Red Sky At Night

25 Apr

I'm sitting here typing today's blog with the fumes from a brand new suitcase is wafting into my nose.
I caved in and spent some of my pay check (which surprised me, I didn't think I'd actually worked any days last month) on a lovely pink suitcase, that should allow me to go places, more than shoving my things in carrier bags. If I had thought about it a tad more carefully, I'd have bought an even shinier one, as I seem to have the money for it, but it's good enough for me. I'd given it a test run on the way home, and it's exactly the right height for little old me.

The other reason I was in town, is I got a text from Jason the other day reminding me that Jimmy Carr was on Monday, and he'd rather like the tickets so he can get into the place. Which raised the question where in the blue hell did I put them?! Never mind, I work at the theatre, I'm not gonna be hustling them out of the money, because at the end of the day, thats my pay check. And luckily, people I knew were on there, and getting a re-issue wasn't a problem, until I saw the seats, front and centre. I knew they were the front, but I thought they were like 1+2, right at one side. Well anyway, they are Jason's problem now, I've warned him that there may be someone in his seats, but he's big enough to deal with that I'm sure.

Later in the day I met up with Mr Jason, and gave him the tickets (if he wants to give me the money for them, I won't object) and we sat and kinda paid attention to the Stephen Lynch DVD, but I don't think he's as impressed as I am with it, but yes, we went to the beach and had a lovely sing song in the evening air, passing on the way a group of mental people who had a lovely camp fire going on, and to fuel it, they were throwing on large cans of petrol, and it's very distracting when your trying to have a sing-a-long and you keep getting flashes of orange and lots of heat being blasted at you, and as I was walking home a fire engine passed…I wonder how many 1st degree burns had to be treated that night.

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