stage just to fit everything in. I think I did something permanant to my ankle back in November, because any time I do big show get-ins or outs I can hardly walk by the time I get home. I'm probably not cut out for a manual job.
The show itself was pretty good, lots of well known hits, and, luckly for Chris and Me, lots of people out of their seats and dancing. This is bad because it makes the whole auditorium about 3 billion degrees celsius, but good because we can't see the stage, so not point spotlighting the backs of peoples heads (however tempting it is to try and burn a small hole into them).
Errol himself, though, slightly annoyed me.
Apart from being late to sound check and not even making eye contact with anyone in the building, some kind (and probably elderly) soul places some tulips on the front of the stage, and he didn't even take them back stage and pretend he was taking them home.
Well, at least I now have something pretty in my kitchen at home !
So, no more work for at least a week and a half, but I do get to meet up with Kate and see David O'Doherty tomorrow, other than that quite a lazy time planned.
Should leave me plenty of time for bumming around on Neopets and clearing up the world.

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